120909 Leeteuk Gives Kang Sora Farewell Kiss

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora parted their ways on the recent broadcast of MBC’s variety program We Got Married on 8th September.

It has been a whole year since the so-called “dimple couple” joined the show, and the time has come for them to say goodbye to each other today. Both were really sad and Kang Sora even shed tears. To everyone’s suprise, Leeteuk tried to kiss Kang Sora on her cheek, but failed looking very shy. Kang Sora asked, “Why didn’t you?”, and Leeteuk gathered all his courage and placed a sweet kiss on her lips.

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra share a last kiss

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra completed their imaginary marriage by sharing a last kiss.

Leeteuk and Kang appeared in the September 8 episode of MBC’s We Got Married for the last time. It has been ten months since their first appearance on the show last October.

The couple spent their last episode together in their house. While they were looking at their pictures, their wedding album arrived and made them feel sad. They shared their memories through the pictures and stuff that they bought together to make their house pretty.

Leeteuk gave Kang a hug for the last time and Kang started crying. Kang wiped her tears and said that she tried not to cry. Leeteuk said it’s okay and gave her a hug and kiss, which is something he had been hesitant to do before.

Leeteuk didn’t shed tears when he was with Kang but he couldn’t help crying when he gave a post interview for the show. Leeteuk said, “I thought I was the only one who was shooting the show with my whole heart. Kang was too but I didn’t know. I was selfish.”


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  1. Por fin se besaron! Los extrañaremos!

    • ew……………….leeteuk you have a secret date i am your real wife

  2. This is not 100% kiss on the lip.
    If you look closely you’ll see teukie kiss the point between lower lip and chin and Sora kiss the point between nose and upper lip.
    So this is not lip to lip and he also call it ‘popo’ (peck) not ‘kiss’.
    Whatever this is a beautiful farewell.

    • doesnt matter if its only a peck or a kiss…whats impt is the feelings that they had during that proud of you prince leeteuk,you’re so brave for doing that.

  3. im gonna kill you if you dont break him……………………

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