120717 Hangeng invites fans to help create the music video for his song “Hero”

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Hangeng has invited all of his fans to help him create the music video for his new song “Hero”!

“Hero,” which is a song from Hangeng’s new album “Cold Heart,” will be a song about people’s personal role models and heroes. Hangeng recently announced that fans can submit video clips of their personal heroes to him so that they can be used in the track’s music video.

The guidelines for submitting the video clip are as follows:

Creative Guidelines
1) Dress up as your hero and do something that you have always dreamed of doing (use dance or actions to convey your hero and dream)
2) Dance or imitate Hangeng’s choreography for the song “Hero” (feel free to sing and dance at the same time; video below)
3) Spell the song’s title “Hero” at some interesting or famous landmark near your area

Tech Guidelines
1) Video Requirements: No less than 1080 x 768 pixels; film video using camera, cell phone, or camcorder
2) Video Length: No longer than one minute
3) Video Submission: Attach one large, high quality picture of your video’s theme to your email submission; picture’s size may not be less than 1MB

Other Guidelines:
1) You may participate in the video individually or in a group.
2) If you decide to incorporate any words into your video, you may only use “Hero” and no other words.
3) Do not incorporate anything that is illegal or contradictory to the law into your video.

Deadline for Submission: August 1
Email for Submission:

Three submissions will eventually be chosen and used in the music video for “Hero.” The music video will premiere during the Shanghai stop of Hangeng’s world tour on August 18th. Winners will be given two tickets to the Shanghai concert where they can see the release of the music video.

Will you be submitting your own clip?

Hangeng Dance Tutorial:

Source: Sina News and WithHanGeng, Koreaboo
Shared on by elf101586


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