120811 Korean artists tweet in celebration of South Korea’s Men’s Soccer Bronze Victory

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South Korea defeated Japan 2-0 in the bronze medal match at the 2012 London Olympics. After the victory, celebrities turned to their Twitter in celebration.

Among the celebrating artists was B2ST leader Doojoon who wrote, “Ah….our Olympic team…. worked so hard… We wonnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“, while MIB‘s 5zic wrote, “I really got emotional, you guys worked so hard,” and charismatic rapper Simon D chimed in to say, “South Korea Soccer Bronze Medal!! So proud!!

Rookie group C-Clown‘s Barom also expressed his overflowing pride tweeting, “We were running with you in spirit!! Our South Korean team and coach Hong Myung Bo, you guys worked so hard. Amazing!!!!:) kekeke,” but it was Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk that had the best reaction. Shortly after the game ended, Eunhyuk tweeted, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m really going to cry seriously daebak I’m going crazy Ah I’m tearing thank you to the players, ah ah ah really meaningful medal T_T more glorious than the gold medal T_T you guys worked so hard thank you ah really this is great Ahhhhh.”

As promised, this victory allows the South Korean soccer players exemption from mandatory Korean military service.

Credit: Eun Hyuk (AllRiseSilver) | allkpop
Shared at by uksujusid

Congratulations South Korea ~~ and WELL DONE Japan 🙂
Random Yamapi gif below.. xD Yes I thought it was neccessary (IDEK why).. ❤



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  1. The last words
    “this victory allows the South Korean soccer players exemption from mandatory Korean military service”
    what that’s mean???

    • in korea all men have to complete i think 2 years of military service.. its compulsory or there’s a HUGE fine. like heechul doing right now and kangin already completed and leeteuk’s going soon. the soccer players now dont have to complete the service i think, which is kinda bazaar- i dont know it doesn’t feel right but well they do deserve it!!

      • that’s not fair they should do their military service aish my boys are leaving for 2 years and the football team are not because the chase a ball around that’s just stupid

        • They bring their country name in OLYMPIC, and that is the first medal for soccer. As u can see none of the Asia country has achieved that, so being ignorant and saying its not fair seems so “stupid” for me.

          All athlete from Korea that giving a medal to their country dont have to join the military service.

          We r talking about NATIONALITY n as u can see Korean citizen (even our mans) is so proud everytime one of the athlete got the medal.

          I hope u can be more open minded in the future

  2. omo~ that Yamapi gif is so cute >,<
    I'm a fan of yamapi too 🙂

  3. AHH!! i love yamapi too! hehe
    lol can i steal that gif? ;D

  4. Exemption from military service???? OMG I don’t know why, but it somehow made me sad… Maybe because it turns out that such thing is possible but neither of our boys will be getting that 😦

  5. I knew about Olympic athletes getting exempted from military service if they win, but I always thought it only applied to gold medalists.

  6. Well congratulations on the medal! I went to the inaugural matches of the East Asian football league years ago and Hong Kong vs S Korea was honestly one of the more chaotic attempts at football I had ever seen. I’d have been rooting for both teams yesterday because it’s nice to see how they’ve both progressed.

    And if the Government wants to honour their successful Olympic athletes in that way, well go them.

  7. it’s YAMAAAAAPI!! ❤

  8. YamaPiiiiii~ Yes, I chose right fandom XD

  9. I think the gif was totally unnecesary xDDD

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