120811 MBC Music Core Pre-recording [Fan Accounts]

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Inside for BOA whooo^^ but.not hyuk….

Omg teukie backless sleeveless holy shit

Yesung sleeveless omg

All black suits with navy trim soooooo fuckin hoottttt


You can only see the skin when they take off the jackets omg yeteuk….lady killers i swear lol

Siwon was constantly rehearsing his part and Hae saw him and then makes fun of his double fist pose and imitates him ㅋㅋㅋthen siwon hits him

Hae then dances showing siwon another way to dance his part and siwon tries it out.. And then they go stupid & start adding funny hand moves

And start laughing hyuk is in the back with hae of siwon who goes back.there and they laugh together doing weird dance.moves

This is all while teukie is talking to elf.. ㅋㅋㅋeunsihae their own world lol

Sungmin came out on stage first & acted like he was pointing the gun at elf lol then shindong stands inbetween the gun & elf & gets “shot”ㅋㅋ

Elf’s reaction to Teukie showing skin was explosive hahaha everyone was giggling afterwards ㅋㅋㅋ

Wookie came onto stage back hugging hae ^^ later though all the members start kicking hae in the butt.. Siwon is trying to get the other

Members to stop but then kicks hae at the end who was ignoring it at.first but then finally turns around when siwon kicks and kangin is

Like omg siwon stop.kicking hae! Hahahahha

Lol this was after siwon was telling hyuk that he was handsome ㅋㅋ RT @c_maple Kyu told Siwon you are handsome but you are noisy!!!

After rehearsals shindong was making fun of teukie because he has to shimmy his shoulders to take off the jacket while dancing hahaha

Members kept stripping teukie & making him turn around to show off his back Shindong pulled up the bottom part of his jacket & slapped himㅋㅋ

During break while talking teukie took off his shades and siwon grabbed them from him and wore them making all the fans scream lol

Ming wore the gunbelt under his jacket & had a fake gun but didnt use it. During break wookie tried to grab the gun but it was locked in lol

Yesung wore shades today & looked so hot! Kangteuk wore shades as well. Teukie bares his shoulders twice & takes off his shades near the end

While waiting in the beginning pose hae kept talking with the fans in front and the members yelled at hae and he aplogized but kept laughing

Source: @sjissj

SJ MCore prerecord: Hae suddenly start sang for rehearsal n kyu look shoked.he looked at him with confuse look for some time

We totally freaked out when teuk open his jacket cos he only wear vest under so we can see his back orz

Kyu n hyuk linked their fingers at the 1st recording

Lots of fans played fingergun with min so he started shoot randomly kkk a serious problem for kyu!neverending fixing it during break,rehearsal even recording while he facing the back.

N during the break kyu shamelessly put his fingers inside his pants(to fix his shirt) even open n close his belt facing us!

N when some fans screamed he just giving ‘what?’ expression orz

Kyu jumped for both recording but he just walked away during rehearsal.he still bossing around,esp to hae kkk

Kangin asked if we already eat n we said no n then siwon said:i already eat tho.TT

Boys trolling hae by kicked his butt while he talked to other member.he cluelessly turned back looking for the culprit n they just laughedXD

Teuk cant hold his laughter after he opened his jacket during his part at rehearsal.he keep giggling while kneeling down after

Some fans asked teuk not to take off his jacket n some asked not to wear it.he giggled n asked back confusely:should i take it off?no?yes?

Kyu quickly took off his device (placed behind his back)n re-place it again during the dance .

Hyuk went in the stage by imitating soccer player.

Source: @100pfan

3 pre record today for Music Core! Black suits in and out! Dam handsome!!!!

Teuk took off his jacket and then he try to show off his sleeveless vest but fail and other members were laughing at him!!!

Dong asked Kyu to touch his hand and Kyu did and Dong just kept holding it wont let go. Kyu tried to pull back and his face was like GO AWAY

Kyu told Siwon you are handsome but you are noisy!!! Thanks @sjissj for translating!!! haha

Source: @c_maple

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Hyuk went in the stage by imitating soccer player.



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  1. I want fancams for this pre-recording!!!

    • me too !!! specially for eunsihae moments!! its been a while since we saw them together !!

  2. OMG *crying* I love EunSiHae and miss them so much!!

  3. Fancam focus on kyu plz

  4. by dong she mean shindong or donghae ?

    • dong is shindong

  5. Thank you so much for this report…love EunSiHae and seeing Siwon being playful again…really missed him…

  6. I want fancams for EunSiHae and most of all, Kyu fixing his belt and shirt, ALL of the times he does it! XDDD

  7. omg seriously Kyu is really shameless..he did that alot of times, there’s even a fancam of him doing it in front of fans once XD

    • can you give me the link ?

    • Link please? 🙂

  8. AHAHAHA Kyu! forever the evil maknae! Oh yeah!

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