[Random Post] Super Junior 2012-2062

July 15, 2012 at 1:17 am | Posted in Drama/Film/TV/CFs, Pictures/Videos, Random/Other, tvN, Wonderboys | 18 Comments

Compilation: 120714 tvN Saturday Night Live Korea 2 with Super Junior

Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (

bwahaha !!! DO WATCH SNL! it’s awesome..  I love these gifs, I just had to share!





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  1. OMG!!!! I guess this is in 2072.. they look damn old,, poor oldmen

  2. Hahaha! I hope they can still be great looking fifty years later! But I don’t want to think about that 😉

  3. RyeoWooki Daeba~~~~~k LOL

  4. I thought Wookie was the funniest in the “old Suju” skit. His expressions were hilarious.

  5. the owner credit on tumblr is: pepperspumpkinsandtomatoes

  6. Wookie and Hae are still standing next to each other after 50 yrs.. So are Yesung and Hyuk.. Haha. =D

  7. i dunno.. but they look great even after 50 years.. haha..
    esp. Hyuk~ LOOOL Loved SNL

  8. Husbands: Dong, Hae, Huyk
    Wifes: Min, Wook, Ye

    bla bla bla ha ha ha

  9. kyaaaa LOL >< so funny hahaha…

  10. if you don’t know the source of the gif (the exact user from tumblr), please don’t post it because people are taking it and reposting it on tumblr. It’s just really rude considering the owner took the time to edit this and people are taking credit for things that don’t belong to them.

    • Won’t happen again ~

  11. hahaha LOL XD

  12. next 50years. …will always an elf….
    uri oppa donig great. .

  13. They are fantastic….ke, ke, ke…min old, so sexy..the best♥♥♥

  14. haha I’ll still love them by then XDDD
    The only thing that i hate is when they said some members died already, thts not funny at all..

  15. I can’t decide which one is the most hilarious >_< They're all! Every one in their own way 😀

  16. i laugh so hard during sungmin part….XD

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