[1st Official Project] — Sup3rjunior’s Food Support Project

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Thank you for your participation~~~ ♥ This project is now closed~


Hi ELF ~! This is a PROJECT post!

We  have always been wanting to create or at least participate in project for Super Junior (or any one of the members) for a very long time now, to show our support which goes beyond the current efforts of posting/purchasing CDs and to show that we EXIST.

As you may already know  Siwon will be making a comeback to the small screen through SBSs’ new drama called ‘The King of Dramas’ and so, opportunely we have teamed up with οoΟ※For You※Οoο——☆ゞSiwon Choi|崔始源ゞ☆ and other fanbases (yet to be announced) to show him our support ~!

The type of support is ‘Food Support’, this where we purchase all sorts of delicious foods.. to support our hardworking Siwon along with actors of the drama and deserving production staff. Hence the number adds up to around 120 people, this is why our target number will be high!

Nevertheless with YOUR help, the sup3rjunior readers help I believe WE CAN DO IT. If we didn’t think we can, we would not have gone through with it. So I ask you for your help, to help donate, to help show our support, to help show that EXISTS. Considering this is OUR first OFFICIAL project, let’s MAKE IT A SUCCESS.

Note: As you can see below, the images displayed show an example of food support (in this case for the 6th Jib, Sexy Free and Single). Our food support will be similar, but with our name on I say our because I believe the readers and the staff make this blog! So let’s do this! #Fighting!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

★ How to donate (Paypal)

→ Send your donations to

→ Please send it in USD currency

→ Choose Personal ‘Gift’ or ‘Money Owed’. If there is a fee, please cover it.

→ Write your nick name (and/or twitter username) and country in the message box when you send the donations (if you would like to remain anonymous, just leave it blank).

★ How to donate (Non-Paypal)

→ Please contact people listed below for payment options for your country.

United Kingdom: Email

Australia: Tweet @reneeelalala on Twitter  or email

United States: Tweet @supergirlRain on Twitter or email

Indonesia: Read info here or tweet @mignonne_indah on Twitter

Malaysia: Read info here or tweet  @destinyhae on Twitter

Other countries: Western Union, please email

★ Deadline


★ Prize

All donators will be put into a draw for free Sexy, Free & Single albums, posters and SPY albums~

★ Donations total

Thank you to our donators so far… ♥

– Australia, reneee – $100
– England, / uksujusid – $100
– USA, supergirlRain – $50
– Indonesia, mychullie / @mignonne_indah – $50
– Anonymous – $10
– Malaysia, cikunnn – $15
– USA, Krista @sugarbun – $5
– Singapore, Shermaine – $10
– Turkey, @gsnurtac – $20
– Norway, Thet – $50
– Sweden, One / @SPYseungji15 – $200
– Malaysia, qurrat_aini (via @destinyhae) – $3
– USA, weewhy – $10
– USA, @skygrl15 – $25
– Mj Gilliam – $15
– @Camelotdaze – $50
– Indonesia, @silvana_ns (via @mignonne_indah) – $10
– Slovakia, MiJAE – $15
– Netherlands, @StarAWings – $15
– Malaysia, tsinychong – $15
– United Arab Emirates, Sooma – $6
– Turkey, @ilikecarrot – $5
– Germany, @prom15eSUJU – $15
– Panama, Xiomara @Xiomy20rosada – $20
– @qurrat_aini – $4.5
– Anonymous – $15
– Indonesia, @JiEyounG2112 (via @mignonne_indah) – $13
– Indonesia, @Riqoray (via @mignonne_indah) – $5
– Vivian Wijaya @vivianwjy – $10
– Anonymous – $100
– HATO Peru – $200

Total: USD 1161.5

★Sup3rjunior’s Goal

Since we reached our goal for food support (approximately around $900), donations received afterwards will be used to donate rice wreathes so Siwon can donate them to charity he wishes!

Thank you again for your support!!!! Love from’s team 🙂

– Also update –

Remember when we did a little project for Siwon’s birthday a few months ago?

Original post: [SUP3RJUNIOR.COM] ★★ Siwon’s Birthday Project ★★

The money was going to be sent to UNICEF KOREA, however after discussing with 3rdWaveMusic and Siwon himself, they decided to donate the money to help Africa instead~

So as you can see from the tweet, they will give us a video report about their time in Africa helping with medical surgeries with money collected from Siwon and Vanness’ fanclubs (READ: US! ^^)

Isn’t it awesome? To donate money for a great cause~^^

Thank you for everyone who participated in the project, and hope you can support our first food support project too~

Latest Update from 3rdWaveMusic

120905 3rdWaveMusic Twitter Update: Siwon & Van Ness Fan Clubs supported Medical Surgeries!



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  1. im just crying at the moment T^T im living in Iran and i cant use paypal , or any other credit cards :((( i really wish that i was able to participate T^T

    • can you do western union?

