120812 SBS Inkigayo Pre-recording [Fan Accounts]

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Compilation: 120812 SBS Inkigayo with Super Junior

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Members wore black pants and black shirts, and Teuk,Ming,Hae,Kyu wore white jacket and others wore ivory jacket for today.

Today’s pre-recording is over! Recorded around 4 times for today^^

Also! Leeteuk and Yesung’s shirts were sleeveless >< Teuk’s shirt even doesn’t have backside ><!!

Source: @0203KYU0105EUN

At a break sungmin just picked up dirt on the floor and gave it to Eunhyuk and made him put it in his pocket ㅋㅋㅋ such a bully!

At break sungmin came on stage with a stick pretending it is a sword an pointing it to fans ㅋㅋㅋ then he shyly ran and threw it away.

Eunhyuk was having his arms around sungmin making dancing movements but then he started to slap and punch sungmin instead ㅋㅋ

At one standby boys were in position for a long time but no music came up so fans started laughing. Ryeowook also couldn’t hold in his smile

Then siwon started moving from his position right when music came up so everyone blamed and jokinglu hit because they had to do it again

Boys were in black with either white or ivory jacket. Red under ^^

SKIIIIIINNNNN RT @100pfan: Boys keep showing off teuk skin n slap his back.

Shindong and sungmin were pretending to play golf. First shindong put “the ball” on the floor for sungmin to hit. Then he put it on his head

Shindong sat down pretending to be the ball but before Min was able to hit it he stood up and clap his hands leaving Min in embarrassment XD

Source: @chasinghapiness

White jackets with red under omg so hot

Yeteuk showing same skin as yesterday!!!♥♥♥

Haaa cuteee sungmin missed the timing on the last run and was so cute like… Oops lol

Yewook.. Minhyuk .. Kangteuk… Shinmin… Eunhae.. Kyuhae…. Kyaaa

Before the last run shindong threw hyuks glove onto the stage and hyuk ran after it lol

Shindong acted like he put down a golf ball and sungmin took a swing and watched the “ball” come back and hit sungmin in the head lol

While performing.. During donghaes part, hyuk was posing and staring at the fans up front while kyu hid in the white wall… Haha so random

After playing “golf” shindong got down and sungmin he put a ball on his head and the got ready to hit it but then

Shindong stood up and startinf clapping with other members leaving sungmin waiting lol

Yes siwon.was here.. Lol and super cute he was pulling on haes arms while waiting to start^^

Source: @sjissj

teukie n the outfit again otl

Sleeveless yeye!!! awwhhhhh

eunsihae n their own world!!!

fail donghae failed singing his part coz he was embrassed

hyuk was standing on the side of stage talking w fan the hae came n pretended to to grab him away!! it was so cute xD

S.B.Y to S.B.S can haha “@Amdey: Inki PD trolling Suju; “okay let’s switch SPY to SBS in the fan chant” hahah they did not expect that.”

Source: @haelove861015

Kangin is such a troll. Coming out to hear us fans scream, walking off so we stop, repeated several times hahaha.

Hyuk and kept playing and entertaining fans on the side, and hae stood next to the gesturing “but what about me?” forever jealous.

If the music wouldn’t start quick, donghae had a hard time keeping his poker face, and in the end siwon was the one to pay for it haha

Source: @Amdey

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  1. Lol, elfs really switch the fanchant to sbs?

  2. hahahahhahaha the SPY to SBS is so funny ….

  3. Isnt any video to watch these scenes?

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