120827 Kyuhyun Twitter Update: note to all the precious overseas fans

August 27, 2012 at 12:38 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Kyuhyun, Wonderboys | 27 Comments

@GaemGyu An important note to all the precious overseas fans who are currently visiting Korea! Be aware that a powerful typhoon called “BOLAVEN” will

@GaemGyu strike Korea beginning today, August 27th until August 30th, so please do not go outside, avoid any undergrounds and stay in a safe place.

tweet in English,,,woahhhh so proud of it

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  1. OMGGGG THIS IS BREAKING NEWS! Kyu tweeted!!!! and omg he tweeted in english!!!! LOL

    but on a serious note, I am so moved by our boys today. They are so sweet and thoughtful of their fans (k-elfs and i-elfs). makes me so proud :’)

    ELFs! Stay safe!:)

  2. Careful man with a good english :’)

  3. Sungmin and now kyuhyun. it proves that u care so much about us.
    but i’m doubful. :)) kyuhyun doesn’t know English. Kyuhyun, who translated this for u?

    • He’s a college grad. Had to read and write english to get into college. It seems they don’t speak it because they don’t practice enough and are afraid of making a gaffe.

    • he knows english but doesn’t talk much like Siwon and Henry…anyway i’m so suprise that he tweeted by enlish but happy at the same time for this!!!

  4. he must have got henry to do it for him HAHAHA -recalls mcountdown where he and amber were talking about kyu asking henry to make a song for him quickly-

  5. kyu.. ^^ do you know i can’t stop smile because of your tweet 🙂

  6. kyu take care too , okay ?

  7. New nickname, ReporterKyu

  8. kyu oppa is a kindness pers0n.
    i’m so proud being his fans.
    he thinks a lot about people’s safety.

    kamsahamnida oppa 🙂
    may Allah always blesses you. . .

  9. maybe it’s a copy paste.. XDD

  10. Maybe not… Thats just a simple english…

  11. Kyuhyun!!! You tweeted…in English…and so sweet T_T

    Well actually, I think he knows how to construct English sentences and these particular sentences are formulaic. I remember that he corrected Siwon’s spelling of Philippines in his tweet so he’s very careful even though he doesn’t speak it.

  12. YEhhh this is simple sentences so if he tweeted in enlish it is nothing so hard for a college grad’ guy like him

  13. that’s him.. full of surprises ^^ love u Mr. Kyu ^^

  14. The tweet…shows how much Kyuhyun cares for elf…. he went through the extra mile by translating his tweet message to English^^

  15. Oh my god, he tweeted in English!!!! He is so thoughtful ❤ and cute 🙂

  16. My very caring bb Kyu.:)
    You tweeted in English to make sure i-elf understand so they can take care of themslves. Very very thoughtful of you.
    You should tweet more in English and speak it too for practice. We sure will understand if its not perfect all the time.

  17. Kyuhyun tweeted?! Again?! And in English too… He’s been tweeting a lot lately, I mean, for him… =)) his English is really really good! And I’m touched by how much he cares about the fans :’) He really made an effort to tweet in English specifically for unknowing overseas fans… but I wonder why he’s been tweeting so much these days… but wahhh, he’s just so sweet~ God bless that man 🙂

  18. with his intelligence, he can always cut and paste from somewhere. the first sentence sounded very much like something from a weather report. But I am still touched that the make such an announcement. I noticed that he doesnt post silly unimportant stuff. Love him.

    • I mean the 2nd sentence. but the whole msg is still very well written. yes maybe some help from someone? haha

  19. “Do not go outside, avoid any undergrounds and stay in a safe place.”
    sounds like something a newspaper will says XDD but anyway, the fact tht they arent so good in english yet still post in english just so fans could understand is really sweet :)<3

  20. Ahh kyuhyun ssi… you are so precious.. :*

  21. so touched…i hope i can go korea soon….

  22. EvilKyu isn’t so evil after all. He’s such a sweetheart. ^^
    Thank you for your concern Kyuhyun. ^^

  23. what the deuce! Kyu tweeted in english and I missed it! TAT. Ah what a sweetie

  24. Who cares if he copied from somewhere or asked someone to write the tweets… What matters is that he really cares about ELFs.

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