120728 Oneway Peter Twitter Updates

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120728 KBS Immortal Song 2 Next Week Preview – Ryeowook

Watch ‘Immortal Song’ tonight to see @ryeong9 perform live to the arrangement which @onewaypeter and @onewayyoungsky made~

Well @ryeong9 won anyways lol~ for the two times he won it was both with our arrangements so a pat on back me and @onewayyoungsky

Anybody have the link for @ryeong9 performance today on immortal song?

Wait a minute I don’t it’s the right video

Hahaha yeh well @ryeong9 wins next week with our arrangement lol so no panic here

Source: @onewaypeter
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well song which was arranged by peter and youngsky is for next week’s episode not this week, and Peter just gave us biggest spoiler here… lol xD



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  1. Hahaha =D Peter you are adorable and thanks for the spoiler lol

    • And I hope they don’t get in trouble with KBS for revealing an important info.

      • Oh, I didn’t think of that! This might be their little revenge for the last mishap with the song credits 😀

        • Hahaha 😀 It’s hard to wait for next week’s performance right now thanks to Peter 😀

          • LOL And judging by the preview he might not even sing next week, but a week after that!

            • Yes, I was wondering it too. If not showing up in the preview means he will perform next week, ahhh we have to wait for so long.

  2. LOOOOL I love these guys, their songs and, most of all, their SPOILERS!!! Hahaha thank you! Now I’ll be more relaxed 😀

  3. is that true ? whoah ! big spoiler here, hope Ryeowook will not be in trouble !
    Luna is joining IS2 soon so does it mean Ryeowook will leave it soon too ?
    i think so because i don’t see KBS putting 2 artists from SM at the same time, it would be considered like favoritism.
    My baby i loved to see him in this tv-show TT

    • Well, the early time of this show, they put Jonghyun and Yesung together. I think they can put them together too.

      • True! wow I forgot about the original line-up, it had a completely different feel… I miss them 🙂

    • actually, they already placed 2 SM artists in immortal song…. remember Yesung and Jonghyun from season 1? 🙂
      OMG ONEWAY PETER!!!! YOU ADORABLE SPOILER! Now, I’m at ease for my hubby’s perf :>

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