Siwon and Prince Manager at KBS Building [1P] – From 120713

July 15, 2012 at 10:01 am | Posted in Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 18 Comments

Compilation: 120713 KBS Music Bank – Super Junior COMEBACK

Credit: @PrinceManagerTH
Reupload and Posted by: HyukHae (

Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.



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  1. i think the reason why siwon is not at some music shows is because he needs time to go whitenning his skin. no, i’m serious here, i see that his skin tone is much lighter now….

    • haha.. i was thinking the same…

    • Really they can do that??? O.o I personally don’t like tanned Koreans or Asians if its not their original skin tone lol

      • yes, u can. there are some kinds of machine using light to make ur skin color change gradually.

  2. Waaahhh prince manager is very handsome indeed ^^

  3. I wonder what’s going on with Siwon these days. He has’t been part of SNL, nor of the music performances much.Get back soon, Siwonnie!

    • According to Leeteuk, he had been feeling sick for the last few days, so i guess that’s why he wasn’t at SNL or music performance.

      • oh Leeteuk said that? Where can I read the news or see the link? So now he isn’t filming drama but sick? Poor him, he must work too hard 😦

  4. MISS HIM…god…

  5. really miss him with suju.. fell like empty space without him..huhu..

    • Agree. Oh… I’m not interest if Siwon not join. I hope from now he can always perform with suju again 🙂

      • me too, my feel empty when siwon not join with member…………unhappy

  6. Prince Manager is so handsome ❤ Siwon I hope he gets better if he's feeling sick or tired.. I miss seeing him with the rest of the members.. Siwon Fighting!!!!!!!

  7. aw.. prince manager.. you really got tanned and getting more thinner… SJ and their managers all must be really tired… but yeah, i believe siwon is indeed not feeling healthy. i’ll just hope it’ll be better soon ehehe

  8. I have to say prince manager is good looking as well.

  9. Reading pastor johny tweet just make more scared about siwon’s now
    “Artis need space” and “let him rest”
    feeling Want to cry if i saw suju without siwon
    comeback soon
    really miss u

    • although a person really love his job, there will a be a “Saturtated Point” Where he feel really tired with all, nor his “star figure” nor his daily activity and his fans. Just let him rest and not distrub him. I am sure in one or three week he will be back, as usual.

  10. ohh no pleasoo dont leave suju !!!

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