120717 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Talks about Competition between Members

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Compilation: KBS ‘Star Life Theater’ – From 120616

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Talks about Competition between Members

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun talked about the member competition in the early part of his career. During the July 16 episode of KBS “Star Life Theater,” Kyuhyun said, “When I was a rookie, I hated it because we had too many members.”

“There was a lot of competition between our members. I’m not the type that’s really good at that. I don’t really like to go out in the front so most of the time I stayed and watched from the back,” he added.

But now the situation has changed a lot and Kyuhyun said the members all get along well. “Now I’m really happy to have this many members. Since we’ve been together for so long, now we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so well, and it’s just good to be together,” he said.

Donghae also shared his thoughts on the subject, saying, “We’ve been together for 13 years, 8 to 9 years for some, so now the members know when to avoid conflict and we just understand each other so well. It’s because whatever issues we may have, we understand it’s better to solve the problem as soon as possible.”

Netizens commented, “Super Junior forever!” “I never noticed they competed against each other,” and “Kyuhyun seems like a nice guy!”

Credit: Soompi
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