120908 MBC We Got Married Last Episode – Leeteuk and Kang Sora [Cut]

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  1. so sad…

  2. the last episode.. only 16 min? T.T

    • its a cut

  3. I am crying so freaking much while watching this T______________T

  4. i was dreading this day 😦 loved watching these two on WGM every saturday.. can’t believe it’s been almost a year.. but then.. all good things must come to an end 😦

  5. This made me cry 😦 And their first kiss which turned into goodbye kiss made it even more sad 😦
    Now I have neither this nor IS2 to look forward to on weekends… I hope more SJ members will enter weekly shows!

  6. will miss them,.. my lovely leader and first lady T.T

  7. they look very sad, i think they fell in love for each other ,now sora should wait for him until he return from army, i’m sure that they are real couple<3

  8. OWH,.. GOD,..

    call me selfish ELF,..

    but for sora eonni i dont know why i can love her so much,..

    so sad,..

    the last kiss,.. really,.. can’t say any word,..

  9. That is like the saddest first and last kiss of all times in WGM!!! 😦

  10. i didn’t understand what they talked about, but i cried …hiksss

  11. True love ^

  12. aaa… I cried too while watching this…

    Good thing that Leeteuk finally got his popo, but at the end of it all. 😥

  13. kiss goodbye. … T T

  14. i didn’t quiet understand what they were saying but i cried and felt that their feeling were true plus teukie is a very good man i wish him happiness with sora even if i’m very jealous of her but she deserve him ! 😥

  15. i really hated the fact that teuk oppa would be on WGM
    but after seeing how happy and awkward he was with sora
    was so kyute. The first and last kiss.. Positive they are real, no doubt.
    Sora keep Fighting till your beloved comes back
    as we are too<3

  16. hope they both can be a real mate.. TeukSo hwaittiinng ^^!!


  18. That was such a sad episode! T^T All the viewers shared their morbid feelings of the ‘goodbye’. Hopefully they’ll get together for real in real life! Leeteuk, the ELF are really going to miss you!

  19. i hope that Teukso will be for real, please get married for real :((

  20. Watching this made me realize how fast time flies. It was just like yesterday tat they announced Teuk and Sora as the new WGM couple. And now it has ended. How much I laughed when Fighting Junior appeared. How giggly I was at how the dimples couple relationship progress. It saddens me when comes to an end. How I wished that the stupid strike didnt spoil everything. We could have seen much more of them together. This also means that Teuk’s enlistment is nearing. And that scares me.

  21. unfair!!! why the couple i like the most couldn’t be stay longer.. i ship Leeteuk and Sora.. i know this var show is scripted but TeukSo did it naturally.. even they still be shy each other.. and.. kiss… Oh God.. why this kiss become the first and the last kiss??? Noooo… i want TeukSo more and more…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. why goodbye…? hiks…hiks…hiks…i’ll really miss this couple…i hope they become real couple too…

  23. i cried…for sure….but still i`m happy for them…i know their feelings are real for each other…although it`s already end for the variety show…i know they already started the new chapter in real life….teukso couple…FIGHTIN !!! we`ll always loves u guys…eng sub please …please…please

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