120730 Super Junior’s Ryeowook accuses Eunhyuk of bringing a girl to Super Junior’s house

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Did Super Junior’s Eunhyuk really bring his girlfriend to Super Junior’s house?

In the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 that will air on July 30, Super Junior and So Bang Cha members make guest appearances and talk about Eunhyuk’s girls.

The host Tak Jae Hoon asks Eunhyuk, “I heard you once brought your girlfriend to Super Junior’s house.” This surprises many people because Super Junior members are forbidden from bringing girls to their house.

However, Ryeowook says, “One day, I opened the door and saw a few pairs of girls’ shoes. There was only Eunhyuk in the house. I was so surprised and told our leader Leeteuk about this.”

At this, Eunhyuk says, “That’s not true. My mother and sister came to see me on that day. Because Ryeowook all of sudden brought Leeteuk, we said hello to each other in an awkward mood.”

In the episode, So Bang Cha and Super Junior members also tell some anecdotes about their groups.

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  1. Patiently waiting for english subs. 😀

  2. Aww Ryewook’s a snitch..

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