120724 Super Junior’s Sungmin Wore a Pink Nightgown to Bed for 3 Years

July 24, 2012 at 5:35 am | Posted in KBS, News/Rumors, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 5 Comments

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Somewhat fitting for his flower boy face, Super Junior Sungmin revealed that he wore a pink nightgown to bed for three years.

While participating in July 23’s episode of KBS’ Hello, Sungmin shared about his infatuation with the color pink.

“I really liked the color pink in the past,” said Sungmin. “I thought pink suited me very well.”

Sitting close by, Eunhyuk said, “Sungmin has a bit of the princess disease.”

Kyuhyun, who was Sungmin’s roommate, also added, “He sleeps wearing a pink dress,” shocking the MCs and audience members.

“I once said that I liked pink on television,” explained Sungmin, “After that, fans started giving me pink shoes, socks, and pajamas, and other presents. Among them was a pink nightgown and when I tried it on, it was comfortable.”

The Super Junior members revealed that Sungmin wore the nightgown for three years, embarrassing Sungmin.

Leeteuk, who was also on the show, said that he has an obsession with white, filling his entire room with white furniture and decorations.

“My pillow, bed, blankets, chair, and computer are all white,” said Leeteuk. “Donghae saw it and told me it looked like a mental hospital.”
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  1. I really think that Sungmin looks cute in pink .. I don’t like pink but when he wear pink clothes he looks really cute ..

    • Agree,,i dont like pink..but seriously everytimes i see ming wear pink i always think that pink really made for suits him ^^

  2. a special trend on Twitter today :
    ELF let’s do it !!

  3. Pink nightgown » old news!

    • Yeah, Donghae mentioned it in 2010 on Fantasy couple with Minnie and Shindong that Minnie slept in a pink nightgown xD

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