120903 Yesung, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun at Shinhwa Broadcast Filming [7P]

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wonder what theyre doing!! xD


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  1. So cute..
    Cant get enough of their cuteness..

  2. Indian concept?!!!

  3. Love your frock Hyukjae, nice touch Yesung, but thumbs down for Kyu’s.

    • Waee????!!!

    • how could u give my baby kyu a thumbs down?!?!?

  4. LOL As expected – this will be CRAZY!

    • My thoughts exactly!! Lol

  5. Kyu,,my BB,,,,
    he looks so Cute,,,
    cuteness overload,,,

  6. As expected i dont need to watch it and ii can already tell that this is going to be one funny episode by the way they are dressed!

  7. only 3 of them will be in the show??

  8. I saw Sungmin and Ryeowook in 4th pic 🙂 Hope all members can attend to this ep.
    Waiting for the broadcast…

    • not all only 6 will go kyu, hyuk , wook , ye, shin,ming , teuk is filming star king , hae has drama and kang i think he is not appearing in varieties yet (need more time ) and siown i don’t know what is he doing hence 6 will appear

    • I don’t think those two are Minnie and Wookie. They look more like the Shinhwa members (sorry, don’t know their names).

      • That two boys with Kyuhyun on the 4th pic is Dongwan (with the brown head thingy) & Hyesung (with the red head thingy with the glasses) yup~ Dongwan looks like ryeowook …..and I always sees that hahaha

        Aaahhhhh can’t wait for this episodes to watch ^^;; We’ve been waiting for this to happen since SHINee’s guesting in ShinBang xDD This will be totally E.P.I.C. kekeke ShinJu (Shinhwa+Super Junior) FIGHTING!!!!

        • OMG! Me too! I always see Dongwan in Ryeowook! xD

      • That’s jun Jin & dong wan.. finally 2 best variety groups appears in same show..daebak!!!

    • in 4th pic? definitely not sungmin and ryewook.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re Junjin and Dongwan, and below you can see the top of Hyesung’s head 🙂

      • i wasn’t talking abt the ppl in the pic but the confirmed info that min wook kyu hyuk shin and ye will attend it was confirmed by multiple fanbases so yeah they r there

  9. oh they have outdo themselves with those costumes!

  10. LOL, what are these costumes??? What are you even wearing Cho? XD

  11. thumbs UP for Kyu!

  12. wah is that indian theme ….i am an indian but those costumes…noy gud…no one will wear them here….they should have given me contract for that…just kidding they will look great even in rags

  13. As an Indian I can’t help but feel offended that the world still sees our country as the land of snake charmers and elephants. I know this is meant for comic relief and their costumes are meant to evoke laughter, but this still shows ignorance on the part of the people associated with this. It saddens me to think that they probably feel we dress up like this on a regular basis.

    As an Indian ELF I want Super Junior to recognize us for what we are, and not go by stupid racial stereotypes. I know lots of fellow ELFs are looking forward to this because this will be hilarious. But for me, this is a cheap mockery of my country’s rich heritage….& I can’t help but be disappointed. I Can’t possibly tolerate the idea of ridiculing a country’s image for gag’s sake.

    • I absolutely get your point, but I still think you’re overreacting. Where exactly do you see that their concept is to show off some Indian culture, to place everything in Indian reality? All I can see is that they’re dressed up characteristically and situated in a space pretty known for simple consumers who know such decorations from movies and so on. It’s like they dressed up in cowboy uniforms.They’re just using a commonly known, popular concept. Nothing more.

      • I’m assuming you’re talking about the general idea of India that Bollywood (Hindi films) imparts. Dressing up in a cowboy costume is okay if it’s authentic. I’m sure actual cowboys wouldn’t be pleased if they saw people wearing massively over-sized ill fitting garments and making a mockery of their costume. If they were making the idols get into traditional Indian attire – as seen in movies & such – they could have at least taken the trouble to find authentic form-fitting ones.

        • But I see no point in assuming that because of this concept SuJu would see you through those racial stereotypes because it’s simply for entertainment, even if a little ill-considered. Don’t think about them as such closed-minded people. Super Junior are boys with a great distance to themselves and to what and how they act. Maybe you should have some of this too? It’s not their fault, really. You can’t possibly demand from people responsible for gags to make everything precise. It’s a gag, gags are always exaggerated. And I think Super Junior and all those people who will watch it know it well.

