MBC Radio Star – Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun [ENG SUB] – From 120905

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Compilation: MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. thanks … really thanks 😀

  2. Thank you. Thanks always for all the updating

  3. LOL Funny how Siwon asked the members not to talk about his wealth, but they spent all the time talking about it 😀

  4. asdgfdagkjahk
    Thank you

  5. nice!!!

  6. thankyouuu very muuuchh :*

  7. what is it??why size the video so big??
    i can’t download this video.

    • use keepvid(.)com

  8. 1,99 GB??? dailymotion error again??? =___=

    • use keepviddotcom

    • omg, that’s exactly what happen to me

  9. thank you @nksub, admin naya and jeanny for the hard work.. :*

  10. Ooh thanks so much for this! <333

  11. I cant open…..

  12. keep.vid doesnt work…..

    • you must drag the link to the new tab (don’t copy link). It’s work on me

      • When it show >>Download MP4<< 384p
        you drag it to new tab above then IDM will start download, it work for sure!!!
        I'm so curious about this for many hours until I find the suggestion here to use keepvid, thanks all ELF for shared this luv u guy. ^^

        • thanks…..finally i got it ^^

          • how to drag the link??
            when i try The website you are trying to download from ( is not supported by KeepVid.

            • same here, I try anything, but stil cant, please tell me one more :(((

            • click the link with your mouse (don’t remove your finger on the mouse) then drag/pull it to the new tab. It’s simple ^^

        • woaah.. thank you..!! finally i can download ..

          • please explain to me .. i dont understand.. i cant download with idm, and with keepvid i can not install java

            • Yes with Keepvid, you must install java first then restart your browser. click the link with your mouse (don’t remove your finger on the mouse) then drag/pull it to the new tab. Then wait for a moment, IDM will download it

          • Thank you very much… I can download those..^^

            • if i use keepvid, is the size smaller? i can download it from idm, but the size too big, it’s 1,99gb..

              • after you copy the link into keepvid, it will show » Download MP4 « – 240p – 29.2 MB
                Download MP4 « – 384p – 54.3 MB

                don’t click it, but click on the right to open link in new tab. the size is natural..^^

              • after you copy the link into keepvid, it will show » Download MP4 « – 240p – 29.2 MB
                Download MP4 « – 384p – 54.3 MB

                don’t click it, but click on the right to open link in new tab. the size is natural..:)

                • why i can’t see any video? i really going crazy here @__@ can someone please help me? please please please

                  • still didn’t work for me too guys…
                    “The website you are trying to download from ( is not supported by KeepVid.”
                    what should i do? really need some help here… T.T
                    thank U so much….

                  • ya… there is not any video after you clicking it.. but. reload the page again (enter in the link address) so there will be a question that you want to download it or cancel it.. just click ok.. those videos can be downloaded.. 🙂

        • thank you! finally i can download this, and thanks alot too for NKSubs!!
          ELF JJANG!!

          • thanks alot! it’s help me~ XDD

  13. somthing wrong with siwonnie’s laugh, his cheeks lk inflated…n thats not his cute smile….did he put on weight…or something else

    • yes I expected that too ><

  14. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
    but why the size is so big??
    it’s 2,99 GB btw..

  15. Aaahh it’s too bad no MC Kim Gura on this episode..
    Hehe.. No offense, but his evil comments will make the show more funny I guess..

  16. when you will update this ?

    • soon as other parts are available.

  17. thank you soooooo much for the subbed version…… soooooooooooooo funny

  18. thank youu ❤

  19. thank you so much….is there any part two?

  20. thanks, really enjoy the show!!!! siwon looks really embarrassed when they talk about his family wealth.. he never changed since before, he acted the same during win win interview 2 yrs ago..hahahaha

  21. its really funny. gomawo for share it chingu. poor baby Kyu, they keep teasing at him 🙂

    • poor baby maknae 4 hyungs keep attacking him ahaha but that was funny
      becoz i ve waiting to see this ahaha

  22. This was AAAAMAZING. Thanks so much for the Eng Sub!!!! I didn’t really understand the last part, Will they be back on RS next week???

