120717 Eunhyuk’s mother cries upon seeing member Kangin

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Compilation: KBS ‘Star Life Theater’ – From 120616

Super Junior member Eunhyuk‘s mother shed some tears upon seeing member Kangin.

On the July 17th episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theatre’, Super Junior’s image as glamorous idols was taken away to reveal the hopes and dreams of the fearless members on the day prior to their ‘Super Junior Super Show’.

During this episode, the Super Junior boys visited member Eunhyuk’s house and were received warmly by Eunhyuk’s mother. Eunhyuk’s mother appeared especially pleased at the sight of member Kangin.

In fact, as soon as Kangin stepped into the house, tears began to form in Eunhyuk’s mother’s eyes. “Kangin has suffered so much. His heart must have gone through a lot,” she explained her emotional reaction, before adding on a cheerful note, “The fact that he’s so commendable and newly transformed now makes me really happy. I’m happy to think that he’s getting along very well with the other members.

It’s nice to see Eunhyuk’s mother’s concern for Kangin, as it shows that not only does Kangin receive support from his fellow members, but from their families as well.

Source: TV Daily via Nate | allkpop
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T_T Of course… ” as it shows that not only does Kangin receive support from his fellow members, but from their families as well.”


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  1. This part probably my favorite part of this episode, apart from how i want to join Donghae playing Hyukjae’s ears of course.

  2. i cried a little at this part, i was really moved qq

  3. A big loving family indeed.

  4. I’m really glad he’s getting so much support 😀

  5. not only eunhyuk ‘s mom,but i also cried when she hugged kangin

  6. i cried when Kangin says: “sorry” to Eunhyuk’s omma. I never like Kangin coz I always find him to loud and rough, but still I was looking forward for his return. He seems like a change person ( quieter, subtle) and I am starting to like him now,

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