120907 Super Junior ranks 1st on Gaon’s Album monthly chart for August

September 7, 2012 at 10:46 pm | Posted in Albums, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 40 Comments

The Gaon monthly chart for August has been released, revealing Super Junior’s “Spy” repackaged album in first place.

On September 7th, Gaon released their monthly chart rankings, revealing that Super Junior’s “Spy” repackaged album topped the chart as the best-selling album in August with 107,656 albums sold.

This past July, Super Junior released their 6th album “Sexy, Free & Single.” Combining their sales from “Sexy, Free & Single” and their repackaged album “Spy,” Super Junior’s 6th album totals 459, 182 copies sold. It is expected that Super Junior will hit the 500,000 mark.

Following Super Junior in 2nd place is BEAST with their mini-album “Midnight Sun,” which sold 63,941 copies in August. JYJ’s Junsu solo album “Uncommitted” sold 55,000 copies, landing in 3rd place for the month. KARA’s “Pandora” climbs to 4th place, selling 45,933 copies.

PSY has been extremely popular with his 6th album, which sold an additional 19,292 copies this month, taking 6th place.

Source: E-Today, Koreaboo
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  1. Hmmm..? Gaon? Wasn’t it 459,182 copies? 351,526 copies are only from Sexy, Free & SIngle, right?

    • yes, it is 459, 182 copies ^^ (SF&S + SPY)

    • You’re right.

      • Wow boys indeed album king….the differ from 2nd place such a big gap…….daebak

  2. i’m so happy ! in just 2 months !!
    but… i know i will surely be bashed for that thought but i kinda hope they will not win GDA this year !
    a lot of people are saying that Super Junior only did well with albums sales because of their devoted fans and that even if they would release a crap album ELFs would buy it !
    i have the feeling that if they win GDA at the end of the year, they will be bashed a lot by anti-fans but mostly by the music industry. They did it last year with Mr Simple 😦
    somehow i don’t want any of SM’s groups to win the big prices !
    normally PSY should win at least the digital award since he sold the most thanks to Gangnam Style but imagine SNSD win, it will be a complete fanwar and even if nobody will say it out loud they will all think that GDA is paid by SM or something like that ! just look at the reactions when Super Junior were appointed ambassadors of Gangnam !
    Which saddens me the most is that they surely heard about these negative comments and when these comments come from their own country it must hurt the most TT
    i loved Super Junior 6th album, it was such a good album in my opinion but i don’t want the boys to be the targets of mean people.
    as long as we, ELF know their true qualities it’s enough for me !
    i will prefer them to do a SS5 concert with the fans who love them than to see them at GDA.
    i know some Super Junior members are happy to win GDA but sometimes i have the feeling that when they are boasting about the numbers of album sales, some of them are less confident about that matter.
    Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung almost never talk about this and maybe it’s because as main vocals they are not sure to deserve it ?
    i mean somehow they must be wondering if ELFs buy the album because of the quality of their music or because they want to support them because they love Super Junior as a family.
    that’s why i’m really anticipating KRY album even if nobody confirmed it yet !
    i want for these 3 awesome singers to be seen as talented and not just by ELFs.
    i think KRY are the ones who have the most chances to make it big as singers.
    as much as i love the others, let’s face it, they lack sometimes
    of singing abilities TT
    anyway award or not i will always support them because i truly love their music ^^
    just my honest thought so please don’t be angry and just explain calmly why you agree or disagree 🙂
    ps : sorry for the long post ^^

    • yeahh,win or not we still support them.but as leeteuk said,although he’s in military,he still want his dongsaeng stand up on stage,received GDA for this year.and as fan,we will try our best to make them win.=)

    • Well an artist cant win GDA two times in a row, that’s why we didn’t win GDA with 4jib. So this year, they will most likely to win other Golden Disk Award like Bonsang, popularity and other awards.
      When you said “a lot of people are saying that Super Junior only did well with albums sales because of their devoted fans and that even if they would release a crap album ELFs would buy it !” do you realize how much hard work the boys pour in to produce this, i personally don’t think any of their album is crappy. As for ELF that are so devoted towards them, well almost all ELF know that SJ got treated really unfairly, so if they don’t do well, we might not even see another album again.
      And well saying SJ “lack sometimes of singing abilities,” then how do you explain them singing/dancing in Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr.Simple and SFS. It’s a fast dancing song and to sing through it, that’s just amazing 😀
      Anyways, that’s your opinion 🙂 am just stating what every ELF think^^ But i agree with you at the SS5 part, hoping that it will actually be a SS5 World Tour.

