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  1. ah~ if Hyukie oppa really throw that tissue I want it too!!! >,<

  2. kyu oppa lost weight.. ?? eat well and be healthy oppa..arasseo^^ ..SJ oppa hwaiting ..and take care <3^^

  3. awww…so Kyuhyun CAN be nice to his hyungs~ XD
    LOL – talkative Teuk… because it’s the last week TT___TT

  4. ahahaha siwon is hyper

  5. Where is donghae?

    • donghae’s grandpa passed away yesterday (i so hope it isn’t true) 😦
      hope hae’s fine 😦

  6. Last week for promotions…? Leeteuk… 😥 and is Donghae okay? I heard really horrible news… I hope it isn’t true.

    • what horrible news?

      • I am sure Hae is fine, Siwon did not perform for a few days during SFS promotion right? And Siwon was fine. Maybe something to do with Hae drama, busy.

      • She/ He probably meant the rumour about Donghae’s grandfather passing away.

    • what news??

  7. LOL the end XD It’s so easy to picture it XD

  8. is there hard engsub episode for watching all cute segment from super junior based on fans’ view above?
    i hope ^_^

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