120724 Yesung reveals that Super Junior doesn’t think Siwon is the most popular in the group

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On the July 23rd episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Yesung revealed that the Super Juniormembers did not consider Siwon to be the most popular in the group.

The MCs began the segment by asking the members what they thought the secret to their popularity was, to which Eunhyuk and Shindong replied much to the amusement of the studio, “Because we’re handsome.”

Eunhyuk added, “Out of Super Junior, Siwon is the most handsome.”

Yesung actually began shaking his head upon Eunhyuk’s statement and said instead, “Everyone says that Siwon is the most handsome, which I also agree with, but he’s not that popular.”

Surprised, the MCs asked back, “What do you mean he’s not popular?” Yesung replied, “If you take a vote within Super Junior, he always ends up in the bottom half.”

The other members agreed and nodded when Eunhyuk continued, “I always rank at the top within Super Junior votes.”

Yesung couldn’t help but shake his head to that as well, claiming that Eunhyuk actually ranked in the middle and that it was himself who always ranked in the top two or three. The other members teased him by shouting in disagreement.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver | allkpop
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  1. it is not important if he is popular in the super junior , he is the most popular member in the world and korea. the main thing is this.
    it is normal if he is not popular in suju, because he does not live in the dorm with the members and you dont have much time to spend together. this means nothing yesung.

    • ur comments is kinda like u’ll eat yesung alive .

    • Actually that’s not true , it depends on the country . You can’t account to it that he’s the most popular in the world . anyway , it’s hard to decide who’s the most popular overall because they have so many fans and they all have different personalities . Many fans have more than one bias too . I don’t think it’s fair if you just assume it that way . Granted , he may be the most popular in Korea , but Yesung is most popular in Japan and Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk is most popular in Singapore.

    • yeah you’re comment is so defensive, this was meant to be funny.

    • mmmm…i dont think in the world. sorry to say, he’s not popular member in Japan and europe. when they’re in SS4 in both country he’s on the bottom list. but he’s the first member who is popular during their early days. since, you know, even when Yesung sang, it was his face that on the tv, as if it was his voice.
      but now, people know who is singing, who is dancing, and who is standing in the middle based on the look.
      so, people choose what they want to like. me, off course like Yesung and Hyukjae.

      yesung, hyukjae and sungmin is the most popular member in japan. siwon, surprisingly at the bottom in Japan with kangin who was inactive at that time.
      Siwon is popular in Thailand, China and Indonesia.
      the other members who also popular at such country is Kyu, Hae, Hyuk and Teuk.
      but surprisingly, when SJ held ss4 in Indonesia, some fans changes their bias to Hyukjae when they saw members in person lol.

    • what does livg in the dorm got to do with the popularity? n why u seem like u gettg mad at yesung.. suju member popularity is differ in every country.. I dont have any bias in suju bcoz i juz love all of them so i think everyone is popular in my country.. =)

    • u have no to comment like this ! Super junior really think he just joke. JOKE ! Why do you so seriously? You know that I didn’t like to see your comment such he is doing big mistake, and what else negative. ELF? I think you didn’t understand them.

  2. Eunhyuk always says he has the highest popularity, the others have never disagreed xD

  3. LOL! eunhyuk didn’t say “I always rank at the top within Super Junior votes.” Shindong said eunhyuk always rank at the top within Super Junior votes. Can’t believe that elfs are making eunhyuk seem obnoxious too. Forget akp. Watch the video again.

  4. A mi tambien me parece que Eunhyuk es mas popular que Siwon, es gracioso, como Siwon una vez dijo que le gustaba la personalidad de Eunhyuk. Pero amo a mi Yesung, jejeje

  5. I also think that by popularity, Siwon is at the bottom and Yesung is pretty underrated. Hyukjae is really one of the most popular members, since he is incredibly charismatic, witty, funny and is really good at speaking (ok, I’m biased, but it’s true xD).
    But that doesn’t really matter though, they are all amazing and Super Junior is just Super Junior because of every single one of them ^^ That’s why ELF should love them all. =D

    • I agree…yesung sooo much underated. when they first debut people only remember based on the look since they have so many member.
      but i am glad it’s not the case now.
      during ss4 encore, his goodies is the first sold out. even here in Indonesia, he got no.4-5 on popularity after siwon, kyuhyun, and hae (and hyukjae), which you know, the first 3 is the most popular in South east asia. i think he’s doing good.

  6. in my mind siwon the most popular that why i said that coz he the most handsome in suju and gentleman about his face so cute , his body so amazing and tallest in suju

    • now people dont remember based on the look only.

  7. dorky yesung to make such a comment that he knows that it will bring ELF to heat up who is the most popular and who isn’t~hahaha
    and he always claims that he is among the top of popularity to make people laugh~but to me, Yesung IS THE MOST HANDSOME AND POPULAR~hehehe

    And you know, it is TRUE that handsomeness and popularity are not always equal. We all know that.

    • agree. yesung and hyukjae is not the most handsome, but yesung voice and hyukjae’s personality is the one making me faith to SJ.

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