120718 Super Junior reveals their home life through an interview

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Despite being busy with promotions for their comeback album “Sexy, Free & Single,” Super Junior revealed snapshots of their dorm lives. The group has been generous with interviews before, but this time they were interviewed in their home. Eight members – Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Yesung – participated in this exclusive interview.

Holding the record for topping Taiwan’s KKBOX charts for 109 weeks, Super Junior has been a key part of K-Pop whether it be through their dances, outfits, or style.

The members currently reside in a two story dorm in Seoul. The two floors combined make up approximately 430 square meters. There are eight rooms in the dorm. Although the fans know the location of the home, the security is quite tight and it is quite difficult to enter. Supposedly, fans often create graffiti outside the windows on the first floor.

Leader Leeteuk described their initial days – over eight years ago, they started living together after their debut. They lived quite close to the company building and were not yet very popular. At one time, 13 members were crammed into 105 square meters. At another time, they were even roommates with TVXQ making a total of 18 people living together.

Donghae reflected back and said, “We’ve been living in the dorms since our trainee days – it’s already been over 12 years. I remember everyone used to fight over who could sleep next to the AC. I’ve lived with as many as 23 people before, and it wasn’t until 2006 that we separated from living with TVXQ.” Sungmin added, “After we were more popular, we were so happy to move to a place with 165 square meters. Those times will be very hard to forget. We didn’t move here until 2009.”

The company has a strict policy against female visitors. Other than the cleaning ladies, no other women are supposed to enter the dorm. However, the members revealed that while filming SBS’s “Happy Sunday – Change,” they gave Lee Hyori a tour of their rooms. Also, in March 2009 while filming MBC’s “Let’s Sleep Here Tonight,” many other female stars visited the dorm.

Super Junior’s home painted a full picture of how they live their lives. The refrigerator is stocked with easy-to-make foods as well as the many supplemental vitamins from fans. The clothes are all organized very nicely with t-shirts and shoes put in a neat manner. The group often uses reading as a way to relax, so the shelves are lined with their favorite comic books including “Hot Shot.” Eunhyuk, who is known for his fashion and beauty products, has his own little corner of them. However, he is also the best at sleeping in. When he doesn’t wake up, his group mates subject him to the “smelly feet punishment” to get him up.

Although it isn’t necessary for the members to live together, they stated that doing so has deepened the bond among them. Furthermore, it provides a much safer environment for them. Donghae indicated that in the summertime, they would often all sleep in the living room with the AC on.

But what if they’re seen? Leeteuk stated, “Whenever we run into the other tenants in the elevators, they seem very happy that we are here. Sometimes we’ll have a lot of activities and we won’t get back until late at night. We often have the chance to bump into some people who are slightly drunk and say, ‘Hey Leeteuk, let’s go eat together sometime!'”

As Super Junior often orders food such as noodles and pizza, they also have interesting encounters with delivery people. Some of them didn’t realize that they would be going over to Super Junior’s dorm and are pleasantly surprised once the door is opened. Shindong said, “Sometimes they don’t believe that we are Super Junior and say ‘You guys look a lot like Super Junior!’ Sometimes we don’t tell them that we are, haha, but we are Super Junior.”

Check out some pictures from the interview below:

Posted Image

Posted Image

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How does their dorm compare to the Super Junior you know?

Source: China Yes, Koreaboo
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  1. Siwon’S skin 2 or 3 times brighter, it because lighting efect? or he did some treatment, what do you think? But I love see siwon back again ^o^

    • the interview is old they just revealed it now,

  2. OMG Eunhyuk, Yesung, and Ryeowook without makeup~

  3. wow they live with so many people that long. in a small place
    i can’t believe that. if it was me i would have be crazy but it’s all in the past’
    there so close to one another though. cute tenants i want to be a tenant at their dorm to so that i could bum with them. i envy the tenants of the building

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