120906 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra complete We Got Married appearances

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra will stop appearing on We Got Married.

On September 6, an official for the show said that Leeteuk and Kang will stop appearing on MBC’s We Got Married by making their final appearance in the September 8 episode of the show.

The two stars have been on the show for roughly ten months since last October.

Leeteuk, a leader of the group, and actress Kang have been loved by many people as an imaginary married couple and earned nickname ‘Dimple Couple’ through the show.

Since Leeteuk will join the Army before the end of the year, many people thought they would stop appearing on the show soon. As a result, the couple recently shot the last episode of the show.

Three new couples in total, including, Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah couple and ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee and Secret’s Han Seon Hwa couple, will lead the fourth season of the show.

Credit: Starnews | http://en.korea.com 
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  1. This is very sad, I’ll miss them so much! they made my cheeks ascend to heaven, they made me excited just for a holding of hands or a shy glance. I really think they developed genuine feelings for each other, and looking at how much Sora could make him happy and shy… I really hope they’ll announce one day that this was not just a show for them, as I (and not only me) already suspect. Sora, I cannot imagine anyone else at his side now, take care of him, give him all the love and caring you showed you can give him. He is gonna be sad in these two years…

  2. i know that this one’s about to come.. as Teuk’s enlistment is coming near… but i don’t know what exactly to feel about it.. having mixed emotions right now.. sad, very very sad and gloomy.. that’s how i am when i read about this.. i just hope and wish that they will still have that friendship that they have bonded over the months that they had as a virtual couple…

    TeukSo couple.. thank you for the smiles and laughter you gave us… ^^

  3. i think im going to cry this Saturday,, even now my tears coming out.. I’m going to miss them every Saturday, they are the first couple I’ve ever watched in WGM .. really hoping that they’re in real relationship.. I fell happy to see Leeteuk how happy he is with Sora.. many ELF will be happy including me if they’re going to get married for real. ♥

  4. I think ELF willl give full blessing to these two people if they really got in real relationship..and I hope Sora was the person whom will wait for Teuk during his service and she can be the one that Teuk will get married five years after that…:D

  5. Sora is the only woman i accept to be the first lady of uri Leader,, please marry for real,, and give us Park babies soon,, ^^

    • Hahahaha agree with u ^^

  6. AWW!!! SOOOO SOON!!!!! 😥 My favorite couple coming to an end… TT^TT They were seriously perfect together! 😦 Why why why why why? 😦

  7. They didn’t even go on their honeymoon yet.

  8. I think their relationship could have had more development. But I’m sad to see it end, and we know it’s inevitable. It’s prolly one of the saddest ways to part the show, for this reason. I hope Sora will wait for him and they can have a real relationship if their feelings are still the same.


  10. OMO! I’m so sad to know that their appearance in the show will end. :(( i love this couple so much and i always watch their videos since the day the got married, the didn’t even go on a honeymoon yet.but i will always support the two of them . i hope only their appearance in the show will end but not their care and feelings for each other.. i will miss this good couple.. I hope that TEUKSO/Dimple couple will be for real !

  11. my lovely couple.,. I think it’s going daebak if PD nim No End “Dimple Couple” but to be continue 2 years later.,,,,, I hope:'(
    Iam going really miss them so much., TeukSo couple..
    Gumawo for the smiles and
    laughter you gave us every Saturday.
    Dimple Couple Fighting!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m very sad that this is the end of their appearance in TV together, it’s a pity that they didn’t have enough time to continue, it must have be hard for them during the separation, I hope now after the show is over they will have more privacy between them far from the cameras, I also hope that our leader will not let her get away from him; she is really unique, very humble and very sincere with him.

    I’m very happy that we “ELF”, hated SORA at the beginning and now we cry, it’s magic!

  13. Going to miss them like hell! I’m very sure sora wil be badly sad coz leeteuk gonna leave him for two years..really hope dimple couple will be continued right away after husband teuk return from military service. Every single person gonna wait for it for sure! However, leeteuk oppa hwaiting! Hopefully you will take a really good care of yourself there, sora noona will be worried if you sick! Teukso couple, saranghae!!!! All the best for both of u! ^^

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