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Source: [본격슈주핥는] 첫번째닭강정 
Translated by: NAYA NKsubs (NKSubs) 
Shared at by uksujusid

So far Super Junior’s, Leeteuk and Heechul’s nicknames have been translated

Leeteuk Nicknames – Trans from Kor -> Eng

Note: there r some duplicates… We all make mistakes (i just trans the duplicates anyways xD)
*Some nicknames lose meaning after translation!*
Other fandoms, don’t steal any of the nicknames
*All nicknames w/ -Teuk is property of ELF & Super junior*

Teuk, Wingless Angel, Angel Leader, duck, bat, peter pan, 2faced, White Teuk, Leader Vocal, Anger Teuk, PromiTeuk [Promise + Teuk], GorapadukTeuk, Free Road Teuk, TeukSukHee, Maknae-like leader, Jeegoong Teacher, Special Teuk, Breaking News Teuk [TeukJong(breaking news) + Teuk], GazeTeuk [Gazet + Teuk– Gazet is an manhwa char name], Here Teuk, GaeTeuk [or Dog Teuk / Oil Teuk. GaeTeuk was used by antis to hate on Teuk but heechul made it into meaning Oily Teuk], YunShin Family’s Cutie, Stuck Teuk, Old man, Stand out Teuk, Park Baram [Baram (wind) can refer to Playboys], Class President Teuk, Old Teuk, Mouth Teuk, Duck Beak, AdulTeuk, Captain, Gag Lover, Squirrel Teuk, Wingless angel who lost his memories, ParkLeeTeuk, SurprisedTeuk, Quick Minded Teuk, Outside Teuk, He is Raccoon’s, Special Guy, King Teuk, Park Doo, Park JJung Su, Park Jjong Shu, JjongTtu, Growing MC, Main MC, Sudden Teuk, LeeDuck, Quick Teuk, Obsession Teuk, Tackle Teuk, sad Teuk, RedTeuk, GirlTeuk, AndreTeuk [Andre Kim is famous fashion designer], Angel Teuk, Mother of all, Park Oil [Also started by Heenim.], Oil, AngelTeuk, Teukki teukki Teukki, Ms Teuk, Teuk Noona, Mrs Teuk,
Insoles Teuk, Clothes pin Teuk, Typo Teuk, Ero Teuk, Three MuskeTeuk, Baby Teuk, White Ant, Fried [lol him & his oily skin xD], What Teuk, YaDuck, Wild Beast Teuk, Ohlut, Boss, Special Leader, Jungsookee [It’s like those water dispensors…? Idk in eng D:], BabyTeuk, President of Innocent Minds, Soan, GeTeuk [This word also means “Proud of you”], YoungTeuk, Different, Teuk Contact, Most special person in the world, TeukSica, TeukTaengoo [Addin +goo to names give a “dumb” feeling ^^], Scientific Experiment Duck, TeukYonce, Teuk Complaint, Teuk Umsal [Cant find a word in Eng for this.. Umsal is kinda like a whimp..], Park Genius, Park Sagee [Idk if this one is Sagee = Scam, or ParkSa = breaking], Park Manager [Started by EunHae pair xD teuk makes sure the two boys in love doesnt go across the line on stage xD], SmarTeuk

Heechul’s Nicknames Trans Kor -> Eng

Note: there may be doubles/typos Dx!

Most nicknames w/ Hee is ELF / SUJU’S PROPERTY!!
(there r few that belongs to Ze:A’s Heechul)

Rel(hee) [From Cinderella], 10,000 years old, Kim Bi-polar, Kim Cherry, Heenim, Universe Big Star, Cinderella, Heederella, ‘Hand’ nim, Flower, Piccolo [lol dragon ball], Queen, Flower Goddess, Boss of Endorsements, Poisonous Snake, Bread Hee, Lady HeeHee, Heesica, Heebong hyung, Kim Pink, Rella Priest, HeeRoPpyong, 希 [Hanja char for Hee], Kim Heenim, Kim Mechul, Ki Mechol, Heechoree [HwaeChoRee is a stick u get hit w/], Heeit [Hit + Hee], Heechura, Heechuhree, Kim Orange, Kim Petal, Kim Childish, Begger Hee, Kim Hyung, Handsome Grass, WG fan, Cat raising Heechul, Gaegood [Dog + Good. It just is internet slang for Great / Very good], Red haired Chul, Kim Heechul Nice, Heebe, Jingle Jingle Hee, Bread Priest, Sushi Cherry, catHee, Hee brand, Heetru, Heenuhroo, Hee point, Hee dol, KeyRaeHee, GaeChul [Hee kept making fun of Teuk w/ GaeTeuk so Teuk yelled this back to Chul… XD], Heemaker, Gold Bride, Heemonade, HeeTaengGoo, SulHee, Space Big Star, Rella, Evil ghost, Big star of the universe (biggest star of all living beings), Youngest Kim Heechul, Barf Heechul, Erotic Heenim, Pepper Hee, SongHae of Dream Concert [Songhae is a MC for National Singing Contest. The show’s been running over 10 yrs & Songhae has been the mc the whole time. Since Hee MCed consecutively in Dream Concert, he got this nickname.]