          • I feel genuinely sorry for you if you feel that it’s OK to incorrectly depict the culture of a country for the sake of “exaggerated gags”. India was colonized by the British and was under the British rule for hundreds of years. If you had cared to read the history of India, you would have known how horrible were those years where the country constantly struggled to gain independence, and as a result, its development was severely pushed back. It’s been only sixty five years that we’ve gained independence and since then we’re trying our best to improve our conditions. The image of “snake-charmers” is an image that originated during that dark era of British rule and hence, cannot possibly be taken lightly if it’s used for humor’s sake.

            I fail to understand why you’re so keen to debate me over an issue that you don’t even comprehend properly. Maybe you should learn some tolerance and respect the fact that people have opinions that may not be the same as yours?

            • Your last sentences I would sincerely transfer to you. I really tried to have a fine conversation with exchanging different points of view, but since you’re suggesting I’m dumb enough not to know those basics and too ignorant, though if you weren’t so sensitive about everything people say you would notice I tried to get your point, I think this talk is pointless. Really, you didn’t have to be rude, even if you’re feeling disappointment. 😦

              • Hello, are you really saying I’m the one who’s rude? “Super Junior are boys with a great distance to themselves and to what and how they act. Maybe you should have some of this too?” – these are your own words. You’re the one who started assuming that I am lacking open-mindedness (that’s probably what you meant by distance)…and advised me to learn some. In turn, I am simply asking you to be tolerant towards the different points of views that other people share. Which part of what I said was rude? Not once have I suggested that you’re dumb – you came up with that on your own.

                Fact is, not once did you try to observe this from my perspective. Had you done so, then there wouldn’t be a “but” in your post. You would have simply stated that you agreed with me…and that would be it. Your sole purpose was to counter my observations…because you couldn’t see things from my POV. I tried my level best to make you understand exactly why this depiction of my country is offensive. But you refused to acknowledge that, and instead became judgmental & condescending.

                Look, you think it’s OK to depict a foreign country in a shallow light for the sake of humor. I feel ethnic discrimination based on stereotypes is completely uncalled for. I don’t think we’ll ever meet on a common ground regarding this topic. So let’s just end it here and now.

                • Maybe just calm down a little. It’s a discussion. No one has to agree with anyone, just exchanging views. So stop assuming I called you closed-minded, because I clearly wrote it about Super Junior only (I wrote just an advice to have maybe some more distance to yourself, mind you). Read my posts after a while and maybe you’ll understand people want to have a conversation with you ’cause you clearly have a different opinion and they want to face it with their thoughts. No one is here to offend you.

                • Episode 228 of ‘Star King’ depicted Saudi Arabia and the Muslims in wrong light..I’m from there and I was so upset..call me overly sensitive even after one year but i have the exact right too. I completely sympathize with Anne here..

                  Sorry , ‘ inner58ori ‘ .I don’t know where you are from, in which conditions you grew up in or how easily you deal with stereotyping or what your tolerance level is. I don’t know if you have ever faced this kind of situation..but for those who are shown this way, we cannot but be angry ..

                  I will not suggest you to be more tolerant or informative , but you never tried to understand why ‘Anne’ was offended in the first place. you were the one who was rude in your first comment when you said that she was ‘over reacting’. It is like making fun of rape for entertainment in front of a rape victim and asking him/her to take it lightly because it is for ‘gag’..

                  you say this is for ‘simple consumer ‘ , well then these kind of things give out wrong message to the ‘simple consumers’.. Hence , This image will continue. and we don’t want that..

                  Do you know why the chicken crossed the road ??

                  To get to the other side…this joke may be funny..but putting someone down just for fun sake and to pull up the Trp is just not funny.. so where you can have fun and enjoy things like these . I refuse too. This situation is exactly like what happened in ‘ Star king’ ..that time they apologized..so according to you..they shouldn’t have, right??

                  I know you will call me rude too..but fellow ELF you just gave me a lot of reasons to….

                  • And no one here noticed that first of all I wrote “I absolutely get your point”. Yes, well, thanks for conversation anyway. I’ll end it here.

    • You haven’t even watched the episode and you’re already criticising it wait and then give your judgement. And whether we like it or not every country has this same issue about the stereotypes so I understand where you’re coming from. Also take into consideration that this is all the production crew’s idea so please dont be dissapointed in our boys.

      • Morning shows the day, my friend. These pictures are clear indicators that they’re trying to evoke laughter by mocking a nation’s attire style.
        The fact remains that it’s a blatant example of ethnic stereotyping. Not all Italians are Mafias, not all Russians play roulette, not all Irish are forever drunk, not all Americans are promiscuous, not everybody in Brazil knows how to Samba….yada yada yada.

