120820 Super Junior – Spy: KPop Music Mondays (EatYourKimchi)

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120818 Super Junior – Spy: KPop Music Mondays Bloopers (EatYourKimchi)

So, a few things we didn’t mention in our review: for starters, congrats to Nu’est, not for getting second place, but for beating Super Junior up until the last minute when a final push got them ahead. Seriously: Super Junior’s video has millions of views; Nu’est’s video has less views than an Eat Your Kimchi video (at the moment). It’s not as popular a video as Super Junior’s, but it has a really strong fan base.

Another thing this can suggest, though, is not that Super Junior fans are struggling against the strength of Nu’est fans, but that Super Junior fans just didn’t want to vote this video in as much as usual. Seriously: Super Junior nearly crashes our server most of the time. This time: barely a blip. Every other video usually burns in flames and cowers in terror. This time: Super Junior’s video almost got beat out. Fans have the potential to vote as strongly as usual, but this time they just didn’t want to.

Sure, it could be that we’ve deeply offended a lot of ELFs, and so they’re steering away from our site (which, I wouldn’t get: Sexy, Free, and Single was one of our favorite Music Mondays EVER!), or it could mean that ELFs just don’t like this video as much. I think the latter’s the case. We’ve read lots of comments from annoyed fans. This video is just like every other Super Junior video ever:

Super Junior Rooms
SM: GTFO of these rooms

I found the rooms especially ridiculous in this case. Hey! Super Junior: correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the song about finding and catching a girl? You know what might help you out: getting the hell out of those flashy boxes of yours. I guarantee you, she’s not there, because nobody of the opposite sex is ever in your flashy boxes with you EVER. Stop dancing around with each other. Synchronized dancing with your bros won’t find her either.

And, as always, SMs obnoxious unblockable ads keep on popping up just to piss you off. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: EverySing on THE iTunes. EverySing on THE Google Play? Seriously, SM? THE ITUNES? The Google Play? For THE 100th time, stop being THE Cheap and THE LAZY and get yourself THE English speaker to check over your THE ads next time. That’s just sloppy.

But, apart from our typical gripes against SM for their redundant Super Junior videos, this song is quite awesome! The beat of the chorus is SOOO GOOD! We like it so much and have been singing it so much that we went out and bought an extra copy of the CD to give away to you guise, because we want to share the love. YEAH! Want to win the CD? Here’s what you gotta do:

1) Make sure you’re subscribed to us. Not sure if you are? Click here!
2) Let us know in the comments what you think Super Junior’s secret mission is.
**if you’re leaving your answer here, rather than in the comments on our YouTube video, leave your username in the comment as well, so we can make sure you’re subscribed!**

If you’re not hopeful of winning, and just want the CD right away, you can pick it up on either iTunes or YesAsia.

Credit: Kpop Kimchi
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  1. Oh this article confused me alot .. maybe i dont understand all right. but.. what should i think ? :/

    • Think! what u like, dislike, want
      don’t worry 🙂

    • Sorry I am just going to ride on your comment so my comment is higher in this post (just ignore me)
      Eatyourkimchi are terrible, mean, nasty people.
      Please, do not make posts like this. I don’t want to hear anything of the new insults they have for Super Junior. It destroys my heart.

      • same here!!! they r so dumb!

      • Yes i have the same feelings. thats why it confused me so. and i think because my english ist not the very best i cant understand it fully. but i thought that this words are not right. ELF are allways behind SuJu. we know that SM dont use the best rooms for SuJu but the boys have other qualities. its just the background

      • Did you even watch the video? They said they LIKED the song! And they are not insulting Super Junior anyway (so you are insulting them without a good reason). They are not pleased with SM for not giving Suju a better set for music videos.

