120828 Super Junior’s Leeteuk tweets a message about military service

August 29, 2012 at 2:43 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Leeteuk, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 9 Comments

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently left a message for his fans through Twitter. In this series of posts, he talked about his military service. As Super Junior was in China for their concert, the tweets were directed to his Chinese fans.

Ge started off by thanking them for their support, exclaiming, “Chinese ELFs gave us lots of presents! Thank you and I love you!! Today we shared love and happiness. I will return you even more in two years. Xie xie!”

Later, he continued, “The thing that makes me the most sad…is to just go and leave you all like this. The time we spent together went by so fast, I will come back even better!! I promise!!^^ Please watch over my dongsaengs!! I will be watching over you all!! Let’s live bravely without worries!!! I love you!!!”

Check out his tweets below:

Posted Image

Will you miss Leeteuk while he is away?

Source: @special1004, Koreaboo
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  1. ofcourse why not definitely i miss angel leader of SUJU and president of girls

  2. I Will miss him for sure.. He is the first reason why i love super junior….

  3. I’m crying again TT______TT

  4. Definitely will.. Oppa take care ur self! I will take care uri dongsaengs.

  5. take care…

  6. Leader dont worry!! We ELF will surely take care of the boys for u :’) still can’t imagine SJ without him…….even for 2 short years…

  7. “Will you miss Leeteuk while he is away?”
    aldfjadlkjfsadslfjdlghldjfdkjfadjk What kind of a question is that DX

  8. Oh my god yes of course i’ll miss him 😦 , I’ve only been an ELF for two months and I love him already , this is the first time i’ll ever see a member go away and it’s really upsetting :(.

  9. I’ll be waiting for you for two years. And I’ll be missing from the bottom of my heart !

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