Daily Entertainment Show, Exclusive with Hangeng – From 120725

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Here’s a summary of what they talked about here:

It started off with the host quoting a phrase from his song Clown Mask and asking if that part was particularly describing his inner feelings. He says that sometimes the media just drags him into situations that have nothing to do with him so he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they ask him about such issues.

Then it mentions some of the scandals that he has been involved in, such as the lawsuit against SM, the problem he had with the producers of a TV show, and the plagiarism issues with his Wild Cursive MV and the Spring Gala performance.

She went on to ask if he felt like his stardom path was very long/harsh and he said that he considers himself quite lucky because he never sang before and wanted to go to university to become an actor but his family wasn’t that well off financially so he struggled with the idea.

Then it shows some of his accomplishments like the dumpling shop he opened for his mom and his 1st solo concert.

When asked if coming from such a humble family and suddenly becoming such a super star has ever made him lose himself, he answered that it has changed his state of mind, turning it so complicated that it made him feel like he wasn’t himself anymore.

Then she asked if he has ever done anything that he couldn’t accept or forgive himself for and he said that some of the things he has said or done in the past have given people the impression that he thought of himself as being superior to others, and he feels really embarrassed when he looks back.

Then a fan asks if he still remembers the basic lessons of his ballet classes and he demonstrates a little.

Credit: Mixxsu
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  1. interesting.. & he looks great with blond hair

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