120806 Super Junior Goes Over 200,000 Sales

August 6, 2012 at 11:35 pm | Posted in 6th Album, News/Rumors, Polls, Wonderboys | 8 Comments

Super Junior sold over 200,000 copies, becoming the first artist to do so this year.

According to Hanteo, their 6jib “Sexy Free and Single” that was released on July 4th sold over 204,000 copies on the 5th. Super Junior’s 6jib is the only album released this year to sell over 200,000 copies.

Super Junior surpassed Big Bang and took #1 spot on Hanteo with a record breaking number of sales. The site currently displays 246,000 sales for Super Junior’s 6jib.

Moreover, if they continue selling 6jib like this, they can surpass 5jib ‘Mr Simple”s Half Million title, meaning that they can surpass 500,000 copies sold. They sold over 100,000 copies in 10 days and easily went over 200,000 copies before 6jib’s repackage SPY was made available. If they add repackage’s sales, their sales will increase sharply.

Super Junior participated in “SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR” in Japan that incorporated many fans. They will start promoting SPY with Mnet Countdown on the 9th

Credit: Sports Korea 
Translation by: NKsubs (NKSubs) 
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    • But they might be still lacking, we could actually do 300,000 at version A. It just that ver A has a photobook made it more ecpensive, if not manyfans would go craze buying to copies out there….

  2. SJ is not called the King of Album sales for no reason!!! SJ and ELF is DAEBAK!!! We got to 200,000 so fast!!!

  3. cool… ><

  4. ELF I’m PROUD! ^O^

  5. that’s great but it can’t just stop ! if some ELF are like me, saving money, i guess a lot of albums will be sold later but i just hope all ELF have not already bought their album !
    i don’t care about the other fandoms saying ELF are bulk-buying, we are many ELF and i know we can do better ! but still it’s daebak ^^
    ELF don’t forget we have until the end of the year to buy albums so take your time if you have no money and save ^^

  6. WOW Daebak! But there is a problem…
    Yesterday I read that according to Hanteo A+B+C sold 204 000 um, so yeah, I hope that source was wrong 😀
    And another thing – if you add repackage’s sales like this article suggested, then we should expect a flood of angry VIP’s, whose album+repackage sold over 400 000 lol

  7. Well they aren’t called album kings for nothing <333 And 6JIB is really worth buying, I seriously love all the songs there, esp the ballads!!

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