  23. IDM error..
    I don’t understand used
    Please tell me…

  24. Thanks soo much for translating. really love you all! ❤

  25. Thank you SO much for posting!! This was so funny~ I laughed the whole time!!!
    It’s so funny how Siwon is serious & shy when they talk about him and his family’s money but then when they talk about another member he’s loud and talkative! XD Cute Wonnie ❤

  26. i can’t download with keepvid…
    please help me…

  27. thank you for upload n subbing. aaa suju is really the best. fighthing over small things ^^

  28. LOL I love how they put on yellow school-boy outfits over Siwon and Eunhyuk to emphasize their true ‘mental age’ 😀 😀

  29. where is the part 2….i would love to wqatch the part 2..cheongmal gomawo for the subbed..i really really love it ❤ and forever will i always love this boys superjunior

  30. OH MY GAWDDD..I had so much fun,really..somehow,it’s very interesting seeing Kyuhyun,who has a glib tongue,being bullied by his members.Thanks so much for translating this.I had a very good time,watched this episode.Can’t even wait for the next episode. 🙂

  31. how to use keepvid? tell me step by step please 🙂

  32. thankyoouuuuuuuuu finally, my prince siwonniee come back again \m/

  33. I couldn’t stop laughing. =D I can’t wait to watch the next episode. Seriously their stories never ends and I love when they talked about their fights comfortably and it’s a relief that they fight over silly and small things lol at the fight because of fruit =D

    • And thank you NKSubs for translating and thank you Sup3rjunior team for keeping us update. Thank you all. ^^

    • Yeah and kyuhyun being bullied by his brothers and his speechless face hahaha

  34. hyukkie being possesive of his food.. kekeke like a lil boy ^^
    OMG whats up with boa & hyukkie???!!!! cant wait for the next eps!!!!!!!!

  35. to those whom want to rip from dailymotion, try use

  36. Omg I think I’m i can’t stop laughing! All their praises for siwon, insults, jokes for kyu and the other members etc. Lol Super funny…!!! Really love the effects on this show :)))) but the thing is I can’t watch it on dailymotion 😦 i have to download it first on keepvid just to watch..

    But still thankl you for posting.. thank you to the subbers and uploaders as well ! you guys are the best! 🙂

    • I think I’m *dying is wwhat Im trying to say lol

  37. I wonder if they’re getting revenge cause SJ decided to kill Kyuhyun… A complete 180 compared to Sungmin and Ryeowook on Sukira. It makes sense though cause RS is all about it’s harsh comments

  38. muahahaha…it only took them 30 mins to start attacking Kyuhyun XD they ended up talking about poor Siwon
    his use of Konglish totally cracked me up. i rewatched that part about 10 times just to hear them speak English XD

    • meee toooooo. their english fight are soooooo funny ;D and i rewatched that part over and over again 😀

  39. Hahaha I love them attacking each other, esp magnae since he’s always doing the same to them. And making fun of each other. their fights are so funny.

  40. thx

  41. thanks for subbing! 🙂

  42. Can someone pls divide into small episodes( reduce resolution) ……….?
    I can’t download bcoz of file size.It’s really big.Our connection isn’t that much good.So Pls.Hae ju say yo.I really really want to watch it.Please……….Hae ju say yooooooooo T-T

  43. Thanks for subbing this show.

    Is it going to be continued?

  44. hi,i’m 18…any unnie here?follow me @KiryuuStar

  45. what to do? i can’t watch it.. im going crazy here >.<

  46. I feel ashamed by European fans… I didn’t know they would throw pack of condoms on our boys… It’s so tasteless… ఠ_ఠ

  47. Hi, thanks for subbing!!!!!!

  48. Hello!can you download this in youtube?plaese!

    • yeah!youtube please >.<

  49. i can download it with’s easy use it.same function with

    • whoaaaaaa.. thanx for your info.. finally I can download it..

    • and what link that i should use?how?please tell me,i’m dying here.:(

      • copy url from dailymotion and paste to box in then,download mp4 format, not mp4 format-mobile.wait until finish and watch it:)

  50. hi, Thanks for Updating info

  51. Is this the whole thing?

  52. yg part 2 na klo udah ada, d’uploud videona y, mksih subna ^^

  53. jeongmal kamsahamnida~

  54. EvilKyu will appear when they go home… Siwon should be happy he has a lot of homes….LOL

  55. thank you so much for these

  56. i don’t understand at all . how to download it ?? what url ? and what link ? someone please help mee ! T..T i really want to download it but its too large if i use IDM

  57. oohhh boy this was just SOOO funny… super junior the best!

  58. how can i copy the link????

  59. how could i download this video?

  60. Why in the 3º video they annonced a topic with the name “Shoking first kiss” and after this isn’t show ???

    Has anyone seen this part of the interview???(shoking first kiss)

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