120809 Mnet M! Countdown – Super Junior – SPY Comeback

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120809 OFFICIAL, Mnet M! Countdown – Super Junior | Part 2 [10P]

Spy 1280×720 HD

Interview 1280×720 HD

Credit: Exentrique @;
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asdasjdasdlasjkdalda i LOVE IT!!



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  1. can not wait .. can not wait ..

  2. I never thought I’d say this so soon, but Sungmin is getting hotter and hotter…OMG

  3. omo my mighty God, i can’t help but fallin’ at the moment they opened half of their tux goshh \\(><)// DAEBAK! SUPER JUNIOR MANSE-MANSEE!

  4. This dance is amazing!

    • totally agree !!!

      • FULL agree
        they really DEABAK

  5. Disappointed with the lack of Kyuhyun tbh. One robo voice line is not going to cut it. I wonder how frustrated he must be with their new promo track.
    I hope he gets to do some real singing soon.

    • Exactly!!! and the line “baby~~~wooh~~” Its kyu’s line and they focused on Siwon 😦 He must be disappointed, and no screentime 😦

    • well knowing Kyuhyun’s taste in music I dont even think he likes this song lol

      • Come on… it’s their song and they put so much hard work in it! Does it make sense to say that he doesn’t like it? -_- And it has never really been fair about screen time actually, somehow the lead singers get super little screen time esp yesung D: just wish them all the best for their promotions!

        • TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! At the end, it’s their new song and they all are in it, so is Kyu! 🙂

      • REALLY??? Coz Kyu said in one of the interview that he want us to anticipate the album coz he like ALL the song.

        And bout the screen time, i know that cameraman making mistakes bout it but hey we have 10 MEMBERS here. So yeah, there a BIG possibilities to make mistakes, eventho’ I hope they wont do it again in the future

  6. wkwkwk… you’re too funny…
    hahaha 😀 thank you for make me happy even just with this video ^^

  7. What happened w/ kyu’s Hair?? OMO!

  8. damn hyuk is sexy and ultra hot in spy….and dat gloves are daebak….love our hyukkie..proud jewel

    • Kkkk~ totally agree. And the dance move.. Omo- omo -omo~ I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!! Gonna try to copy their moves right now!!!

      • have u seen him n the teaser doing that shhhh step with hat …so sleek sexyyyyyyyy

  9. GOOD JUMPING KYU…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hi! need help please!!! anyone?! FYI, both PERF and INTERVIEW have the SAME DL LINK. Kindly post the link for the interview….thanks so much in advance!!!!

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