120727 Super Junior’s Ryeowook plays the piano like Beethoven

July 27, 2012 at 10:00 am | Posted in News/Rumors, Ryeowook, Wonderboys | 4 Comments

Super Junior’s Ryeowook recently reminded people of Beethoven by playing the piano.

On July 27, according to KBS, Ryeowook appeared in the July 28 episode of KBS’s Immortal Classics and sang G Clef’s song “Lying on the Sea.”

Ryeowook sat in front of the piano on the sage and started singing while wearing serious facial expression. Other cast members were also nervous to appear on the show.

Ryeowook sang the song, which includes high pitched tone while playing the piano. His performance made him look like Beethoven.

Son Beom Soo, who was an MC for KBS’s Gayo Top 10, also appeared and praised Ryeowook’s performance. He said, “It was an emotional performance. He is an artist.”

Brown Eyed Soul’s Sung Hoon and  4 Men’s Shin Yong Jae previously played the piano together and drew a lot of attention . Many people are expecting to see the difference between Ryeowook versus Sun playing the piano.

The second episode followed by previous episodes will air on July 28.

Source: Starnews & en.korea
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  1. He has golden voice. I love it. He was like a prince who fell from heaven. I love ryeowook oppa so much. Oppa spirit ryeosomnia,ELF always love you. I am a true ryeosomnia always love you forever. I really hope the message is read by Kim Ryeowook oppa.

  2. So talented…plays like Beethoven and moves like Jaeger…

    • lol at your comment !
      I’m so excited now !!! i want to see him play piano so badly !
      actually all SUJU members praised him for his piano skills before but we never really got to listen to him playing it, like seriously i mean no Super Mario music !
      Because before when he started playing on tv-shows he always didn’t finish it or looked embarassed and stopped.
      I was expected this since ages !
      What kind of pianist he really is.
      Since he wants to become a singer-songwritter-compositer i always wondered what kind of emotions he can bring while playing music.
      A new side of him, more adult and artistic, i’m ready for this ! 🙂

      • *typo composer

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