  2. lol who the hell do they think they are ?
    seriously eatyourkimchi are too full of themselves !
    i don’t know if they are paid thanks to the number of views in their videos but i think so.
    this message seems to provoke ELF in order to make them go to their review !
    they want to know why ELF didn’t crashed their video ? it’s simple we have other things to do.
    personnally i never watch their reviews for the simple reason that i don’t understand why i should care of their opinion in particular.
    i mean, are they professionals in the music industry or something like that ?
    there is ton of reviews like theirs in Youtube… i don’t get why they became so famous in the first place… but good for them i guess lol
    the only reason why i’m posting this comment is because i couldn’t help but noticing their 2 poker faces : first they bash ELF, Super Junior and SM’s artists then they try to act like our best friends, kissing our asses by “generously” offering one album.
    what’s wrong with them ? if you want to bash a group or its fans, just do it for god sake ! stop whining and be hypocrit ! just assume to be an hater !
    babies trying to pass for adults…tss

    • I kind of agree with you on some things you said. I’ve always felt like people forgot their opinions after they listen to Simon and Martina. I feel like people think what Simon and Martina say is the only way to think about things, like it’s the law or something. Like with the complaining about the rooms. Sure, it probably wouldn’t take much effort to think up a plot and stuff for a video. But I’m sure those sets aren’t cheap to make. And it also makes me upset when I see other ELF whining and being so negative about it all the time. I bet it would really hurt the guys when they stay up for three days to film and work so hard just to see people complaining about it. I purposely didn’t vote this time because I didn’t want Simon and Martina to make a video about it, because all they do every single time is nag about the sets. It’s kind of funny how they complain about the sets being boring and redundant, because they’re redundant every time they talk about SJ.

      • exactly !
        lately i was so mad at some ELF who were whining about the MV’s set ! it’s so unfair after all the efforts Super Junior made to record it !
        honestly i think we are becoming a spoiled fandom and i don’t like that !
        we are lucky enough to have a full album with more than 10 songs everytimes, a repackage album, the boys are so active on Twitter for us even when it brings them more haters, they work so hard with only one week of vacations by year, their MV sets are expensive ! yes they are boxes most of the time but still it costs a lot of money.
        i’m sad thinking about them reading all these negative comments on their MV, it’s like we are never satisfied.
        they must be thinking “what are we doing wrong?”
        a lot of groups are not as much promoted by their companies as Super Junior by SM.
        i kinda lost hope to calm down the haters but at least i wish ELF to be more cheerful because lately we lack on many points… 😦

        • If they’re wondering what are doing wrong, maybe somebody could just let them know that everybody’s tired of them boxes. Although, I’m sure they know already. SMEnt must do marketing research like every other company out there.
          The fact that they put a lot of effort and/or money into these videos don’t make them any more enjoyable or interesting. Without even trying I could come up with dozens ideas for music videos that could be done with less effort than 4 days and nights in studio, that I would personally love to see.
          The toughest part of filming Suju MV seems to be the fact that they have to dance the routine in different clothes and sets over and over again. Ironically, that’s the part no-one cares to see anymore.

        • i agree with you!!!

      • I agree with both of you guys. I don’t know how many times I’ve come across comments, saying that they were waiting for Simon and Martina’s review to tell them if they should like the song/mv or not. Don’t get me wrong. I love Simon and Martina, but I think they should just limit themselves to YG artists. Cuz that’s the only time they can actually be balanced in their review.

      • I love the comments you guys made! I totally agree with you especially after watching Star Life Theatre which shows the boys filming SFS. They repeated the dance like 200 times in 3 days???!! The immense effort they put into the MVs should be recognised. Moreover viewers LOVE to see the dances!!! Imagine SFS or Spy MV with no dance. I am sure many ELFs will be disappointed! And where can the SM crew film those dance choreos without disturbance? In a room of course?? You don’t expect them to film on the street right? Sure if they film the MV of a ballad in a room, it will be totally strange but these songs are not ballads, they are dance songs so they have to do it this way. Regarding the rooms being expensive to set up, SM can afford it. But I do appreciate that SM comes up with different room concepts. Like the room in Opera, I love that!! So I hope everyone gets the point, a dance MV has to be in the room. Last but not least, I appreciate the boys effort for filming those MVs. Please watch Star Life Theatre if you haven’t.

