120722 Heechul with Friend [1P]

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120721 Jung Heejin Twitter Update – Heenim ♥ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Credit: Gunhee’s Kakao | Via 就是希欢你
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  1. O.o what… wearing, Heechul? XD

  2. o.o’ his expression, and that posture…

  3. He looks like an ahjumma. Hilarious~!

  4. lol….love this pic so much….made my day….definitely Hee…the clothing, expression and posture….the one and only Hee who’s not afraid of what he’s wearing and doing :)))

  5. He looks great – so young and relaxed

  6. honestly… day by day difficult for me to recognize you

  7. he looks great and happy Im so glad to see a smile on his face

  8. i miss heechul..:((

  9. heenim oppa why r u wearing that polka dot shorts..but i do agree with bi..only heechul will wear this kind of style..oh no!

  10. Is it just me or??
    Y do i feel that Heenim looks different from the past?

    • No, it’s not just you. I wasn’t going to say anything…I have favored Hee for years. I have liked his adventurous changes: dozens of hairstyles, colors. Lots of different clothes, some alpha male looking, some feminine. But these things have always been temporary. It’s his habit to change his style sense: his hair would grow out, he would change his clothing style. But now: The changes to his face are from surgery, and are permanent. And it bothers me. His face has always been a brand: his fans learned to love him and saw no reason to want him to appear any different. But he has allowed someone to work on his face and he does look different. No one can say that isn’t true. Right? It just bothers me. Can I say that here? He always had strong features, and now he seems more….generic. Did he dislike his own face? Was it only fans who thought he was perfect just as he was? I hate it that I feel this way. And yes, I think I will always love him. I wonder if anyone will comment on this. I am saying this after this post has been up awhile: it’s possible no one will see it.

      • I liked him for years too, since 2007 and am used to his “adventurous changes” because that’s so him but it really bothers me ever since his surgery. I thought it might be just the camera angles or because he put on some weight.. and it actually bothers me for quite awhile before i dare to ask elf on this.. because i know that no matter what the guys did, their elf will always love them.
        Just like you, im really bothered about it. Heenim was already more than perfect. I just love the way he was. And if he did that just to look young, he won’t be young forever. But i know that no matter what i said won’t gonna change the fact that the old heenim already long disappeared from this world…

        • I wouldn’t care about smile lines or frown lines….nobody stays the same age forever. As soon as a surgeon steps in, they add that puffy look where the lines should be. And it completely alters the expression on a persons face. In my country, famous stars really go overboard with plastic surgery. The older ones all kind of look alike after awhile with their fish mouths and puffy faces. What I miss most on Hee, looks-wise, is his nose. It was so strong and absolutely defined his face. Now it is straight and small and similar to a lot of other noses. And I don’t understand. Why?? His success was built with the face that he had, why would he be unhappy with it? I hope that he doesn’t change any other feature any time soon….I can’t stand it!!

          The old Heenim gone? I am not sure what you mean….tell me. Don’t worry, nothing you could say would make me abandon him…I really have been his fan for years and years, and will accept him no matter how much he changes. But I want him to not change so Much so Suddenly!!

          • Why are you all saying he got surgery? I think he looks pretty much the same, he isnt the type to get ps..

            • HEE VIRUS is on and on…lol….i can simply say that we, who are affected by this virus just cant help to react on whatever we saw and hear about HEE…..well for the nose issue, indeed Hee was operated due to health issues. im pretty sure that some or most of us read about it or even watched Hee few weeks after his operation at Sundong Cafe. Hee cares and proud so much about his face but proven that its all natural….as to his present nose….due to the operation, changes occured maybe… but if its not then im sure Hee will definitely tell us all….Hee’s known and loved for being honest in everyway and anyway :)))

              • Yeah I heard about that too, but some of them are making it sound like he got ps to look better, which just isnt true. Anyway I dont see much of a difference, most of his recent photos arent that good quality anyway, so i guess we have to wait until next year to see if it really changed. I just wish people would stop overreacting about it..

          • I actually think his nose looks more like it did pre-debut (and pre the “accident” that led to it being smaller and more upturned). But I think it;s also broader – perhaps because of the reconstruction Heechul said he needed to deal with breathing problems. That in itself would be enough to significantly throw out the dimensions of his face. It’s very possible that Heechul is just not going to be as pretty as he once was.

