120716 Kyuhyun sits down for an interview with the Chosun Daily

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Recently Super Junior member Kyuhyun had the opportunity to sit down with the Chosun Daily to discuss his current activities.

During the interview, Kyuhyun shared his thoughts on his role as an MC for MBC’s “Radio Star.” He admitted that sometimes he would purposely exaggerate his expressions or statements in order to make what he is saying more interesting. He also revealed that he never thought he would become an MC on “Radio Star.” In fact, when he received news that he would be joining the host panel on “Radio Star,” he thought, “Why choose me? I’m not that great compared to other Super Junior members, and I’m not good at livening up an atmosphere. I’m also not the outgoing type. But since I’ve already been put in this position, I’ll do my best, for I always want to succeed since I absolutely hate the feeling of failure.”

Kyuhyun’s determination to do his best was not just empty words as he also revealed during the interview that upon accepting the offer to be an MC on “Radio Star,” he watched all the episodes of “Radio Star” and analyzed what appealed to the audience and made people laugh. Kyuhyun stated, “Perhaps it was because I did all that that I felt more comfortable and prepared to host the show.”

Kyuhyun also shared with the Chosun Daily his opinions on being called “sharp-tongued.” When asked if any of hissunbaes ever feel offended by his sharp comments on “Radio Star,” Kyuhyun replied, “That’s why I always stop by the guest’s dressing room before the show to explain how today’s show will work. Once the filming for the show ends, I will pay another visit to the guest to tell them that everything I said to them during the show was for audience appeal and nothing personal. Usually all the guests are very understanding, so I’m very grateful to all of them.”

Kyuhyun was also asked whether his sharp-tongued image affects his singing career to which he said, “Well, usually I’m the least noticed member of Super Junior. In fact, I’ve heard many people say, ‘I’ve never heard of him or seen him.’ But ever since I’ve become an MC on ‘Radio Star,’ my popularity has been increasing, so I guess my MC image has actually been helping my singing career and public image.”

Kyuhyun also added that his ultimate goal is to release a solo album and to be known as a great love song singer. But before that day comes, he knows that will have to experiment with many different activities such as hosting and performing in musicals so that he can increase his popularity and be prepared to go solo.

Sources: Korea Star Daily (1) and Korea Star Daily (2), Koreaboo
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  1. I will wait till the day comes when bbkyu releases his solo album…. ^^ magnae fighting!

  2. Kyu-oppa is awesome ^^ I will always support you and the other members in your activities!

  3. solo album??
    yeahh~ its your dream… but… Im Super Junior ELF.
    I want see u always with super junior. forever T.T


    • Na doh……

    • Solo album doesnt mean he not belong to Suju anymore. like Shinwa, almost every one got solo albums..

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