120822 SM.ART Exhibition Postcard – Super Junior [11P] Part 2

August 22, 2012 at 10:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

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Credit: | Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

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  1. KIBUM T_T
    He looks so pretty x3

  2. my favorite : Ryeowook ♥
    not because he is my bias but just because of his bright smile, the picture itself is perfect ! the best photo for me so far

    • lol ok maybe i’m a little bit biased ! ^^

      • No, I wholeheartedly agree… ^^

  3. Bumie!!!!!!!

  4. Hmm, I’m 100% certain that Henry and Zhou Mi each had a postcard as well… :/

    • yeah poor babies always forgotten TT
      i’m ruling for SUJU15 so it makes me sad

  5. uri bummie is there!!!!! 🙂

  6. aahhh! wookie’s smile *___*
    my sungminnie looks so handsome
    yesung ….. sooooooooo hooooot ❤

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