        Why on earth is Eunhyuk wearing what looks like a Western Indian village woman’s attire? If an Indian male actor appeared on national television wearing a woman’s hanbok or a kimono, wouldn’t it be disrespectful?

        This is a very shallow and lazy representation of their theme “India”. As an ELF I have the right to feel disappointed by this. I’m not bashing our boys, I love them as much as you do. But at the same time, I am sad that this is the image of my country that they have etched in their mind.

        • no need to criticize any1 here…m an indian i think its just for fun…then choosing india as their theme is gud coz that means they are interested in the culture of our country but the point is they dont knw much as we dint knw b4 kpop….so take it lightly…c them having fun and enjoy…..

          • Sonia, Anne and me were only criticizing what we felt were humiliating for us & our country..It is ok if you don’t feel the same way like us. so don’t expect us to feel the same way as you. Being interested in some one’s culture does not mean that you can take a derogatory look at it. I am interested in African culture, NO , I don’t think they are all black and slaves. I was into Korean culture much much before kpop and believe me that not for once did I think “OH, they look all the same” or ” Ching chung chang”..It is how you look at things.Generalizing is generalizing & is wrong no matter how you want to justify it…

            I would have pointed this out, even if it was not India. They can have all the fun they want and I’m sure they did..But not like this.I don’t like it when people I adore and love so much, think of my country like this.I am ELF that is true and eventually I’ll look past this..but I’m also an Indian and I’m hurt..please respect that.

            • you took it in the wrong way…i was just telling we knw about our country rite…then theres no point if arguing here when we knw that our country is infinite times better than how it i depicted….and if my views wouldnt have been the same then i wouldnt have been the first one to comment right..i have always thought the same thing as u whenever i c india shown like that…so dont take my comment in wrong manner i respect ur view and my country

              • Friend, I want to stop this debate too..But just us knowing how ‘great’ our country is, it is not enough. If we never argue back then this Image of India will never perish. Ethnic stereotyping is wrong & I also said that I would have protested even if it was not my country. Alas, it is wishful thinking..I hope in the future we will never have to talk about this.HWAITING.

        • then you need to change the image of your country

          • HUH!!! that is what we were talking about the entire time…we are trying but shows like these are not helping…

          • Isn’t that exactly what we’re talking about? The image of India being a land of snake charmers, elephants & over-spiced curries is so deep seeded in the minds of the foreigners, that no matter how many times we fly spaceships to the moon, how many scientific achievements we make, how many high-rises we build, this stereotyping will never cease to exist. People from throughout the world still come to India for “spiritual enlightenment”. They still come to take snaps of the families ridden by poverty…because nothing makes a better subject for photography than the bulging ribcages of homeless infants.

            Since you cared enough to post this comment, do tell me, how exactly does a country change its image? Isn’t it up to the people of the world to read a bit on the internet about a country before blatently stereotyping it on national television for the sake of gags?

    • I honestly get what you’re trying to say, yet the harsh reality is, there’s nothing you can do. Until the production crew of Shinhwa visits India, I doubt they’ll ever think of changing this skit… But as for SJ, they probably don’t recognize India like this. Heck, same deal for Shinhwa. SJ have studied Chinese, Japanese, Tagalong, French, English, Russian, even Arabic for their fans. They’re slowly but surely getting to know more and more about the world, and I’m sure even while doing this skit, they didn’t think “This is how all Indians are”, nope, they 100% knew those were stereotypes, and although they probably did to an extent believe them, they knew what they were doing was an exaggeration. Although no one can do anything about the PD’s state of mind making this skit, I believe SJ isn’t as uneducated as others to think this is how every Indian lives. I agree on your point about this being ignorance and mockery (but then every country does this), I’m just trying to say that SJ isn’t going to think of India like you think they will before/when/after doing this skit.

      • Whether Shinhwa & Suju know about the real image of a country, that’s just an assumption on our part. The cruel reality is what we witness. I’m afraid, mere assumptions that they know about my country will never soothe the pain that I feel when I see Yesung with a snake around his neck. And mind you, this is not the first time. In SS3 Member introduction, Ryeowook had portrayed India by choosing to dress up as a snake charmer as well.
        During 2 years of learning Korean from the Korean Cultural Centre in my city, I’ve met several Koreans of all age groups. Trust me, each and every one of them think of India in the same way that is depicted here – snakes, elephants, curries, poverty and Taj Mahal. During their stay in my city, they keep visiting slums and burning ghats, instead of tourist spots and such. The few times I’ve accompanied them to the huge shopping malls, they’ve chocked from surprise. I’ve met a few hundred Korean during the past 2 years and not one bothered to read a bit about a country that they were visiting. If this is the state, why should I assume that Super Junior are any different? Especially when they clearly choose to depict otherwise?

