120720 Super Junior’s Leeteuk only looks for himself when watching TV?

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Compilation: KBS ‘Star Life Theater’ – From 120616

Super Junior member Leeteuk has humorously revealed that he tends to enjoy watching himself, and usually just himself, on TV, drawing laughter from the viewers.

On the July 19th episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theatre’, the Super Junior members were found spending their long-awaited free time in the dormitory. Members Leeteuk, Kangin, and Shindong were seen looking at the computer screen.

It turns out the Super Junior members were enjoying SISTAR’s performance on the computer. Shindong praised the girl group members, saying, “These kids are really kind-hearted,” showing that he had gotten to know them personally before.

This prompted the staff to ask the members about their thoughts concerning incoming idol rookies. At this, leader Leeteuk replied, “Honestly, I don’t know who is who. [Older] adults tend to say, ‘These days, I don’t know who is who whenever I watch TV’, but if we, [Super Junior], aren’t promoting or watching TV then we can’t tell either.

I monitor [the performances] a lot, but honestly I only monitor moments when I come out,” Leeteuk added, evoking laughter from his members. Shindong confirmed his leader’s words, saying, “He really does only watch himself.” Kangin defended Leeteuk’s actions, however, saying, “But I feel that doing [just] that is also very important.

Leeteuk explained, “Fans will gather clips of just my parts whenever I appear on shows, so I utilize those to just watch my parts and I watch them by myself and feel pleased.”

Although the other members picked on Leeteuk for only watching his parts, as soon as the teaser for their latest song came on air, they all became intensely focused on the screen.

Source: TV Report via Nate | Allkpop
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