120906 Super Junior’s Shindong Talks About His Girlfriend, G-Dragon and Comforting Kangin

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Compilation: MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun

Shindong showed great jealousy as he revealed that his girlfriend’s phone wallpaper is Big Bang‘s G-Dragon.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on September 5, Super Junior‘s Shindong, Siwon, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk guest starred.

MC Yoo Sae Yoon asked where Shindong’s girlfriend lives. Shindong answered, “She lives in Jam Shil.” Then Yoo Sae Yoon said, “I saw a person that I know on the bus and her phone wallpaper was Shindong. So I just assumed she was Shindong’s girlfriend.”

Then Shindong replied, “Let me tell you a funnier story. My girlfriend’s phone wallpaper isn’t my photo but G-Dragon’s photo. My girlfriend hates it when I talk to other female celebrities but she said it’s okay if she likes G-Dragon,” as he showed much jealousy.

Shindong also revealed that he gave advice to Kangin, who was recently discharged from the army, by saying, “Don’t be afraid.”

The emcees stated, “Kangin looks a bit discouraged these days. Is it because it’s hard to adjust after his discharge?” Then the Super Junior members asked themselves, “Is it because of the discharge?” They were referring to Kangin’s assault case before his enlistment.

Someone even said that Kangin seemed like a big manager instead of an artist. Then Shindong said, “He is just being careful but I guess others can see it as him being discouraged. I told him, ‘Be careful but don’t be afraid. Open up your shoulders,’”

Shindong continued, “He said he is just being himself but he also said that it feels really awkward.”

When Kyuhyun stated that Kangin and Shindong’s characters of being the bigger boned member of the group overlapped, Shindong revealed, “I weigh about 6kgs more. My lower body is bigger and Kangin’s upper body is bigger so that’s why Kangin may look bigger.”

Don’t forget to check out this week’s episode of “Radio Star” for more Super Junior stories.

Source: Soompi
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  1. I feel so sad reading this, I don’t know if Kangin will go back to the way he used to be, because his character was that of a ‘funny bully’ but nowadays it seems that he doesn’t think he has the right to ‘jokingly bully’ someone after his history 😦

    • Yes, I believe that he thinks like that too and it saddens me so much. T.T But he tweeted before like he will be back to his usual self but he just needed time and I believe at the same time he feels awkward after 3 years.
      So we just have to wait for him. And to think that SJ-M comeback is near and Sukira needs DJs. The best choices will be Kangin and Yesung. After finishing his musical I think he will be back as DJ and MC. I hope my prediction will come true. So I will see 2Woon interaction at Sukira. ^^

      • I was thinking the exact same thing! 🙂 With SJ-M’s possible long-stay in Taiwan Kangin can go back to being a DJ with the forever-free Yesung! I also thought that with Teuk’s enlistment he can go back to being one of Boom’s sidekicks, the way he used to be before. Plus, with Kang Ho Dong returning to Star King he can take care of Kangin, because he’s in SM now and they both share the same story of error and forgiveness 🙂

        • It’s good to know that there are people think like me. ^^ It means this can come true and I had heard a rumour on twitter when he was discharged from army that he might be a MC on Star King. It’s really possible that Kang Ho Dong, he and Boom can be MC. People like Kangin need a second chance. I hope netizens in Korea think like that and encourage him. He really needs a positive reaction from them.
          And I really love 2Woon so Sukira PD-nim please please make sure that they are the DJs. It will be really hilarious. =D

          • yeah I had never thought in that but it makes sense!
            If Suju-M is going to promote, and minwook don’t have the time, I really hope that yesung and kangin will be the MC. And it would also be good to see kangin in star king.
            I really like this guy, he does seem sorry and I feel like he deserves a 2nd chance and I hope to see his old self but if he needs time I’ll wait a little more. Everything to see our raccoon happy!

  2. actually, when i first saw KangIn on stage, he really did change, and i think everybody noticed that he was awkward on stage…. i do understand him, i know what he’s coming from, and we can’t blame him for that… i just hope we can see the old KangIn, but i think now, he’s now more mature…

  3. we already wait for two years, and we don’t mind waiting more for him to be comfortable~

  4. When I saw him on his comeback first thing I noticed was how matured he was. I remember watching him before, always making jokes and making others laugh and he is different now. Like Shindong said, he seems afraid, always being careful. But he seems more relaxed now, and he would eventually feel better with time. Fans already waited for him and don’t think they mind waiting some more to see him better. He needs support. He would be great as MC, always has been, so I can’t wait to see him doing variety again!!!!!!

  5. yes, kangin being so silent and just watches his group mates quietly, not like him used to be 😦
    but i know it’s just the matter of time
    all members really support him, and be there for him, I think it’s just awkward for him to talk as free as before, but he will slowly be back 😉 I’m glad that in the whole album promo, not only members but ELF who came to the music shows came to also support him like crazy
    all I want to see in encore, backstage or any show is kangin’s happy face. Now, he has musical and said to be sold out, he just needs to do the best, and get back to conquer Korean tv 🙂 hope general Koreans will also support him 🙂

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