SNL Korea 2 with SJ [SUP3RSUB/DL Links] – From 120714

July 21, 2012 at 1:49 pm | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, English Subbed, Pictures/Videos, tvN, Wonderboys | 59 Comments

Compilation: 120714 tvN Saturday Night Live Korea 2 with Super Junior

Download all parts, then join with HJSplit – make sure the file names are the same (except for .001 .002 etc)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usMirrorcreator Links: .001 | .002 | .003 | .004
Mediafire Links: .001 | .002 | .003 | .004

Video Source: S-TK
Translated by: Jee (
Coverted, subbed, encoded, uploaded by: reneee (



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  1. Thanks for subbing!

  2. thank you so much >.< and, ehm, just wondering~ will there be a sup3rsub for star life theater?

    • unfortunately no~ few other sites have finished subbing them so we won’t do it ^^;;

      • I’ve been download SLT engsub. try at


  4. finally you uploaded it. thank you sup3rsub team 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for help ^^

    Btw , Super Junior @ Sukira 120720 not sub too ??


  7. Thanx, big time.

  8. Thank you thank you thank you! Finally! xD *dance*

  9. 너무 감사합니다~ ♥ I’ve been waiting from u guys cause I know u guys have promised this before, thank u so much~ U guys are the best~ Thank u reneee, jee, sid and others who help~ thanks a million! ^^

  10. Is anyone else having trouble piecing the parts together?
    Mine only ends up being 27 minutes 😦

    Thank you so much for subbing this!!
    I’ve been dying to watch the whole thing 😀

    • make sure they all have the same name (apart from the endings .avi.001, .avi.002, etc, don’t change that), I had they same problem until I renamed them.

  11. thank you so much for subbing this!!!

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO YOUR HARD WORK ( ̄▽ ̄)( ̄▽ ̄)

  13. i always love sup3rsub, thank you guys ^^

  14. how to download with mirrorcreator??
    I’m so cofused!!

    • if you still can’t download… scroll down the browser after clicking the link and there are hosting sites below. click the button next to the mega shares host file. i was able to download it there. 🙂

  15. i cant download it :”(

  16. please help me. i want this so baaaad 😦

  17. please telling me how to download with mirrorcreator?

  18. guys cek this out tutorial download from mirrorcreator ->

  19. Thanks!! love this part of the page!

  20. aww, thank you so much to Jee and Reneee for working on this one, we really appreciate it a lot 😀 and thank you to Sid for the MF links 😀

  21. Huhu, the link for Mediafire Links: .001 died. Can you reupload it again? Thank you so much 😡

  22. I can’t download from mirrorcreator 😥
    when will you upload the 1st part in mediafire?

  23. i’m waiting for part .001 on Mediafire 😥

  24. oh , the first part in mediafire has been destroyed!! 😦
    can you please reupload it??? i really want to watch :{

  25. You have an amazing blog here. I’m sure that you are working hard daily. Keep on doing it!
    P.S: If you’ll be interested or you’ll just want to read some articles at economics than take a visit at my blog(

  26. wait petiently to the first part in MF. Tx u

  27. still waiting for the 1st part on mediafire

  28. You couldn’t guess how much I laughed my ass off watching this!!!!
    LMAO!!!! Yesung’s acting is superb and Kyuhyun as a girl will forever go down in history!!!!Who knew Kyu was so pretty as a girl?!! I thought Chulnie,Minnie and Wookie were pretty but Kyu just skyrocketed to the list!!Maybe not as good as Chulnie and Minnie just yet but he’s getting there!!!!:D

  29. can you re-upload the first link on mediafire ?! pleeasseee 😦
    i want to watch 😦

  30. Anyone interested in Sungmin’s ver A photocard? Pls pm me if you want to trade ^^

  31. please upload first part from mediafire… pleaseeee

    • I’ve tried so many times but it fails T.T

  32. 001 via mediafire please T^T

  33. really nice..

  34. thanks for sharing 🙂

  35. 001 via mediafire please… upload it soon.. T3T

  36. please 001 via mediafire! I really want to watch this program with Eng sub. I have downloaded the other parts but no matter how much I have tried I can’t download it from mirror creator sites! even if mediafire can’t do, please try other sites like

  37. still waiting for 001 mediafire.. 😀

    • I’m seriously trying, everytime I upload.. it says Error 502 =_________= I tried fixning but it’s not working T.T

      • Have you tried using a different browser? Worth a try if you haven’t! Good luck! Hope you get it uploaded soon =)

  38. I had watch and shindong made me fall from my seat… XD
    But I don’t have the video yet, still waiting for mediafire 001, hope to get it soon because i really want with Eng Sub… T.T
    Thank you for sharing! 😉

  39. you can try this server too, but please do something about this , Ican’t really wait anymore to watch this . thank you

  40. Thank you for subbing it! It was quite interesting. =D

  41. Hi, just wondering if the mirror files are the full show or are there more parts?

  42. I’m still waiting for mediafire chap 001 !

    • trying to upload…

  43. thank you so much for 001 mediafire .!!
    thank you for your hard work !
    once again thank you so much for uploading it !

  44. BIG BIG BIGG thanks!:D:D:D

  45. why i can’t join this video? and what happen with video part 2 i can’t download it

  46. Dear admin, could you fix the video? i can’t open videos part 2-4 😦

  47. Hii, can you re-upload this video?? Please please please please 😀

  48. Thank you for subbing….But I can’t access part 2, 3, or 4 anymore TT

  49. Thank you, I have downloaded everything but HJSplit only sees part 1 so I can’t watch the entire show 😦

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