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  1. ah~ if Hyukie oppa really throw that tissue I want it too!!! >,<

  2. kyu oppa lost weight.. ?? eat well and be healthy oppa..arasseo^^ ..SJ oppa hwaiting ..and take care <3^^

  3. awww…so Kyuhyun CAN be nice to his hyungs~ 😄
    LOL – talkative Teuk… because it’s the last week TT___TT

  4. ahahaha siwon is hyper

  5. Where is donghae?

    • donghae’s grandpa passed away yesterday (i so hope it isn’t true) 😦
      hope hae’s fine 😦

  6. Last week for promotions…? Leeteuk… 😥 and is Donghae okay? I heard really horrible news… I hope it isn’t true.

    • what horrible news?

      • I am sure Hae is fine, Siwon did not perform for a few days during SFS promotion right? And Siwon was fine. Maybe something to do with Hae drama, busy.

      • She/ He probably meant the rumour about Donghae’s grandfather passing away.

    • what news??

  7. LOL the end 😄 It’s so easy to picture it 😄

  8. is there hard engsub episode for watching all cute segment from super junior based on fans’ view above?
    i hope ^_^

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