120818 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

August 18, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 8 Comments

Compilation 120818 SMtownSeoul with Super Junior

@special1004: I love you… Thank you for creating memories that I will never be able to forget for life.. I love and respect these people known as fans!! World E.L.F.!!! Love U…

@special1004: Today as well, I ran.. like crazy and screamed like crazy.. and loved like crazy.. and was loved like crazy… I’d live as a crazy person forever..

@special1004: Relaying my words of thanks to you all who have had fun with me and protected my position over this long period of time..!!!

Translation by:@AllRiseXiahtic

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  1. 😦 i will miss you.. now we just have to wait for 18months right?

  2. is he already saying goodbye????

  3. I hate those tweets. They sound like good bye…….

  4. I think he’s saying goodbye because this will be his last real concert… I hate these things because I hate thinking about him leaving…

  5. so he said I think if it was goodbye was his last concert of this Tour there are only
    remaining presentations to the group. Kangin (in July) and Heechul (in September)
    they were for the same time about. Some fans commented on fancam was happening to Leeteuk, he was acting differently in the concert, as happy and sad at the same time,… we think know why

  6. leeteuk oppa be str0ng

  7. why I feel sad while read this..
    seems he wanna give a hint that he’s gobna leave soon.. eventho I know he will enlist this year.
    wish u all the best for the best leader ever!
    saranghaeyo Park Jung Soo..
    gidarilke Park Jung Soo..

  8. Good Lucky, oppa! =/ I will miss you^T.T

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