120718 Super Junior’s Donghae: “I feel betrayed”

July 18, 2012 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Donghae, Drama/Film/TV/CFs, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 11 Comments

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Super Junior’s Donghae recently talked about Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo, who recently came out as an official couple.

On July 18, Donghae attended a press conference for Channel A’s series Panda and Hedgehog with Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk, and Yoo So Young.

Donghae said that he found out his friend Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo were dating through the news. When he was asked how he felt about it, he replied, “I felt betrayed.”

Donghae smiled and said, “I think they look good together and I hope that they get married too.”

Donghae has appeared on MBC’s We Got Married with Leeteuk and Kang So Ra and had fun dating Son.

The series Panda and Hedgehog is about a genius patissier named Go Seung Ji (played by Donghae) and an easy going girl named Pan Da Yang (played by Yoon). The first episode will air in August.

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  1. tak payah nak feel betrayed la hae…you have another girlfriend….ELF….heeeee….=D

  2. hae u will get better than her dont feel bad

  3. no please don’t feel like that, she might be pretty but as her personality (at least after watching wgm) doesn’t match up with you at all, you’re a super sweet pie :)..and you’ll always have “EFL”

  4. you deserve better… 😀

    some elf discussed about eunsoo before when wgm was rumor. they said eunsoo is a fake, 😀
    now i believe it.

    they said that their relationship is about 4-months: when wgm was filming, she already has a boyfriend?

  5. yeahh agree..hae deserves waayy better..
    eunsoo is totally fake (at least thats what i see from wgm)
    i never like hae-eunsoo together so now i’m glad that it was real,that they not together 🙂
    and when wgm filming she already had a boyfriend?? dont the wgm PD usually check the artist status first? or maybe bcoz its just a short eps so they didnt check weather she has a boyfriend or not… hmmmhh
    just forget her donghae-yaa… >.<

  6. i don’t think she was with this guy during WGM’s recording ! they started dating in April ! the episodes with Donghae were recording before Christmas !
    guys stop being childish !
    at some moment Donghae will start dating if it’s not already the case (looking at the pictures with his drama’s partner here ^^),make him proud of us rather than ashamed please.
    if the girl started dating in April it shows that obviously it didn’t worked well with Donghae and i understand that. Honestly during WGM Donghae was a little too shy, cute yes but very clumsy.
    And obviously he didn’t make his move.
    so don’t need to bash her, she just fell in love, not her fault.

  7. I think he was joking about the betrayal part?
    He and Jinhyuk are really good friends ^^

  8. Eunso has found her’s ok,hae oppa can find his eternal love in the future..btw,let’s support donghae new drama..forget wgm,forget eunso..

  9. I’m going to reserve judgment on this until we see the press conference footage. Stuff like this is always misconstrued through text. I have to see facial expressions and hear the way he delivered his answer before I jump to any conclusions.

    I know Donghae said he felt betrayed, but I honestly don’t think he means it in a negative way. I think he meant he was disappointed that they couldn’t work together on WGM as colleagues anymore. I know Donghae was all sorts of hopelessness and awkward on the show, but I think it was something he really wanted to be a part of as he seemed to have a lot of fun with TeukSora and the Fighting Junior. But Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s official announcement about their relationship would mean that Donghae and Eunseo couldn’t be on WGM together anymore. Kinda hard to ‘splain to peeps how she’s dating one dude in real life and fake married to another on a “reality” show.  I think he probably thought they would have had their own segment once the MBC strike was over.

    But if he really had to find out through the media about their relationship, I can understand why he felt disappointed, hurt or betrayed. After all, he and Jinhyuk were really close and bonded throughout It’s Okay Daddy’s Little Girl.
    It must have been a little awkward for them to film their scenes together during April, but honestly, it’d be childish of Donghae to be butthurt over a fake relationship being over. So I doubt he made a big deal about it and I doubt he’s really buttsore over “losing” Eunseo.

  10. i feel sad for for my bias donghae. he worked very hard to impress her but in the end she says doesn’t see him as a man. At least show courtesy, be truthful in ur relationship eun seo. you just made him sad. I hope donghae cheer up and find a girl that will appreciate for who he was..

  11. i think he was joking when he said ‘betrayed’

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