      • “do you realize how much hard work the boys pour in to produce this, i personally don’t think any of their album is crappy”
        i never said their album were crappy ! i said some people think this, mostly i think because they don’t even listen to it fully but judge them only on the title song, which i really like personally.
        so yes i know they hard very hardworking, i was not giving my personal opinion here but just refering to comments i read on the net ^^

        • *are very hardworking

      • about their singing abilities i was talking about lives performance !
        i’m sorry but honestly SOME lives are hard for SOME members.
        i don’t think i’m a bad ELF just by recognize it.
        but i agree singing and dancing at the same time is hard and globally they do it great but it happens that even during a ballad song there are some flaws during concert but yes after all they are human ^^

        • the point is that, u should know, SJ is much different from the other groups. many other groups are required to be perfect, i means, they must be good at both dancing and singing at the same time. but SJ is different. SJ’s members are not good at all those skills but some single skills only. but i see that although some of them are just good at a single skill only, their skills are resally awesome and outstanding. for example, Eunhyuk. i think Eunhyuk is not a good singer compared with the other idols. but i have to say that he is a very tatented dancer and rapper. and Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook are the same. they are not a good dancer, but their voice is so awesome. i means, like SJ ever said before, their members are good at certain skills but each certain skill combined make them perfect. In SJ, there is no member that stand out and catch the spotlight from the others. and another point is that this fact make them be together till now because the members won’t be jealous with each other.

          • i means “the unperfect makes them perfect”. it’s ambiguous but it’s my opinion.

        • Yes, i agree with you about ppl judging them, for us ELF we listen to all the song on their album, but for other ppl, they judge right away with the title track. I wonder if they ever heard the phrase “Dont judge the book by it’s cover” I guess they havent hear this phrase before lol
          Plus, SJ is different from other group, focusing in many thing at once, that’s probably why some member lack few abilities, but that’s what we love about them isnt it^^

      • Actually an artist can win it consecutively. The reason why SJ didn’t win for 4th album is because snsd was really ahead of them by album sales. Jo sungmo and Kim gunmo won disk daesang consecutively.

    • about gangnam ambassadors. it’s gangnam government who chose them. not SM. i don’t know why they got angry with SJ.
      anyway, whether they get GDA or not. i will try my best this year, and next year, and the year after also. It is what we can do to prove that SJ is still alive. hope u can understand. i don’t want them to be invisiable in the others’ eyes.

      • i understand your point 🙂

    • well they will alwayes get haters no mater how good super junior are they will be like shitty in othere people opinion.
      most the bashing was from yg family and snsd fans lets not forget some exotics > when it comes to the reast of the people who talk shit about suju they dont listen or know suju songs >
      look at BB vips they act like there oppas are Revolotion of music but in reallity it is not like gd one of a kined it was not bad but i did not like it they dont get it people have diffrent styles in music
      bb are only swagy , cool and wear flashy clothe but lets look at suju they are not trying to act cool or swagy and there fashion is brettey normal

      • suju are humbal about there work you wount see suju talking about there music they did or the things they did like acting musical mc etc

        • they make people laugh happy by there verity shows the probleam is korea put suju in diffrent groups the amazing group big bang
          and the not soo good super junior

          • sexy,free & single is a good album and I am one of the ELF who buy this album because of the music, the song and the love I have for SJ.^-^

            • reading your comments i’m really happy to be an ELF 🙂
              it’s just that sometimes i want people to let Super Junior alone, i mean haters and trolls !
              i know i shouldn’t take too much in consideration people’s opinion but the boys seem to be touched by the general opinion especially when it comes from Korea TT so i guess i’m overprotective with them, i just don’t want them to be hurt 😦
              if only people actually listen to their full album !
              i don’t think i’m biased when i say that their 6th album was the most mature and amazing released this year amongst all releases from other groups !
              i hope they will start to be recognized not only for their variety’s abilities but for their music too.
              anyway at the end ELFs will always be here for them so it makes me warm and happy 🙂