        • I have to agree with Anwesha here. People ask us why we over react. Let me give you little example. Mind you, I’m not generalizing. This is something I experienced. My friend from Korea visited India last December. She visited places like Rajastan, Darjeeling & Kolkata and several other cities. These places have their own historical and topographical unique features. But the cities are as similar as any other city in the world. My friend visited both urban and few rural locations regions which are unique to these places..

          Here , I will not bother stating our discussions when we met and when I asked her how she felt about my city. It was a ‘surprising’ story on her part.

          After leaving India, she visited Australia and Phillipines. She went back and uploaded pictures. From all the three countries in three different albums…The pictures were beautiful. But the ones from India were all rural people, villages, poverty and desert. We are used to this so I was not much surprised. What I felt bad about was, one of her foreign friend commented on one of the picture from India saying ”THANK GOD, YOU SURVIVED”.

          As an Indian, we know we are a third world developing nation and we are struggling very hard every day. And these portrayals of our country bring us virtuously down. At least to people like us. I’m not blaming my Korean friend or her friend. I don’t have a larger platform to speak out but the celebrities and the media does. So they must correct the errors. If they are the one’s who knows differently and are miss-informed then the common public will never know.

          I want to believe very bad that Suju thinks differently about India and may be they will learn…But the results prove very different than my belief. And that really hurts very bad…

  14. yes yes yes yes yes..wohoooo.. i’m in bias heaven..eric and yesung in one show.. *randomdancetime*

  15. In my 24 years of life I have never seen a real snake, let alone people moving around hanging them around their neck, not in the city or in any village ( expect for people who might keep snakes as pets)..India was known as ‘the land of snake charmers’ that is true but depicting India and Indians every-time in this same manner is not right..Also trust me, Indians don’t dress funny…I don’t know what is Hyukjae wearing?? ‘it is not a costume’..Indians, especially girls don’t wear clothes like these.. & the rest of their clothes are all so ill fitting. what size is kyu wearing??…The exact same thing in a right size would have made him look much better and proper and cuter ( because he is cute , always )..of course this is meant for fun, but why on some one else’s ethnicity or country ?? STEREOTYPING is not cool. SUJU hardly knows that Indian ELF exists and we are almost never recognized..This may not be their Idea yet they are a part of it. So I feels sad as an ELF.

    My friend told me ‘at least your country got featured’ … I only wish it was done in a proper way or not at all. Suju and Shinwa are both funny and charming & I would have enjoyed the episode any way…

    • although i’m not Indian but i agree with you
      I really don’t like this concept ….
      why didn’t they do to suju as they did for shinee……..
      this is my opinion

    • I’m not even an Indian but I totally agree with you & Anne!

  16. Can’t wait to see the show. Kyu looks adorable.

    • he is just TOO CUTE HAHAH XD

  17. We’ll have chill ’til the episode airs, alright? And I’m also kind of disappointed this kind of thing had to happen even if I’m not Indian, but did SJ themselves think of this concept? Let’s not put the blame on them entirely and wait for the show to air. Hopefully the people responsible for this will give a proper apology.

    • Friend, no body is blaming suju …read the comments above..it was probably the PD’s idea..yet Suju is a part of this…so it saddens us..The pictures clearly shows what the show is going to be like and there will be no different than what we think it will be..because stereotyping is that typical and predictable..A fake apology cannot salvage any harm that these people have inflicted time an over again..so they should save it and do a bit more research and study before they try to depict a ‘popular culture’ next time.

  18. hey xoxoxoxo and Anne ,i know totally out of the topic questin…but do u know is thee anything like indian-elf fanclub or something so that we can support suju through them…atleast they will know their fan exist in india also

    • Sonia,there is one such fan club in FB ..you can join if you want too..But buying albums or sending gift , that you have to do on your own..this club is not that big ..But you can talk to the members..if they can organize events and projects….

