120808 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: let’s catch Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu

August 8, 2012 at 11:36 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Wonderboys | 23 Comments

Today is catching-Kyu day let’s catch Kyu let’s catch Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu

Source: @AllRiseSilver
Translated at by: reneee


lol? xD

some people said he might be referring to radio star ~!



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  1. Yep let’s catch him iff we can ^^

  2. dorkiness over flowed….

  3. i’ll be a happy girl if kyu reply him with “catch me if you can” lol

    • me too

      • then happy overload if he reply in that way LOL

  4. Radio Star??! As in SJ GUESTING on Radio Star? Kyu vs Hyungs? Oh God, please let this be true! This and Running Man special are my two last wishes that have yet to come true during this comeback!!

    • same here and also have a Strong Heart special too^_^

    • you have same wishes as me 😀

      • hope it is.. after watching beatle’s code, i want suju come to radio star

      • count me in ^^

      • me 2 … me 2..

  5. is this related to spy mv in any way ?
    because kyu is jumping in spy teaser as if he was running away
    I hope so I want to watch the mv soon

    • oh true, it might be that…never thought of that 😀

  6. lets catch kyu, then
    Go kick KYU in the butt!!! go kick Kyu in the!!!

    haha im addicted to SPY..

    • I’ll catch him with you

      • nut no kick in the butt okay ? he might kick us back ^_^

  7. I got KYU little runaway..Kyu is the little runaway!

  8. Catch Kyu the little runaway if you can!!!

  9. They should have changed the title of his musical before Catch Kyu if you Can! hehehehe

    • right! agree with u…they should change it….lets catch evil kyu…

  10. I LOVE KYUHYUK ;-)))

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