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  1. EUNHAE aahhhh always with their own world ^^

  2. ohh eunhae and no siwon again =(

  3. Poor Teukie… I hope it’s nothing serious and he gets well soon.

  4. Aigoo they are so cute but I’m worried about teaukie! T-T

  5. Poor Teukie :/ It makes me feel bad and sad

  6. poor leeteuk he has activities all days he has to rest a little

  7. What happened to our Leader ?!! cute EunHae …

  8. Can anyone tell me where is siwon. Really worried for him since it been so many days he didn’t really anticipate with other members. No news about him at all who might know what happen to him please tell us.

    • Isn’t he recording a drama? He’s probably only attending the main music shows because of that but I’m not a hundred percent sure.

  9. pastor john put this oh his twitter john lee
    ‏@jlgoose: Siwon’s in Korea as far as I know Re: all artists need space so he’ll update u guys when he’s ready. Be patient & let him rest.
    i guess we need to listen him

  10. eeteuk oppa..please have some rest..huhuuuu
    and my eunhae oppas, we treasure both of u very much…

  11. Teukie…TT

  12. I feel so bad for Teukie Oppa :/ I hope that he gets better because i really hate knowing that he is in pain …
    On the other hand , Eunhae is so CUTE !
    Ugh , Teukie Oppa … please rest and don’t strain yourself T n T

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