    • Just to let you know, but there will be ALOT of antis to every successful group..its not only SJ! And the only thing you have to do is to stick to SJ and ignore the haters, that way ELF will overshadow the haters ^^

      • 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that! It would pass the half-million sale surely 🙂

  4. Why Our boys sitll the target………….?
    Gamnam ambrassor………It’s doesn’t concern with them.It’s just the choice of government.Why they get angry?
    Whatever it is, let’s make sapphire blue Ocean not Sea………….and let’s flood them……………….

  5. I don’t give a crap about what other people say about SuJu. I will always support them and I don’t care about awards either. The boys have continuously said this year they don’t care about awards and I think part of that is because of stupid GDA and their ever-changing rules. There is high possibility they will not win Daesang this year…and that’s okay. As long as we as fans stick by them forever it’s all good. But, I hate GDA and their rules. They let SNSD win multiple times in a row because they are a girl group. I mean, what kind of rule enables girl groups to win daesangs a lot of times but not boy groups? Seriously? And Psy deserves to win this year…if SNSD win omg. Anyways yes. This is just my opinion.
    And proud of SuJu for selling so much :3

    • “I don’t give a crap about what other people say about SuJu.” <- This 😀 Anything SuJu does, they do it for ELF, & anything ELF does, we do it for SuJu, we shouldn't care about what other people think

  6. I am really proud of ELF. SUJU did their best and their 6th album is waaay better than their 5th album. Actually each time they released a new album, their latest is better than before. At first I didn’t think sorry sorry album would be better than don’t don but after listen to the whole album, it was. Bonamana is better than sorry sorry Sexy,free and single is their best till now, they have various genre of music. it would be wonderful if SJ win GDA because these boys are really talented. i hope SJ win GDA this year :). But I still love them even if they do not win.

  7. Suju have many ELFs in the world, we can see it in Super Show. In my country, SuShow was held for 3 days with total 27.000 i think. And it’s not all of ELFs in my country. Let’s see at sushow in tokyo with 100.000 ELFs, and if we calculate for each country in the world it’s make a sense that they can sell for 500.000 copies of SFS.
    I, as ELF, buy their album becoz i love their music, and the album will be my ‘memory’ in my mind, my heart and one of my collection of course^^
    I don’t care what other people said ’bout super junior music, becoz their music is my stlye, just like food, everyone have their own taste :3

    Ps: sorry for my bad english :B

  8. i have question.why an artist can’t win daesang award two times in row?that’s really weird rules.>.<

    • I think that DBSK won 2 years in a row (2007-2008) and even before a singer won 3. times in a row! è_é Maybe they change the rules!

      • yup.. dbsk win 2 times in a row n jo sung mo 3 times in a row.. but in 2010,the changed the rule in a short notice.. that’s why there’s a fanwar back then..

        • sorry, i still little confuse, its this the reason why sj didn’t won at GDA 2010? because they already won at 2009? so they cant won 2 years in a row?

          * please somebody tell me what exactly the reason sj failed at GDA 2010..

    • There’s no rule like that….SJ lost to SNSD cos SNSD outsold SJ when albums are combined in both hanteo and Gaon…..people just made up that rumor to make themselves feel better…..If you have the best selling album by a margin you will win but if you are slightly ahead, then Judges vote would be the deciding factor….

      • no,,SJ sold more album than SNSD,that was why ELF so angry at that time..

        • Exactly, very true SuJu sold more this year.

        • Super junior did sell more with their 4th album but golden disk award counts all the albums that are released on the same year by the same artist. And FYI snsd released one full length and a mini album last 2010 which made them outsold sj’s one full length album.

  9. And you can’t even know how many ELF dream about buying SJ albums, but they just can’t because in their countries there’s no credit card, just like me! I’m doing all what I can to have at least one, but it is just IMPOSSIBLE! I have no way to buy one!

    • I have the exact same problem as you

    • exactly! I hate it when hates said “Oh its cuz ELF bulkbuy” when in fact there are ALOT of ELF who could barely afford 1 album ><

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