        • i totally agree with you!!! i wish there was a like button!

      • Oh now i understand who they are. Im from germany i dont know them. but they crashed my feelings. i felt like they hit me and my feelings. god im happy that my feelings are right (now i can read that you think the same). why is this hater post on a super junior fan site ? :/

    • Yes, thank you! Couldn’t agree more! At first I thought Simon and Martina were intelligent people with fresh ideas but then they got me losing my respect for them step by step. I know that Super Junior don’t have the best MVs and that they are so not YG, whom EYK love so much, but for all the reviews they’ve done on them, they haven’t said anything different. Same boring, unoriginal, pathetic humor… Most of the the things they say on their reviews could be read in the comments of the certain MV way before S&M’s review was posted. This is pretty much ridiculous for people who are thinking of themselves as people who express own opinion. I hate how they are trying to convince ELF that nothing bad against our boys was said whereas I could clearly be offended if I were this kind of person. Why your servers haven’t crushes? Well, you being a**holes may be a good reason. I never really liked them but seriously, I lost all the respect I had towards them. I respect the fact that some people find this funny and I don’t want to be mean *but hey, I am!* but I wish more people would realize that soon.

    • Dear someone above me:

      After reading your comment i had just one thing in my head: too sensitive.

      I dont want to provoke you.. but you feel offended my EYK’s videos? Really??

      –lol who the hell do they think they are ?–
      They’re helping to spread Kpop too, out of a foreignervision. I myself watch their videos to hear the opinion of a non-Elf.. to hear an other side how people react to Suju.

      They dont bash Suju & they dont bash ELF’s! They complain about the company and their freaking disturbing Ads with bad English!

      they themselves dont know what new things to say about SJ’s Mvs because its pretty much the same.. SHINDONG should be the MV-Maker .. his Oppa Oppa Version was good stuff 🙂

      I think you shouldnt watch their videos despite taking a deep breath in advance 😉

      Lots of Love from a fellow Elf

      • I don’t think she’s too sensitive, many other people think the same way and although I’m not that sensitive and I hardly ever care about their opinion at all, I have to agree. ‘Come on, Super Junior, get out from that box’ – yeah, it totally refers to the company! They really are full of themselves and I don’t like them, and I have the right not to like them. Sorry.

  3. Thumbs up for the comments on the rooms/boxes and the stupid ads!
    I concur, those piss me off too.
    Erhm, it was kind of weird them finding a reason to explain the voting. Maybe there isn’t actually a need to.

    • The reason for the few votes? Quite obvious for me – ELF don’t want to hear S&M reviews on SJ anymore and I agree with my fandom.

  4. I love eatyourkimchi. Their reviews are hilarious and more often than not spot on. I almost passed out laughing at the -37 out of 5 for the English score because come on, it’s pretty terrible. And yes it IS annoying that they’re always in a box these days. I haven’t seen a decent storyline since No Other and that really bugs me. But yeah I liked the dancing and Yesung is gorgeous as always so I guess that’s enough for me.

  5. I loved the song and the dancing; but really, the box thingy is really annoying. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love every SUJU video, since they are there it’s perfect already; but I think they deserve a little more.
    We know them, we know they put a lot of effort to practice and film this MV; but they could have so much more with a proper one, with proper English – they could gain more popularity – which means they could have an also proper WORLD TOUR. Super Junior has a great potential and the boys do their best to get it to it’s max, but they can’t do it alone, they need SM now, but SM doesn’t seem to understand it; that’s why I believe SJ is only having 30% of what they could really have, and only 3% of what they deserve to have (or less).

