SBS Running Man with Eunhyuk [Eng Subbed] Full Show – From 120722

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Compilation: 120709 SBS “Running Man” with Eunhyuk

Credit: kshownow
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  1. Jeongmal gomawo for posting this 🙂 thanks..

  2. i can see EunHyukie spent a lot of time with EunJung….i wonder if JangWoo will be jealous or not =))

  3. That was amazing! 😀 I wish Eunhyuk was the one to take off Gary’s tag though. That would be Super Junior pride… I think… LOL xD Anyway… Congrats IDOL TEAM!!! 😀

  4. it saddens me bcause eunhyuk didnt get the highlight this time T.T khun got it. ugh. i want super junior’s special episode on Running Man please!!! 😀 i want to see hae oppa get so excited running around with his hyuk xD we can see their great teamwork as well~

    • Yes!!!!! I want EunHae on Running Man!!!!

  5. this what im wating for!! thanks admin!! 😀

  6. It was a lot of fun, as expected 😀 I’m happy that Hyuk had really good moments: He was the team captain, the finisher of the first race, pretty good in volleyball, doing amazing somersaults in the water, during the main event he was hiding most of the time LOL but at least he took down Sparta Cook with Khun, I just wish he was the one left in the end but at least he was the second to last 😀

    But one of the funniest and memorable moments for me was when poor Siwan got caught in seconds and tried to pity them into releasing him saying how it was too soon and how things were different from the broadcast, cause there were no places to hide LOOL

  7. Halfway watching RM, honestly speaking, I’ve totally forgotten that it’s about watching Eunhyuk ^^ he also seemed so shy, kind of… The funniest moment for me was when the Idol Team became the attacker and Joon’s expression suddenly changed… like an animal on the hunt ^^ LOL ~ very fun show ^^

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