  19. Yeye!!! Your hairstyle looks good!! I miss when your black though…..gave you a darker aura… But I guess this will do……
    OMG!!!!! Shinhwa and Super Junior on one show together?!!! This is going to be purely hysterical madness!!!! Can’t wait!!!XD

  20. 2nd pic kyu really cute like arabian dancer hahaha (white version)

    • Yes thats right his dressing and his body movement~

  21. ‘inner58ori’ – I noticed, that you never did understand….If you actually did..things never would have gotten to this level…and so you wouldn’t have required the need to justify yourself..I wish you good luck in life.

    • Yes, my country has to deal with many stereotypes and jokes about our culture or history achievements. But we have a distance and we know where is the time to say no (for example, when we talk about violence, abuse, important events for our country) and where we can just smile at the silliness of the show when they present us in too big clothes or with a goat wandering behind us. I’m not saying defending your country’s history is bad. I’m saying that sometimes you just need to have a distance. But I would really like to end it. In peace.

      • dear..you say you mean peace..but in reality you just need to prove how broad minded you are but your posts says otherwise….I don’t even stay in India but yet I can understand how their people might fell but you are constantly trying to refute my point…WHY??? well, good for you..really ..but I would have learned how to ‘distance’ as well if this is not how we were depicted ‘ALL THE TIME’ ( let alone violence, abuse or anything else).. i will say this again..this might be silly enough for you..but not for me…if it was so..please enlighten me why did the ‘Star king’ crew apologized the last time???

        and How is this episode of Shinwa and SUJU any different..it is the same mockery of one’s culture and country…

        Sorry, that my sense of humor is so bad.. that I don’t find degrading one’s culture for entertainment is funny over and over and over again….They have done it before, they did it now and mark my words, they will do it again..Of course you will say that EVERY Country does this..and yes, I agree with you here..but that do not make ‘stereotyping ‘ RIGHT? wrong is wrong ..and I will raise my voice every time this is done…

        How can you say this is silly, when ( refer to all the posts back) this episode / pictures have clearly disappointed more than one person…

        Sometimes, may be you need to respect the fact that..all things cannot be taken so lightly…

        Fellow ELF. you spelled ‘PEACE’ wrong.. ‘ V

  22. I’ve been really excited for this episode!! I know I have no right in this convo about India and how SJ dressed for the episode. Even though I’m not from India myself, I do have friends from India and I’ve learned the country and culture before. India is a country rich with their own culture and other aspects. Even though I have seen movies and tv showing India as a place with elephants,etc. and especially with the snake, I’ve never thought once of the country like that. In the world that we lived in, we can never stop people anywhere in the world from making jokes or mockery from anything that is either apart of us, our own country, or something that we love. I know that what SJ and Shinhwa did in the upcomming episode is wrong, but we can’t really tell if they think that way about one’s country. I have experienced with mockery and jokes myself that was directed towards me and other piers that is the same race as me, at school and even on tv about asians and my ethnics, and it did hurt me, but I know that one day those people will eventually learn about my countries’ culture and realise that it wasn’t what they thought to be like and that it’s from a different view than how the world of entertainment was. Everyone learn something new each day. I can feel what the indian-elfs are trying to say and express, again I have experienced that, I thought I will never look past that, until I did a project over my own country and those people who thought of the steroe type, learned something new and stopped making false statements and comments. Keep this in mind that even if they mock about it, know that sooner or later they will learn the truth about one’s country and stop the bad mockeries. Even though SJ participated in this, they still love their fans no matter who they are and how they think about your country or how they participated in something that mocked one’s country and culture, they still know that, to them it’s a gag/skit that wasn’t meant to be offensive, they would never hurt there fans like that, they couldv’e thought it’s for fun. Also this was only a recording there is a percentage of it being edited out, remember that the staff will have to review the tapping and edit it. I’m sure they won’t make the same mistake as Star King did. 🙂 But if they do air it, look pass this and when SJ comes to India, they will know what truly a beautiful country it is. Again I know this is none of my business, but I just wanted to share this and at least cease the strong written comments towards each fellow elf. Well it was my attempt, but we are all here for one reason and that is for SJ!! Ease the tension a little and, even though it’s not part of this topic, but I know if Leetuek knew about this he wouldnt be happy and he wants to leave us elfs happy and waiting for him when he comes back, so lets just look forward to the upcomming events of SJ with Leetuek (even though he wasnt at this recording 😦 ) before he leaves. Spend every moment like it’s the last, but every moment is a precious memory.

    • And I just realised I’m more than a week late =___= sorry….. just ignore my comment, yeah sorry again

  23. yepeeeee……c ’em in indian dress…….can someone tell me y did they do this… ??? plz…anyone… 🙂

    • It’s just cost-playing for the show..

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