    • Agree with you!
      no one is hating super junior and we all know how hard they work!
      as you said They can’t do it alone, they need SMent support (world tour)

      and “DON’T TAKE IN THE BUTT!”
      those who are offended and angry towards EYK
      srly don’t be too sensitive, they are expresing their opinion if you don’t like it don’t watch it. But no one can deny that SJ MVs are always in indoors sets. since SJ-M Perfection i thounght “another set” but i let pass because i love the edwardian style 🙂
      NO ONE (Simon and Martina included) is blaming SJ they even know that the boys are overworked with dramas, musicals, MCs, DJs, Variety shows, etc., and fans knows they work soooo hard in every MV.

      if you go to EYK web page and look at the comments on the kpopcharts you’ll see that a lot of fans want the head of the “Guy in charge of the MV”

      I didn’t like the MV but i still LOVE the boys (i love the song btw). I’m supporting them (voting, streaming, searching, etc) My love is intact ❤

      • Yess,,I really agree with u…I thin’ ELFs are too sensitive lately..

      • where is the like button when u need one?? cos i totally agree with you..the songs and SJ deserve more than just a MV with different backgrounds and same storyboard (dance,walking shot,close up shot, dance some more, end)..I was kinda relieve when Opera MV came out (I was like, finally! a chair! stairs! props!)..then when SFS came out, I was excited, still was ok with the vid, but when SPY MV was released, I couldn’t help but feeling kinda dissapointed..such a great song with such potential for a MV! some of the close up shots of the boys are similar to SFS MV..don’t get me wrong, I love my boys..I’m sure there are those who share the same sentiment as I matter what. we’ll be behind our boys forever!

    • well said~!

  6. Seriously,I think some of the groups are starting to have box like AOA,B,A,P and more you can see. Not only SM artists,I think the review is just really awkward like they’re doing it angrily. Unlike SFS,Acha, and Mr Simple review, they did it funny and interesting. I am quite excited for SPY review, but it disappoint me.

  7. Omg you guys need to calm down…..I really don\’t see what was so insulting about what they said. All I got from reading this was that they were surprised that super junior\’s video didn\’t get an overwhelming amount of votes as usual, and also that, oh, THEY LIKE THE SONG. Goddamn, why does no one notice that? And also, they\’ve also said before that they like sf&s as well! I don\’t see why we have to hate on simon and martina. You don\’t have to watch their videos if you don\’t want to, no one is forcing you to. They are doing these videos for the subscribers that want to watch them. So just chill, please. I love super junior with all my heart, and they are just soo talented and wonderful, each and everyone of them. But these box mv\’s really are getting boring. And those of you defending super junior and saying that they work so hard, working hard for the mv 3 days straight–these are all valid responses. But some of you are forgetting that all kpop groups generally have to go through this. All the practices, mv filming, etc. I\’m sure we\’ve seen our fair share of kpop idols with intricate dance routines that most likely took quite some time to perfect too (tvxq and shinee come straight to my mind). Yes yes super junior has a lot of schedules and are super busy; my heart breaks for them too. In the end though, they are still musicians first and foremost. While elfs will always give suju their undying love, if suju wants to appeal to more people and listeners, they may have to rethink their strategy of creating these mv\’s. It sucks because we know that this is kinda out of their control, but that\’s just my opinion. The whole point is, I\’m hoping you guys can be a bit more open-minded about how other people perceive sj. Instead of getting angry, try to see why others have the opinions they have. If you don\’t agree with someone, just move on, ignore it!

    • bless you! the most sensible comment here! ^^

    • There should be a love button for this comment. My sentiments exactly!!!

    • I very much agree with you. ><
      A review is going to have good and bad things to say, it's no use dwelling on the bad. Besides, they're not hating on the song, they're hating on SM's ads and whatnot.
      And, I must admit, while I like the MV regardless (SuJu perfection <3), I was kind of hoping for something aside from boxes, since it's spy-themed and all.

  8. i love all of suju mv i dont care if all of their mv are in the box, as long as they give us the new mv ever years or maybe 3 mv every years that would make my life better.

    • In Hongkong and Taiwan, the singers have MVs for every song in the album~ I sort of wish SJ will do that too but I know it’s difficult because of their tight schedules and the sheer number of members.

