120806 The Daily FOCUS with Kibum [Interview]

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•Becoming a proud actor after acting a 14 years old role in a 25 years old’s body
•Wants to try antagonist role at 30

•Anxious in every recording…
•Wanting to record more..
•Was afraid when he was young but now he feels happy
•Read the synopsis throughoutly

In recent TVN’s drama ‘I love Lee Taeri’, Kim kibum proudly escaped his idol image and put on his actor Kibum image.

“There is the drama ‘Big’ but the subject of a child becoming an adult in one night is funny. It’s a role you want to try. I thought i may not have another chance if i didnt take it now, at my age.”

Kim kibum played the role of Guem Undong, a boy who grew to a 25 years old in one night. He exposed his body at the beginning of the story line along with funny comic acting. The loveline with 28 years old Park Yaejin (Lee Taeri role) captured attention and got rid of the acting skills controversy over the two lead actors.

“For 3~4 months, I worked very had to capture Guem Undong’s character. It was also hard to show a love 14 years old felt for a 28 years old. I tried to remember the time when I liked one of my teachers when I was 14. I tried my best to connect with the viewers.”

He worked harder than anyone. He always arrived 30mins-1hr earlier than anyone to the recoring scene to check the area out. He purposely tanned his skin to look closer to the child actor. On the days he recorded with the child actor, he checked multiple times to look very similar.

“I only did that at the beginning… Near the end, i was tired so I was late a few times. The location is important. Even if you study the script million times at home, things change at the location so it’s good to be familiar with it before I record. And as for the child actor, he took care of 1 episode while I took care of 15. Even if he only did 1, we had to work together well.”

Kim DoHyuk Producer showed great confidence in Kibum.

“The Producer trusted me so I worked hard with confidencr. His office was 5 mins away from my house so I often went often to discuss the character with him. I practiced reading too. I think he liked that about me. He doesnt praise people often but he said ‘Great job’ at the party after last episode recording.”

He said he wants to try more roles before he reach 30. And when he reach 30, he wants to try ‘antagonist’ role that he’s been dreaming of.

“I started acting because I wanted to be the antagonist. I thought of that again after watching ‘The Dark Night’s Joker. I think he is brilliant. I watched ‘Candy’ and ‘Broken back mountain’ and he’s completely different in the movies. I want to try that.”

Credit: The Daily FOCUS 
Translation by: NKsubs (NKSubs) 
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  1. wow, kibum has Heath Ledger as his inspiration, great choice (:

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