SBS Strong Heart with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk & Kyuhyun [ENG SUB] | From 120723

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Credit: NKSubs
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  1. thanks for eng sub.

  2. it’s all started with a silly prank. LOL

  3. lol that was hilarious !
    thinking about it it’s Donghae’s fault since he couldn’t read the mood lol

    • yup, but it turned out that he wasn’t angered by any of his hyungs XDDD

      • oh my god hyukjae says donghae is stupid hahahaha so funny he cant read the mood and then the maknae comes in ahaha


  5. Misunderstanding started by a silly prank, and it’s all Donghae who started XD It was supposed to be all intense but of course since it’s SJ telling the story, they make it soo hilarious XDD

  6. really thank you for the sub
    i just can say that they are so cute even in this situation…
    the love between them can be seen clearly….LOVE SUPER JUNIOR OPPAs foreverrr….

  7. glad that they are laughing at it now, it must be very bad day at that time.
    Shindong oppa you’re so nice try to cheer up the condition even tho it ended up with another “disaster” 😀

  8. They save this story for 1 year just to reveal in Strong Heart 🙂

  9. I love the fact that they can talk about something like this, it proves that it’s really nothing to them now and they’re just really a normal group of friends who have low times like this and make-up and be united again. <333
    Aww Hae, you just got teased a lot on Sukira for being you're usual blur self and now it's revealed once again that you can't understand situations quickly lol. But I think that's why he's lovable because he's just innocent and child-like.
    My Kyubb, you had bad timing but I can understand Teuk punishing you and poor Hyukkie got punished for nothing.
    But Yesung gets the award for being dragged into this when he did nothing at all lol. Aww Yeye. ❤

  10. after all, Donghae is at fault for this situation and real victim is Yesung!!!

  11. i cant watch this video T.T

  12. Haha. So much drama! Hahahaha. I am so glad that they can laugh and joke about it now. That’s what makes a group stronger.

  13. Notice that when Kyu and Hyuk tell their parts, Leeteuk is kind of ashamed/guilty/not his usual outgoing self. And lol at Donghae! He is really oblivious of things in general. Yesung (and Hyuk)…..collateral damages!

  14. ahhh they don’t call Suju variety idol kings for nothing. But this story really shows the realness of Suju and their ability to overcome. Worst dramas call for the best stories! And poor Yesung really!!

    That was one of the Mr Simple performances I always remember even before knowing this. Not just because they won but they had killer rings in the performance for accessories. xD LOL, didn’t think there’s so much background info to this!

  15. If i am not mistaken..this particular subber have been busy subbing a few sj videos….let me tell you my heartfelt gratitude towards ur hard work…because of lovely ppl like you we, international elf, with little or zero knowledge of korean cud watch these videos and enjoy them as well….THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH… 고마와요 ♥

    • yeah ! thank you deeply ^^

  16. Thank you for the we know the what happen before that Inkigayo episoide. Now, I want to know what happen to Sungmin here:

    • YES!~~~

  17. LMAO I burst out laughing when shin dong started talking about his story.. haha poor yesung.. >.<

  18. haha i love how they are able to make light of such a situation, i couldnt strop cracking up even though it was initially emotional (bordering on teendrama), i mean who wouldn’t laugh at their recreation of the events? XD especially when shindong came in pffft

  19. can’t stop laughing. i remember that day hyukjae’s sad fad made it on TT. so that’s all behind it and that’s bcause of my cute bias, hae oppa and he didn’t get mad or being mad at by anyone xD LOL you’re being talked too much this day neh? hyuk keep saying that hae’s stupid. :’D

  20. omg…poor kyu,hyuk,dong & yeye….where is donghae after kyu is beaten??

    • lol..i thought the same….he didn’t come for rescue…

  21. ohh poor my kyu..get hit on head by the leader :(( im so sad and hurt
    poor my yesung too you didnt do anything wrong X(…
    leeteuk doesnt mean to be like this and i can understand him but please dont be angry again im afraid of you =I

  22. many thanks for the subs. anyway, is there any full show with subs? it’s not full show rite?

  23. which episode is this?

  24. After watching this Strong Heart, I went back to watch last year’s August 21st Inki Gayo Winning speech to see Kyu’s sad face not being able to give Thank you speech, Shindong’s encouragement, all boys standing separately. Then watched Dream Team aired on September 18 to see hyukje’s tears~All pieces of puzzle fit into right place~

    • actually dream team u can find video of the recording which happened 110821 , maybe some ppl where confused since most shows air 2 weeks after recording

      • Yea, I know recording was done earlier but I put the air date so people can search it on Youtube if they want to~ 🙂

        • ok sorry then ><

  25. oh my God. i laughed very hard at the middle of the night because of this LOL

  26. i don’t know what to say…haa haa , i love super junior forever … thanks for subbing…. i love this web too…..

  27. btw , is there any link else???? thanks…..

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