120813 Super Junior – SPY Music Video

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  1. WOW.

  2. finalyyy…..

  3. finally the mv came out!!!!!!

  4. hahaha..the comment on the youtube flow like a crazy!!!!!!!

  5. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ finally outt~~


    ياربي بعد ما اقدر اتنفس لازم انتظر الى باجر المغرب حتى اسمعها لاني ما اريد افطر على الاغنية بس ما اعتقد راح اقدر اتحمل اوووف

    انتحااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااار تااااااااااااااااااااااااايم

  8. OMG!!! Hae killed me with his handsome face in the beginning of the MV!! Donghae…you’re my SPY…my James Bond! ♥♥♥

  9. HyukJae…u look like a sexy mobster with that fedora!! And that smile…OMG! ^_^

  10. SO HAPPY IT’S OUT!!! But I want to be completely honest. Was it just me who was looking forward to a MV that had a good story line in it like SNSD’s HOOT? Because… I really didn’t like the random girls… 😦 Why did SM make SJ dance in between their legs, and on top of them… and yeah… >< Also… the background was kinda lame… I mean it was all white. There’s nothing really bad about that, but couldn’t SM make it a little more, you know… For example, if SM were to put SJ in a car chase or something, that would look cool, right! Cause spies do that sometimes, don’t they? But anyway… SO HAPPY! FINALLY!!!! Kyu is ASDFGHJKHGFDFGHJK perfect! ❤ LOL xD

    • ya,i’m with you. they deserve a lil bit something different this times.. but still i love this guys none the less. support them whatever it is. just,if i cud write a letter or have video conference with sm. haha. gonna brain wash them.haha.

      • Yeah! SJ deserves more! But of course I will forever love and support them too! <3<3 LOL! xD 'Brain wash them!' LOL!! Forever ELF! No matter what! ❤

        • i really want to brain wash SM.Seriously! I hope,us elf can do something,like confront with SM. when will we able to make it comes true? But yeah,we’re just some kind of fanclub like the other fandom said, there is no elfs witout suju and no suju witout elf. I am so pity with our oppas. Their hardwork are being critised all over. T___T Its okay. They have us,ELFs the world’s biggest fanclub! ❤

          • OMG! I wish we could do that! That’d be awesome! Brain wash SM! I hope that day comes when we confront them… Hopefully soon! That’s going to be hard though… especially since a lot of ELF are international, like me. ELF without SJ or SJ without ELF, that is why we are 1! < He/she said they were gay and they looked like big time rush or one direction… UGH!!! I just wanted to scream in this person's face! OMG! So… I told him/her to get out… LOL… ELF protects SJ 🙂 We will work together to love and support them forever! They are Super Junior, and we are ELF <3<3<3 😀

            • yeah. it is in my to do list once I’ve become influential person.Haha. You’re international? Where are u come from? I’m Malaysian ^^ That bunch of haters just jealous and always complain and compare while themself do nothing interesting in their suck boring life so just ignore them. We elfs just support our oppa,enough said. 🙂

              • Yup! I’m international. I’m from the USA. But I’m half Filipino 🙂 It’s hard being international though… 😦 I’ve never been to a Super Junior concert… TT^TT Because they’ve only been to New York and LA… But I like in Washington state… 😦 It’s all the way in the left side corner of the USA. *sigh* Oh! You’re Malaysian! That’s nice! ^^ Yeah… those haters probably were jealous… >< I don't even know how they got to SPY… Kekeke yes! We will always support them! 😀

                • Yup,it’s hard. I never been to their concert either. They performed at Msia like 2 years ago for SS3 but I don’t have a chance to go. *sigh* Hope for this coming SS5 they’re going to ur place and my place again and we can share the moment with them.Hehe. You have FB and twitter? I would love to make friends with I-Elf so we can together support them 🙂 plus,ur bias is same as mine indeed. Haha 😀

                  • That would be amazing if they went to both of our places!! 😀 Yes, I do have a FB and a twitter! 🙂 Do you have a tumblr? Our bias is the same!! LOL! Sorry if I sort of sound annoying… I don’t have any ELF friends… 😦 Yay! We can both fangirl over Kyu! LOL xD

                • ok i don’t see any space at our previous comment. haha. i have tumblr. find me : cutefamesme@yahoo.com. same goes to my twitter and FB. and what’s urs ? so I can approve later ^^ You’re the first international elf friend I have then 😀

                  • Can I just email you? If that’s okay? And you’re also the first ELF friend I have 🙂 My email is: soniajdelcasal@hotmail.com

    • u can have that MV in your dream only

      • I know…

    • yeah, totally agree. The MV was done hastily. Firstly, it was studio recorded (like you said – should have more storyline in the MV). Secondly, if you notice, there were only 9 members on the Main MV. Siwon’s part was more of a “cut & Paste”. The explanation was Siwon was busy filing overseas while they made the MV. Most probably his part on the MV was pre-recorded.

