120819 Kangin Twitter Update: SmTown concert was really like a dream.

August 19, 2012 at 8:12 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Kangin, Wonderboys | 5 Comments

Compilation 120818 SMtownSeoul with Super Junior

@Himsenkangin: SmTown concert was really like a dream. I still feel dazed. Really thank you. I think i’m starting to enjoy myself on stages. I think the best artists are you guys who enjoyed with us in the rain.

Source: @Himsenkangin
Translated by: @NKSubs
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  1. Kangin is really starting to find his mojo! Thank goodness, it was pretty obvious that he felt lost and displaced.

    As a year long ELF, I’ve only met this Kangin (not the super duper cool Kangin of the past, you long time ELF tell me about), For me, THIS Kangin, at first felt a bit of a threat, then a lost puppy, now as someone who is still tentative, but is slowly but surely finding his feet and standing tall. YAY!

    This person, who i still don’t know but somehow has touched me with his shy but pretty obvious gratitude at being given a second chance – I don’t know if its intentional but seeing this person vulnerability has made me want to cheer him on more, made me what to see him succeed and has secured a place in my heart with the other Super Junior members i know and love!


    • i really like ur comment i was afraid of the way the new elfs might react to kangin comeback so hearing that ur accepting him makes me happy ..
      he is such a good guy and great hyung and dongsaeng to the other members but had his share of bad luck i hope that all be in the past and he’ll get to his old self in no time i mean he is more active now just give him a couple of months and we’ll get the original kangin ^_^

  2. The very first comment about Kangin finding his way..you really hit it dead on and I liked what you had to say…..I have been a fan on SJ since early 2009 the beginning of their Sorry Sorry days and the Kangin of those days before all of his troubles started was very different than the Kangin of 2012…but as you stated in your comment he has really started to come around and feel more comfortable on stage..which is probably because he is feeling less awkward around the members and
    starting to feel more like he belongs on stage with
    them. And in closing just like u said Kangin has gotten his Mojo back!!!!!

    gs on stage with them.

  3. Kangin became kinda quiet after he came back from army. I guess he’s still trying to get used to the things like performing onstage, the cameras, and everything he used to do before as an artist Kang-in hwaiting! ^^~

  4. it’s good to know kangin oppa can more enjoy on stage ^^
    he must be feel amazed bcz it’s the first time for him to join SMTown with so many fans there ^^
    I can’t wait for Super Show 5..

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