      • i should ask, im not sure i can use it or not T^T
        but i hope i can use this method 😦

        btw thanks for the help!

      • i find a new way!! i wanna do a Art commission in my DeviantArt then i can ask ppl to send a money to u instead of me 8D i just wanna know when is the dead line!? or if i wanted to give ppl a pay pal number what should i do…i really dont wanna disturb you by my question, but really wanna do something 😦

  2. I would love to be Malaysia representation. I really hope to be part of this project.

  3. Indonesian ELF could read the details here

  4. As soon my PayPal is filled a little ,first thing to do……

  5. Is there a minimal amount because I can hardly effort any donation right now but I really hope I can participate?

    • there is no minimum amount 🙂

  6. Wow…. don’t you think it’d be better to donate all that food for people who don’t have any? I’m sure if you were to ask Siwon himself, he would agree with this. Yes, they work hard for the drama, but come on!

    • Yes of course.. However what makes you think we don’t do this already? or I don’t do this already? Or we won’t do this in the future?

    • I think that a beautiful idea, you should organize a donation in Siwon name to a some organization. But for the time being we are trying to support his acting but giving him food, is something that many people want to do and many people is excited to do so don’t ruin our fun!!!XD

    • NO. I dislike when fansites donate to causes (which they do enough of already). I want to support SUPER JUNIOR and SIWON. If I wanted to feed starving Africans I can go do that elsewhere. This is the only place I can support Super Junior. SO please keep this project about Siwon.

      • You shouldn’t dislike/hate when fansites donate for a charitable cause, because philanthropy is something we should all aim to do.. to promote the welfare of others 🙂 however I will keep this project, but hopefully in the future we will create a project for charitable cause.

    • a lot of donations made by fans go to charity. like the rice wreaths (also super common for dramas ^^) that fans give for press conferences announcing the drama~ Donghae’s ended with with 5 tons of rice that was donated, i believe.

  7. Me encantaria participar … porque soy ELF ♥ y amo a Auper Junior … !!!! xD ¿ Espero poder participar ?

  8. Just read that Donghae’es fans has donated rice to charity. So yes, fans do donate for a charitable cause. I will support this project and donate soon!

  9. i really want to join this project but how?i don’t have paypal or credit card >.<
    (i from malaysia)

    • updated with malaysian rep ^^

  10. I am very willing to help my fellow PHELF who does not have PayPal nor credit card to participate in the said project. Let’s all keep our hands together for this project to be successful. readers and staffs, hwaiting!^^

  11. this is AWESOME! when I get my first check (kkkk in Korea!) I’ll donate for sure ^^

  12. I this it would be better if you use the money and donate it on the name of siwon… I mean even if you’re already doing so (I guess), I think feeding more people on need is still way better than giving food to artists…
    Siwon is probably receiving food from hundreds of fansites already… so why wasting such good food and money who I would guess half of it would end up in the trash

    • We’ve already promoted and donated for 3rdWaveMusic, where the money donated was recieved by children in Africa. Also Siwon is not receiving food support for that day, we know this because forsiwon had to gain permission from SME.. also it is up to the individuals who donate, whether they take part or not, whether they donate for some other cause or not. You may think that sup3rjunior only does food support, well yes for our first project yes. But don’t forget…staff members already donate, without being in the name of sup3rjunior, super junior or any of the members.

      • I’m sorry if my comment was mostly my personal point of view… I always thought that food support were no use (my own thoughts but it doesn’t mean it’s bad)… i know you guys want to show that International fans are caring of siwon as well as his co-workers
        but as I’m from africa myself, i think food support for children who have been living on eating flower is more important than showing care to one member of suju… even if you’re already donating, I still think the more the best… every little penny is a little kid you feed
        and donating it on the name of siwon would make him even happier than what he would ever be if he received the food…
        but it’s still your project and if that’s what you want to do, then all I have to say is FIGHTING!

  13. I just donated via paypal. Mind if you could confirm once you receive the fund ^^

    • your donation is received. thank you so much!^^

  14. i just made my donation through paypal ^^ could you confirm the payment? thanks ^^

    • we received your donation, thank you so much!^^

  15. I just donated money but I forgot to enter my user name and such… ^^;;;; I just clicked transfer money without thinking… I’m an idiot I know…
    But I transfered 15 USD (It’s all I have in my paypal account, I first have to pay school this month before I know if I can donate more) and it’s from HM Regtop, email[do not e-mail]. It should say in dutch U heeft een betaling ontvangen (it means you received a payment)
    I hope this will be okay… if you want I can send you a screen shot of the transfer or teh unique code. My twitter is @StarAWings

    • we received your donation, thank you^^ i put it as anonymous cos message was blank, ill edit them now 🙂

  16. pls confirm the payment 🙂 thank you

    • received, thank you ^^

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