120905 3rdWaveMusic Twitter Update: Siwon & Van Ness Fan Clubs supported Medical Surgeries!

September 5, 2012 at 1:03 pm | Posted in News/Rumors, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 1 Comment

@3rdWaveMusic: Tomorrow New Video! We’re going to report our time in Africa Siwon & Van Ness Fan Clubs supported Medical Surgeries!”

Source: @3rdwavemusic

A little update!

Remember when we did a little project for Siwon’s birthday a few months ago?

Original post: [SUP3RJUNIOR.COM] ★★ Siwon’s Birthday Project ★★

The money was going to be sent to UNICEF KOREA, however after discussing with 3rdWaveMusic and Siwon himself, they decided to donate the money to help Africa instead~

So as you can see from the tweet, they will give us a video report about their time in Africa helping with medical surgeries with money collected from Siwon and Vanness’ fanclubs (READ: US! ^^)

Isn’t it awesome? To donate money for a great cause~^^

Thank you for everyone who participated in the project, and hope you can support our first food support project too~

☆★Please donate~! Sup3rjunior’s Food Support Project ♥ (CLOSED)

If we reach our target soon for food support donation soon, we’ll also planning to do rice wreath support, so Siwon can donate them to charity he chooses.

Let’s support both our Super Junior boys and people in needs 🙂

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PS. we would like to do a project for Super Junior and other members too in the future, please look forward to it^^


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  1. Daebak~!

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