            That happens with age anyway. It’ll certainly sort out the wheat from the chaff in his fandom.

            • I have seen pictures of little old men who look so sweet with all their wrinkles: something about the character that shows in their faces stirs up emotion in people who look at their pictures. I think when Hee gets really old, his fans will still feel drawn to him. We will love every laugh line: I hope that he doesn’t get them erased!!

              There is a video on Youtube that shows what Heechul truly looks like without makeup…it was from the Nylon photoshoot on 091120. At the time, I was amazed at how natural he looked and watched it many times. He talks into the camera, and he seems like someone you personally know, a friend that you just happened to bump into on the street. His skin isn’t as light as it is when he is in stage makeup…no eye makeup either….and he looks totally real….yet still a knockout with his looks. In the finished pictures from the shoot, he is awesomely gorgeous, just jaw dropping. But the video of when he leaves the building shows an ordinary guy, really. I am okay with ordinary….I don’t want him to think he needs to change as he gets older.

              I think he may worry as he gets older that he will lose whatever it is that appeals to his fans….but I think he is wrong because really, aren’t we aging too? Sure there are the new teenage fans who will fall in love with Exo or other groups, but Hee’s fans aren’t going anywhere, I don’t think. I hope not. I think he likes knowing that he is famous and people all over the world like him.

            • And one other thing I didn’t mention: is it really all about looks for we fans? I hate to think that is true. Isn’t it more about personality? Heechul is insolent sometimes, and vulnerable sometimes, and his personality is just Huge……I like to think that I am more interested in what’s inside him than what’s outside. But then, hell, maybe it is just because he is so pretty that I think he is so wonderful, which makes me as shallow as a puddle, hah! :-/ For whatever reason, I am a KHC fan till I die.

              • In truth, Heechul had to have the looks before any of us noticed his personality. Both to get into the business and because the business knows that we all tend to look first, listen afterwards.

                • Yeah you’re right. If Hee had been nerdy looking, I probably would have completely overlooked him. I Do lead with my eyes. My brain follows later. 😉 I always count on you to have a word of wisdom on any subject. I think you “get it” better than I do. I hope when you see me replying to a question, you always jump right in, xs. I like your input on stuff. Love ya lots.

        • nah rather than do that to look younger. He been on variety show before and revealed that after the fell from the stairs many years back his bridge on the nose dent in. He even got the host to feel it as it’s not observe on appearance wise must touch it to know. Recently, he went under the knife because his difficulty in breathing have been bothering him. I agree he look different. It was his past look which shine from every angle for me. For now, I will take it as he want to transit from pretty boy to become more manly. Have you notice the muscle on this arms lately. It’s like getting more intend to me. keke… Don’t sad too much from his pictures. His personally is still rather intact . That’s SuperSpace Star Kim Heechul for you .

      • it did bother me a lot lately too. But somehow i think he only did something to his nose (but that really do make a huge difference to his face.) Besides i think he actually fixs his nose back to his old profile since his early debut days before he fall down and crooked his own nose in 2008. And that was when he had his first nose surgery. Now i only hope that the reason he had this surgery is to change back to his originial self Not because of something else!!!

        Well Still love him no matter what and wait for him patiently > <

  11. hi guys..

    I don’t think heechul has plastic surgery. i notice he looks different now since he join the army thing, but i think it is because of the camera (no camera from professional cameraman now) and he does not put any make up on when going out with family and friends. I think heechul is more than happy not to put any make up for a while since he took a break from SJ activity. It is his true face..

    Are there any South Korean elf/petal to confirm this? pls respond. thanks!

    • Heechul say he getting one from his own mouth because his been having difficult breathing since after the fell… He did go under the knife had it fix. He used to be flawless from every angle but now he look more man like from some of his pre debut pic,

  12. I agree that his nose looks different on some of these pictures after his surgery… and he said so himself it was a bit swollen right? but I just noticed that on the close up pic, with Hongki and the girl, it doesn’t look that different at all o.O maybe it’s the angle.. or maybe it’s his hair, not wearing make up and him losing or gaining weight (or working out xD) that somehow makes him look different >_<

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