120827 Super Junior Choi Si-won comes back with SBS drama

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Choi Si-won from the group Super Junior is coming back as a bad tempered top star. He takes on the role of a top star in the upcoming SBS drama “The King of Dramas”. Minor conditions are being discussed right now. “The King of Dramas” is about a subcontracting company which always demands money, a rookie writer who thinks a drama is human love and a national top star getting together to make a drama., Hancinema
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  1. Excited!!! 😀 I will support Siwon oppa no matter what he’ll do 🙂

  2. i am so happy but but why is he always bad mannered idol in the dramas. in oh my lady, skip beat he was also a bad mannered celebrity. i want to see him in another acts . do i want much ? ^_^

  3. wow another tv series!!! I’m so happy to hear that 🙂

  4. awesome! yay a comedy! siwon does well in comedies, its when he doesnt take himself too srsly

  5. I’m really happy that he’s been cast in a Korean drama, because after all of the overseas work Korean public seems to have forgotten him.
    BUT now that the drama world is ruled by crown princes and time travel he is STILL being cast as a “bad mannered top star”? Hasn’t he played those enough? It’s like he’s already typecast as a spoiled top star…
    This is my only concern and the fact that if it airs in November, the shooting has to start right now, so what about SJ-M’s new album?

    • i’ve always thought i was a pity that siwon gets offered the same roles tbh. it seems, like his good looks has actually hindered siwons career. he just doesnt get the offers he could do.

      i dont mind tht sjm album is delayed, just means there’s more time to ensure production quality

      • It seems that Siwon’s good looks have hindered more than his acting career – he has less fans because they think he’s TOO good-looking and unapproachable, he has antis because he’s TOO good-looking lol and so on.
        As for SJ-M, I’m more worried that the album production will go on as planned, but Siwon will be absent from promotions… again. Which means that, if Siwon won’t be in Taiwan, then my dreams and hopes of Skip Beat season 2 are becoming even slimmer =)

      • I can’t remember which drama critic it was but that was the same thing he said about Siwon when they he guested on Win Win (if I remember correctly). The critic wasn’t rude or anything just very blunt and I think it was a regular portion of the show. Anyway, yeah, he does get the same type of roles with just variations of what the character is (handsome prince, handsome college boy, handsome star, handsome agent etc.) and admittedly, it’s because of his looks and that he’s an idol.

        I think he needs to get a “de-glamourized” role so he gets taken seriously as an actor. But well, I have this hope that he’ll get more varied roles in the future. I’m just happy now that he’s getting these dramas since he loves acting.

        • In my opinion he can accept a more challenging roles but it needs more time and focused. So if he do that it overlap his SJ activities which is not good at this point of time but hopefully in the near future people will appreciate him as a true actor 🙂

        • totally agree . yeah in win win the guest said those things. and i totally agree. one of the interwiew siwon said he plays all the same acts everytime. i want to become a good actor so iwant to play another acts. when i first see siwon i thought so hot so i must not like him. but after i watch him i understand he is hot but the most important thing he is a perfect ,kind and good man. so i love him so much now. but to be so hot, handsome not give you good impression everytime 🙂

  6. Omg Omg finally siwon in another korean drama!! But bad mannered top star again? well i hope those same roles will boost his acting career later and get a diff challenging role next time. I’m just happy to see him again acting in k-drama. Hoping for a pretty female lead now!!

    • i read about the lead female can be Jeong Ryeo-won(정려원) i like her but she is not good for siwon. she is 31 years old. omo i want a pretty ,beautiful famale lead !!

  7. finally siwon in a korean drama!! i have been waiting for this and its gonna be comedy!! i think he is good in comedies i am so waiting for this and i dont have to wait for nxt year to see him in a drama 🙂

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