Super Junior Nicknames (for the whole group)

Note: I only translated this from Korean. [ ] is note i added & ( ) part is what was already on it. Many of the nicknames lose meaning after translation but u can see how many diff ones there are.

Shuj, Fan Luv [Fan sarang or Fan love is taken by SS501. FanLuv is ELF’s], Love Back, Stupid for Fans, Army Dancing Idols, Perfect Sync Dance Idol, Showing Affection, HumbleJunior, SuperAdult, Adult Junior, Big Baby, Quick & Strong boys, ELFisBestFan, Husbands working outside the house, Gag Junior, Gagdols [Gag + idols], Mature Junior [Word used here trans to “Adult” but since that’s up there alrdy, i used diff word–]( this is shared with cassiopeia), CD Junior, Friendly Junior, Bowing Junior/Introduction Junior (Respctive~ / Introduction~ nicknames r shared w/ TripleS), ELF loving Junior, Big Group Junior, MeToo Junior, Loose Junior, Funny Junior, Young looking Junior, Handsome Junior, swab Junior, World Junior,

~Tizen, ~Tolee, ~Effect, ~(tw)itter, ~(byung) ari [t/n: baby chicken aka chic], Peek a boo~, Original~, Mambo (NEVER STEAL THIS), Kwang Gyaeto King of Hallyu, ~moticon, Temple Junior, Folder Junior, Fight~ (Fighting + member member), TeaserDol, Sujgarak Ghost [Suju + soot garak [spoon]], Promoting junior, Typo Junior, Sujdolee [Suju + Shoot Dolle [a cartoon char name]], Cell splitting Junior, Suj Effect, Suj Boom, Variety King Dol, Insoles Dol, Insoles Junior, NewPerJunior, CDal Junior (Cereal + CD), Trot Dol, Tall Suj, ~Drum, Sujlidium, first idol trot singers, World Junior, Suj-ish, Suj-feeling, Suj-crazy, Suj-loud Suj-Loud [SshiKkul is fx for people talking loudly. Suju + kkul], ELFloving Junior, Village, Super Junior [normal way to spell them is w/ 슈 but here uses 수. Super (수퍼) here refers to supermarket], Gopeelgae (Gag that requires knowledge), Dapeelgae (Gag u need an iron for), Su-H (Super Junior Haengsa [Event]), S(x) [fx + suju], Attempting Gag, Fart Junior, Soul Junior, Ttabong Junior [Ttabong means best. It’s another internet word like Daebak], MR Junior, Donut Junior, Nod Junior, World Big Star [Hee’s nickname too xD], Moonbangsawoo (Moonbang Heechul + Sawoo Kangin + Eunhyuk. Off of a variety show), Vocal Line (SJ KRY, also called SuKry), S.D.S (SaDaSa [cheap], Shindong + Donghae + Sungmin), Fox Hole [this is what they called Sungmin&Ryeowook’s room when they used to share it durin rookie days], ET (Leeteuk + Eunhyuk), Iljin Junior [Iljin is a gang in korea], Mamma Junior [Mamma is babyish word for Food], Board Junior, Common Knowledge Dol (TripleS used this first & We share it), Hallyu President, Grand Slam Junior, Movie Actor Junior, Mimbuh (Same nickname as Mambo), SuJumma [Super Jr + Ajumma], Rain Junior, Sasaeng Tolerant, Jiggle Dol



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  1. i thought it’s kyuhyun who has the most names.?

    • The other members nicknames will be translated, I will post them up.. soon as they are available.

    • Just wait you have no idea how long the list is XD The person translating them even said on twitter that she is not sure whether she will translate kyu’s nicknames or not!!! XD

  2. These are so interesting! LOL wondering where Fox Hole came from~

  3. LOL~ barf Heechul? Erotic Heenim? Where did those ones come from? XD

  4. sasaeng tolerant xD both hilarious and sad
    Park Manager is new to me lol

  5. I like Sujumma~! LOL…

  6. noona on wgm gave Teuk’s nickname too

  7. i like Hallyu President ^^

  8. Mambo?! XD My favorites are Hallyu President and ELF-loving Junio =w=

    • *Junior, sorry ><

  9. Wow… does one remember all??

  10. LMAO “Park Manger”—-> Making sure EunHae’s love doesn’t go across the line on stage….XDDD I love this one XD

  11. aww, TeukChul~<3

  12. “Sasaeng tolerant” ~~+ lmaoooooooo

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