KBS Do Dream with Leeteuk [SUP3RSUB] – From 120707

July 15, 2012 at 4:20 am | Posted in Downloads, Drama/Film/TV/CFs, English Subbed, KBS, Leeteuk, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 34 Comments

Will probably upload to facebook~ please be patient!

MF download links~ Join all parts with HJSplit

Free Image Hosting at

.001 | .002 | .003 | .004 | .005


Video Source: Heira @ S-TK
Translated by: Jee (
Converted, subbed, encoded, uploaded by: reneee (




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  1. owww thx uuu so much <33333

  2. Thank you for subbing this!! Appreciate it 😀

  3. thank you so much ! >.<
    really appreciate your hard work ^.^
    but, can you upload it on youtube, please…

  4. Daebak… Thank you so much… 😀

  5. thank you so much….
    you guys daebak!!!
    but, can u upload it on youtube????

  6. i can’t play that’s…. whyy??? 😥

    • have you download all parts and join them with HJSplit?

      • Same, I joined them together and I can’t play it on VLC or QuickTime. Please help 😦

  7. Wow, thank you so much! Are you also planning on subbing any other materials, such as the SNL episode, or Star Life Theatre? I never know what to expect from you guys! 🙂

    • im currently subbing SNL, i know someone else have finished subbing but ill just keep going. however it’ll take a while because i can only do it on weekends (i have work on weekdays ^^;;) so please be patient~! ^^

      • we can wait for you of course!! Especially you will come out with HD. Thanks so much for good subbing for us who don’t understand Korean. Fighting!!

      • omg thank guys are awesome ❤

      • That’s lovely of you, thank you!

      • oh my god.. i love you reneee >..<
        thank for subbing XD

  8. OMG,,,I really love this website so much..not only give me update news about SJ but also subbed SJ’s video…^^Please upload more subbed video of them…Thnk u for ur harwork

  9. Thanks so much ^^~~~

  10. thank you so much you guys are awesome as usual

  11. thank you so much for your hardwork. i love you kekeke. btw, can you sub snl but with hardsub? if you cant, its okay. still, thank you so much. you are awesome

  12. is it only 16minutes?

  13. thank you so much
    i will wait when uplod on facebook,fighting

  14. You should put ‘do not hotlink’ warning too, i think.

  15. Yes please, thank you and don’t stop SNL if you can!

  16. thankyuuu, you guys are very very awesome..
    I’ll be patiently waiting for you guys to upload it to facebook or youtube..
    fighting!! 🙂

  17. I’m extremely grateful you subbed this! Never thought you would so I’m even more happy!! Thank you very much!!!! ^^

  18. Thank you so much!!

  19. thanks so much you guys ^___^

  20. thank you :DDDD
    and please upload it on youtube too^^

  21. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Thank so Much…. ^__^

  22. thank you so much ^^
    waiting SNL~ love your work =D

  23. thank you so much renee…really love your hardwork…^^
    thank you for making us understand what they said and it make us loving suju even more~~

    • and i’m waiting for SNL and star life theater from your subbing^^
      really anticipating and waiting~~

  24. It’s been 3 days and I don’t think I can be patient anymore 😦 😦 Please upload it on Facebook 😦

  25. wow, thank you so so much for subbing and for sharing the MF links here :’) you have no idea how grateful I am. you’re the best! ^^

  26. yuhuuu… wait for FB/YT link too… thank so muuucchh…

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