  9. Well to be honest I didn’t vote because I had no desire whatsoever for the mv to be reviewed by them. I don’t hate them nor dislike them let me get that stated before people come around to say I’m being too sensitive here. In my opinion EYK puns and jokes are starting to be overused just like the boxed mvs they hate so much and lately their reviews are starting to be stretched out to much… before the reviews where 2-3 minutes long and it’s was fun because everything was so fast and they added one joke here and there but now the videos last even 10 minutes and it gets tiresome to watch.

  10. Let’s not shoot the messenger. If the fans didn’t vote for SJ’s video this time round, they didn’t vote. Time was, SJ fans would have voted for ANYTHING which promoted SJ, no matter how pointless or dumb it was.

    If you want to point the finger, point it at the allegedly “creative” director who had 10 fit guys and a Bond theme to work with, and couldn’t come up with anything more exciting than plastic guns. At least, I hope they were plastic.

  11. I CAN NOT do anything about what SM will do to our lovely boys (their mv, etc).
    I love u 43ver suju..

  12. talk about the rooms again but they did .they said they liked the song butthey said they would never gave it a -37 or something for the english and laughed about it and said that some parts were soooo boring(where???) .and elfs never said they didnt like the song or mv we just dont want to hear you( simon and martina) anymore complaining about little things they find wrong with the mv or song like how they didnt actually pull the trigger(which i or anyone else didnt notice or care to mention b/c it doesnt matter) wow really simon and martina ????really????and then they did this whole thing with super junior and other kpop artists with powers trying to be funny but failed and tried to get on the good side of elfs and fans .i love this mv and song and the dancing its amazing .they also said that the dancing was simple and boring and that the reason is becuz super junior is working too much and how sm blah blah blah they dont know what theyre talking about the dancing was cool .i want to see them learn the dancing if its simple .i hate when they always make fun of k pop artists english theyre so mean and rude(theyre korean its perfect and sounds weird too so they shouldnt be making fun ) .did they not see other super junior videos like its you where super junior isnt in a room (which i dont have a problem with i like watching them dancing its what started this whole k pop fandom around the world with sorry sorry its becuz of the dancing and of course the music and awsome members that people got into k pop )sm it smart becuz they know people like the danicing and want to learn it becuz of the catchy song that comes with it .i could keep going lol but im going to stop.

    we have to stay together elfs and be strong and keep on supporting super junior no matter what anyone says or does. and also dont let it get to you ok?


  13. Never like EatYourKimchi, and never will. I understand its their opinion but whatever, i dont like them to be honest. As for SJ music video, i love every single one of them, its not about the set, its about all the HARD WORK our oppas pour into, yet some ELF(only some guys, not all) dont even understand that. But anyways, lets stay strong for our boys =) SJ and ELF are Number 1 =D

  14. yes i did vote for them but its not because i wanna hear EYK mock our boys. i was really disappointed with this review. i expected that they would love the dance and stop complaining about the boxes. i also read one of the replies where it said that all kpop idols go through that but.dont you guys get it how its harder for SJ to go through this because there are alot of members? even if one of them does something wrong, they ALL have to do it starting from the beginning. and most pf you said that “dont watch it if you dont like it” well, how would we know if we like it or not before watching it? and cant we express our own opinions too?

    anyways i definitely loved their other reviews but after i watched SPY’s review, i guess i wouldnt expect much in their future reviews about SJ.

  15. I personally don’t get why people don’t like the mv!! I thought it was pretty cool!! Sure there were boxes but haven’t you thought it from a different angle?? It’s their signature trademark!! It’s like marking this is SUJU like their famous hand movements and choreography in their dance!! It’s just another signature to mark the SUJU brand!! I personally like some of the boxes!! Sure I wouldn’t mind if SM could spare us with another It’s You mv but im not complaining.. So just ignore wat others say… It’s only your opinion to urself that counts!:) If you liked it, hey!! Join the club!! If you hated it, it’s ok. That’s your opinion!! 🙂

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