      • Yeah, the MV was done hastily… 😦 and yeah, Siwon was gone… I didn’t notice. :/ ah, pre-recorded… I hope SM makes a better MV next time… 😦

        • feel bad for the boys. They deserve much more than this!

          • I KNOW RIGHT!! 😦

  11. It’s so amazing 🙂
    My angel Teukie and my prince Wookie so handsome 😉

  12. Kyu is no.1

  13. is it only me who think that their’s performance in INkigayo and MCD are much much better than the MV? don’t misunderstand. Their performance this time is incredible but the MV is somehow … i don’t know what to say

    • I understand you and what happens is that as we saw them live presentations to see the MV no longer have that sense of surprise and wait to see what happens because you know. We always see the MV first before making the first live performances in music shows or events. The surprise effect and was not 100% but the MV is very nices general, I liked. By the way my spy Kyuhyun looks sexy, sexy.

    • Agree…the live performances were better with ten sexy guys…also you can hear the feedback from the fans…miss Siwon in the MV.

  14. Super Junior is trying to kill those awful ADS but as soon Shindong get his gun ready the AD runaway!!!!! xD

    Everyone is between some girl’s legs or something like that but Yesung is between some guy’s legs what da!!!????? :O

    “Go kick it in the butt” LOL xD

    love the song (go kick it in the butt NO!?? what da…..), love the dance but….. this is not the thing. what is this? isn’t this the same you can watch in a music program, what is the difference? they are dancing in a stage and they are really good at it but there is no MV feeling.
    I know the members, staff and a lot of people work really hard to make an MV but what is this? this MV make it seems as if all their hard work is useless

    i dont like it.

    • Well,expecting more with super junior will lead to dissappointment..it’s ok,keep on supporting super junior..oppa fighting!!!!!

      • i know, but they work so hard that ….. ah aigo…
        of course i’ll keep supporting super junior!!! 🙂

  15. I am hoping they release a dance version. This MV was ok but it didn’t really show the best parts of the choreography as well as their recent performances have. I think a dance version would be even better than this version. The boys looked incredible here. Hae is my favorite but Eunhyuk looked AMAZING!

  16. I think if SM continue to make boxes mv for suju..new fan will move to other group such as Bigbang which has more impressive mv…i’m an elf,so i’m forever stick to super junior,elf should do petition to SM,no more boxes mv..we want mv like No Other,Marry U,and don’t don..btw,donghae really handsome in this mv..keke

  17. I ve been reading some comments of the mv…and truthfully…breaks my heart to see some of the comments…its like talking bad bout my family members…. 😦

    • yup,me too.. esp at AllKpop. Too many haters doing their trolls there.I just can’t stand it. I feel like gonna burn their faces. Haha. but don give a damn elfs. those haters are jealous and boring with their lame life. kekeke.

      • there’s a difference between trolling and hating and just giving your opinion. while of course you’re going to get trolls, honestly most of the comments i’ve seen about this mv are justified. it’s just badly made :/

        • i understand ur feeling but take it from the bright/positive side. I think there are lots more Elfs than these haters so let them be. Nothing harm bout them as long as we’re elf show our support to SUJU. so that we can show the Power of Elf 😀

    • me too 😦

  18. I think we should think positively,as an elf we instantly will always support Super Junior whatever it was…At first I have the same thought as you all did, I know what you feel when you know how the mv was made still in the “box” if I can say it….
    But lets think about it again, they want to show their quality of dance in the MVs…
    so when we get older and older we know “wwaahhh….they are truely amazing in dancing”,and it such memories for us…. we should take advantages in every situation we have,,right???^^
    by the way I love donghae at the beginning,,and also all of them…
    my reaction was like I wan to jump from my sit…XDD

  19. PLEASE VOTE FOR SPY:http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/super-junior-spy/

  20. yeahhh finally !
    i just wake up and found this ^^
    i don’t understand the critics here… i love you my fellow but you are always complaining and it’s kinda exhausting 😦
    the MV is classy, i kinda prefer it to SF&S plus the song is really growing on me !
    the quality is really superior, it’s like an old film but in HD, don’t know how to say it better…
    the boys are gorgeous ; my Kyuwook ❤
    Eunhae are handsome too ^^
    Shindong is awesome !!
    i'm very very very satisfied of this MV ! it was worthed to wait !
    Super Junior fighting ❤

  21. Tbh.. i don’t like the ‘blood effect’ in this MV… it makes me don’t want watch SPY MV.. altough the members so freakin’ hot… 😦

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