120723 The Super Junior members revealed a few of their misunderstandings

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120724 Strong Heart – The Inkigayo incident (What really happened)

Allkpop’s title is “Super Junior reveals they nearly broke up because of a misunderstanding”… but it’s pathetic, Super Junior didn’t nearly brake up… If the translation is correct,  Leeteuk only meant that these type misunderstandings cause disbandments, not, “We almost disbanded” – uksujusid

The Super Junior members revealed that they nearly split up over a few misunderstandings.

On the July 24th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, the Super Junior members opened up saying, “We were on the verge of breaking up because of an argument we had right before a live performance.

Leeteuk once got really mad right before an Inkigayo shoot,” Eunhyuk said. “The members continually joked around with him to the point where he inevitably grew angry.

He continued, “It wasn’t me that was causing mischief, but Leeteuk misunderstood and thought it was me and got angry. Kyuhyun was the one causing most of the trouble, and Leeteuk made up with him but left me alone so it made me upset.”

Leeteuk who was listening to Eunhyuk share this story explained, “I was trying not to grow angry at their fun and games, but it didn’t stop so I eventually exploded. I got mad at Kyuhyun and my emotions got the best of me so I stepped outside, when I found Kyuhyun he was crying and so I comforted him.”

At that moment, I realized that these continuous misunderstandings and agitated emotions are what could cause our group to break up,” Leeteuk continued. “It was only 10 minutes before the live performance, and I felt bad that I could not make it up to Eunhyuk but there was just not enough time.”

In order to make Eunhyuk feel better, Leeteuk decided that he would ask Eunhyuk to say the speech after they earned the #1 K-Chart win. When Leeteuk asked him, Eunhyuk looked unenthused, and his thank-you speech was given with an expressionless face that was rather dry and formal. This only caused the atmosphere within the group to become more tense.

Fellow member Shindong then remarked, “These little misunderstandings caused such big fights that it was really upsetting. After that happened, we were able to bond our friendship more tightly on other variety programs.”

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate | allkpop
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  1. I know you probably didn’t mean any harm, but please don’t use “gay” in that way. It’s offensive.

    • well you should see what those Allkpop write for SJ’s article, it’s really sooooo gay

    • Changed**

  2. Okay, this is the umteenth time Allkpop making epic mistake in the article title…
    that’s just lead those antis to accusing SJ more…
    Sid, could we do something about this?? I seriously furious to Allkpop attitude for SJ…
    started from album released and everything that SJ’s achieved, they just to Biased to YG and SNSD…

    could we protest toward them?? This is making Teukie being bashed by those antis, and I really can’t stand it any longer but dunno what to do, cause I have no power…

    ELF please help *begging*

    • ><
      The best solution to this problem (Which is impossible) is when all the E.L.F quit supporting AllKpop in anyway (Sharing their articles\visiting the site \commenting..)

      • I do agree, I also believe the best way to “protest” would be that no elf go around there and shares articles and make comments… but I don’t think they would even care.

        • I think if we do this,AKP would stop caring and writing articles about SJ and honestly that’s what I want. 🙂
          I don’t want that site to get the least advantage of SJ & E.L.F! *evil laugh*

          • With all it’s faults (and they are many), akp is still the biggest international kpop blog. Companies pay the site to get their artists featured there.
            Unfortunate headline is unfortunate, but you don’t really want them to start ignoring SJ. They need the coverage in order to stay relevant. Pop culture 101. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  3. Since when do we use “gay” as an insult in this community? Find a better word because you look pretty thoughtless right now.

    • Sorry, that slang is used in England.. anyways changed to… err “pathetic”

      • I live in England too and it’s an ignorant thing said by primary school kids who don’t know any better and by teenagers trying to be edgy. It might be a habit you’ve picked up and you probably don’t mean to be offensive to gay people, but it’s still homophobic because it implies that gay equals weak and stupid. If you mean pathetic, say pathetic.

        • “It might be a habit you’ve picked up and you probably don’t mean to be offensive to gay people” precisely, thanks for letting me know 🙂

          • Yeah, I was pretty sure you didnt mean anything offensive. It is just a habit and most people do stop when they know it’s insulting. My friend who is a teacher for Year 7 to Year 11 has to explain this all the time. Some of the boys are dickheads, of course, and keep saying it anyway, but most of her pupils stop – at least in school anyway 🙂

  4. Allkpop are the shittiest Kpop site out there!!! seriously I and other ELFs kept tipping them about SJ’s iTunes achievement but they never posted them.

    also there was this one article from nate or naver I don’t remember and it was talking about the hallyu wave and in the article they said SJ and TVXQ are some of the groups that were the reason for the hallyu wave but when allkpop translated it they didn’t mention SJ!!!

    when 2NE1, T-ARA and SJ made a comeback, they wrote SJ makes a comeback while they wrote 2NE1 makes an Epic comeback and T-ara impresses with their comeback, they don’t even bother, and they always write their titles in a way that would bring fan wars, they’re biased and they mis-translate things a lot and make misunderstanding, and they only ban those who offend them but don’t ban trolls!!!

    and now the way they keep posting about Leeteuk and the way they write their articles about him are bringing him haters, it makes me feel like they hate him.
    I really wish that site would close, it’s the site that most Kpop fans go to and they are bringing SJ more haters with their posts.

    one ELF told me that they called SJ gay before!
    and I read their older posts and they called almost every boy group gay and every girl group whores and sluts, they were considered an anti kpop site in Korea until 2010-2011 that they stopped bashing so openly, they still do but between the lines.

    sorry for ranting, it’s just I’m annoyed by them.

    • you said it (The shittiest site ever)!
      I wish all Kpop fans stop supporting them !
      They’re using the fans to gain more $$$$ by posting the most ridiculous articles,hate articles (Esp. toward Leeteuk!), unprofessionally written and translated articles and they are no.1 at creating fanwars!Plus,the site full of the dumpiest netizens you can ever find,ugliest trolls …well what else?!
      Simply,THE WORST!

  5. Never like allkpop and never will, that site is like anti-sj website, they had caused so many anti/other fans to bash at sj for no reason, and such a bias toward other artist. That’s why i never read an article about sj on that website, its just crap. Sorry about my ranting guys.
    But anyways, i’m glad that they made up in Dream Team, let’s hope that there’s no more fight from now on^^

  6. This incident was the one they talked about before! The incident before they had to film dream team after that!

  7. I HATE ALLKPOP!! Most of the articles about SJ in there are never good anyway, always make an article that will lead to fanwar not to mention their “misleading” title, mostly make mistakes in translating. They never do anything about those stupid trolls that make fake accounts (I especially hate the trolls who pretend to be ELF) -__- Allkpop = fanwar!

  8. AllKpop has been using some weird and thoughtless headings for their articles. But its okay as long as we ELF stay as one with SJ and know the truth then we shouldn’t het offended. Its a misunderstanding, Family have little arguments too. SO ELF + SJ = Family Forever. We stay together through thick and thin. ♡♡☆♡♡

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