120813 SM.ART Exhibition Postcard – Super Junior [13P]

August 13, 2012 at 1:43 pm | Posted in Pictures/Videos, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys | 26 Comments

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120811 S.M.ART Exhibition Super Junior Postcard [10P]

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  1. Omg kibum!!

  2. i love it 🙂
    Zhoumi, Henry and Kibum are here too ^^

  3. happy to see kibum 🙂

  4. woow
    Oppa kibum ❤

  5. oh my kibum is here ;~;
    and the cutest fish in pink >< NO! i cant !!
    i sersly like yeye outfit ~~ i hope they take a group photo with kibumaaahh~~ kihae eunhae ~~~!

  6. i realize that everyone have at least one pink-thing on their photocard except kyu *_*

  7. Kibumie is really there?? OMOOO,.. I thought it was just a photoshop, but he’s really there?? OMO,…

  8. kibummie~!!

  9. Kibumie looks great >o<

  10. where r hankyung he is the one missing her :((

  11. Ooh Kibum O_O i though he left the group pretty happy to see him there!!:D
    isnt that fan made right?!

  12. I’m sorry to say this,,but I dont like the fact that kibum didnt write “Super Junior” in his signature..

    • well technically alot of them didnt lol

      • only kibum,Siwon,Kyu and Ming(maybe) didnt have ‘super junior’ in their signature..

  13. i dont wanna be mean (thats not my intention..) but why is kibum here? last he was with the group performing was 2009!
    there were rumor that he would join again for the 5jib but nope…
    and now the 6jib! where is he!
    even though he was always very quiet .. i miss him 😦
    kibum oppa come back soon kay?

    • because he is still under sm and still part of super junior…if he’s not, sm will put him as individual actor such as go ara and lee yeon hee….if you watch carefully at big board at sm art exhibition (actually i saw on some fancam, so you have to watch carefully) there’s sm artist name including their year debut with sm..for example: 2003 Go Ara TVXQ, 2004 TRAX (kibum debut as an actor on 2004)…sm didn’t put his name as individual, so he stilll a super junior’s member …henry and zhoumi’s name also there under 2008 debut.. =)
      this is the individual postcard…i think this fans take pictures of all members super junior and post it

  14. BumBum!··~~~


  16. ryeowook… he’s always cute.. ^^
    kibum.. please come back soon.. I want to see you in the next album..

  17. kibum’s here, but heechul isn’t…
    his photo can’t be displayed coz he’s in the army?

  18. Yesung is so calm and cute!

  19. Kibum 🙂

  20. K-kibum! 😀 Oh my God I’m so happy! I always knew he was with SM still but this confirms it and idk makes me feel like the company (and everyone else) still considers him part of SJ 😀

  21. OMG!!! i’m so glad my kibummie here xoxo

  22. Kibum…. you make me crying Oppa :)))

  23. OMG KIBUM!

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