120716 Kangin, Sungmin & Kyuhyun at Fansigning Event in Cheonan [FANACC]

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There was a stamp mark on the back of Sungmin’s hand, when he just finished signing for me, he saw the mark and asked me and my friend of we were the ones who stamped that on his hand. We said it was there all along! Sungmin started acting, he pointed at us and asked who did that?! I’m going to catch the criminal! And the criminal is among you! ….. ==

Credit::\ 爱晟敏ISUNGMINCC

I asked Sungmin to write “Cho Lee (meaning KYUMIN) will be together forever”, he smirked and wrote “We will be together forever”. HAHAHAHA XDD

Credit: loveinvain-默默

I complimented his blond hair, saying that photos all look really beautiful! Sungmin said that he thinks the new hair colour looks nice too, but the black roots grow out too fast, very annoying! I told him not to dye it again, and he nodded! I also asked him whether his throat is still hurting, he said he’s fine already. And his hand? Also recovered ^^


FAN: Oppa we are from the same school!
MIN: Oh~?
FAN: Yup~ XXX university!
MIN: Which major?
FAN: XX major~
MIN: Good, study hard~!
*shake hands*


During the fansign, a fan shouted SUJU KANGTEUK DAEBAK~! Kangin was sitting down, but upon hearing this he stood up and said “Yeah yeah yeah” AWWW ><

Credit: 强特私人公寓

Translation by: @paperheartsMIN 
Shared at by  Destinyhae 



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  1. I love this, the Kangteuk and Kyumin one the most, so cute ><

  2. i wish i can be there too. sungmin is so loveable! come to indonesia soon! :*

  3. may i know what happen to sungmin hand?

  4. How nice to have fansigning events there….wish they cud make one here as well….but i guess it be havoc if they re to have one here…..wud love to shake their hands… 🙂

  5. kyumin^^

  6. Sungmin!!!!!!! My ultimate bias! You should be blonde like that forever! But I know that dying it like that will really damage the hair :/ I think Minnie looks super hot in his blonde hair ^^

    • Yes, agree to you, Min looks nowadays super sexy, this image suit him so so much, be 4ever blonde Minnie!!!

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